Jan 25 Like Father Like Son

Icy thin and fast skiing below Roundtop challenges skiers. Higher terrain offered up hoar frost and some softer surfaces. Last nights wind and sleety snow helped a bit. 5" new in PA

IN WOODS: 1"- 9"

4000' stake: 8 " 4300 stake: 9"


SNOWFARM: 100% complete, 1 to 3 feet of snow along 385' vertical and 5 km in length, have PB groomed it over and over...smoothest skiing around



CAFE: Open for lunches 11 am-4 pm Daily * Fantastic Soup, Yummy Paninis, Desserts

Lots of specials for lunch today as well as the regular menu

NEW SNOW: 1/2" icy sleety snow

Last Snowfall: 1/2" on 1/24

SEASON SNOW SO FAR: 59" Oct T Nov 29 Dec 8 Jan 20

KM OPEN: 50 with some thin areas along lower and windblown trails...marginal on many slopes and totally skiable on the best. Timberline System very thin. 3 mile is open yet thin, fast, and rock free. Icy near the lodge.

KM GROOMED: 20 today and we ginzu knived 20 yesterday, PB doin' the farm

HAPPENINGS : Jan 25 Snowshoe Discovery Tour - 10 am Year Round Birds of Canaan Valley / Casey R.

Jan 25 25K Mountain State Marathon - 1 pm (will loop on the snow farm where deep bases welcome Froggie Pisten Bully. Grooming skate lanes and set track)


8 am TEMP: 28 cloudy * Hi yesterday was in the 20's and breezy with frost...spit snow off and on yet not enough to coat the icy bases from rainfall friday night

New snow will make ski travel dreamy


SURFACE: light coating of icy sleety snow over frozen granular surfaces

Trail Report * Fearless Weather Forecast

SEASON PASSERS: Michelle Kohler, D.C and Alice Goldfarb, Washington, D.C. and Sarah Anderson & John Bell, Cabin John, MD 231 passers...awesome!

SKIERS YESTERDAY: 365, Several groups including JMU and Garrett College * Video Trail Report Jan 15

Ski Patrollers: thanks to Stro, Jeff, Penny, Gisela, Paul, Jason, Gary, Brad, Chip, Joel, Stinky, Mike, locals Dr. Ed Rader, Dr. John Logar, Dr. Tom Johnson, Dr. Matt Strummin' Lambert as well as other visiting volunteers.

Worth The Drive? We need some new snow to coat the thin icy cover that barely keeps you above terra firma. If you are here one can ski yet it is FASSSSTTTT!

One of the best thing about WG is our friends return with kids! * WG more fist pumps per capita...* Mark and Sarah / East Of Maui

Jess / Blue Ridge Outdoors * They got the lifts running backwards at WG * I don't wanna hear anyone say they can not do this Larry Walsh

XC Is Cool Wash Post * Outdoor Retailer * Favorite Ski Movie * WG Thin Snow since '79 * hatgrass nordic center, the only reason we are here...

Sample Nite Cafe Menu * Easy Come Easy Go * WV LIVING * trails covered really thin yet doable 100%...watch for bare spots ouch!

Lifestyle of XC * Nordic Demo Team * Mountaineer Wind Farm * WG Dec WV Mag * Canaan Ski Webcam * Experience Tucker

     Looking at the Sky

by Anne Porter from Living Things
I never will have time
I never will have time enough
To say
How beautiful it is
The way the moon
Floats in the air
As easily
And lightly as a bird
Although she is a world
Made all of stone.

I never will have time enough
To praise
The way the stars
Hang glittering in the dark
Of steepest heaven
Their dewy sparks
Their brimming drops of light
So fresh so clear
That when you look at them
It quenches thirst.

Come Together Right Now Over Me...Abby Road 1/23 pm

DO NOT MISS FIDDLE SHOWS: Jan 31 Dangermuffin * Feb 5 the Black Lillies Feb 15 * Sol Driven Train

Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman (1/24/pm)I am delaying an update my Fearless Forecast for Sunday until 7 pm tonight (Saturday) after more new model guidance is available.  Some late breaking information is suggesting tat  the approaching strong Alberta Clipper on steroids may lose a good bit of punch just as the one on Tuesday did (a rarity) as it approached the WV high country.  Tuesday's system collapsed as energy advancing from the northwest transferred over the Canaan and reformed a new storm on the East Coast.  This energy transfer to the coast greatly reduced snow totals over what was expected.One thing I will say now is I will likely disagree with public forecasts just updated (3 pm 1-24-15) calling for mixed rain and snow in the Canaan Sunday and Sunday night.  All indications are to me this will be an all snow event above 2,500 feet unless something radically changes.Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman (1/24 8 am) I may be upping totals for second storm around noon....leaning towards 4 to 8 pow-pow now.  Two weeks out continues to look very ominous.

Photo Bomb Robbie! 4000 stake 1/23

WG Archive Tomb Page JuNk * Trip Advisor * NPR Best Songs * B'water Sled Run is makin' snow now! * Mon. $15 ski Canaan with non perishable food gift...WOW! * XC State Of Industry * Jivaka Wellness Center * Top 50 Albums 2014 * we either have tulips in the yard or three feet of snow this time of the year...or any day in winter * Morgantown Brewery * JFC sticker by Ruthie, Bill, Chip, and Laurie along with East West Printing * Big Timber Brew * Wreath Workshop SUCCESS thanks Dave Saville * New WV Park Chief * Scenic Winter Webcams * Upcoming Winter * Local Mead Ben McKean * Navy leaving WV * Ullr has proclaimed the snow to commence Josh Clarke * Winter has left the building! The note said " I will be back soon" Robbie * that dirt was pretty sudden Eric skiing friday near his house * 27 worker bees sat & 20 sunday = 225 hours this weekend alone and boy the cafe lunches were yummy * Eat, drink, ski, and be merry! Kevin Moore * After reading this, I've decided to cut trap door in my roof. Dave Lesher * Flickr whitegrass * May the winter be with you * stocking Scarpa and Voile Skis 14/15 * Today we stretch fence, tomorrow sweep trails, the next day cross country ski! Six more months of wintery type weather to look forward to * Casey sent great cold freezing windy horrible winter weather news in that Cold Northeast, Interior Mid-Atlantic to Yield Snowy Winter Season * Our daughter's favorite season is winter, due in great part to you. Highland Market * Ol' Whitegrasser art Sean Conroy * Lots of pics by Robbie * WG Rentals Rossignol Evo Trail, Fischer, Alpina skis nnnbc boots by Alpina, Rossi, Madshus, and Fischer, Leki tapered aluminum poles with WG logo * Metal edged skis by Rossi, Madshus, Alpina, Fischer * Tele skis by Voile, Ski Logic and Boots by Scott/Garmont and Scarpa

dreamy past in more snow

We’ll try to get out there soon and strike while the iron is cold. Desmond * WG always under promises and over delivers * Call you Moses cause you have freed my heels

Send A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes

Headed your way soon now that it's snowing again.  I've been doing a website of WV terrain trail maps, mostly for Mountain Biking for a while. They can be downloaded for phone apps and Garmin GPS units, or printed. Your paper map is probably still better but maybe some might enjoy having a Whitegrass map on their phone or GPS. It's all free and will stay that way. Feel free to link it on your site if you like. Whitegrass is at the bottom. It's alphabetic.wvtrails.siterubix.comThanks! IB

Special Olympians Thanks again for another great WV/VA Special Olympics Cross Country Games. You guys are the best. Let's all do everything we can to do this next year. Gary

February owes WG 100" at least for sure. Jamie Mulligan * Thought we'd come up and ski the last of the thin snow cover (still can!) Bill Whitzeman * Where can I find the White Grass app for my Google Glasses in case we're stuck in DC? Mark Wenzler * WV MAG

Tom and I had a wonderful time last Saturday, and the warm temps and thin snows on the mountain actually made for a carefree day-no pressure to ski hard or fast or long. Snow farm conditions were excellent just as promised, and we could, indeed, ski to Baldy (though we found it prudent to hike back down). Enjoyed talking with Jeff and Gisela at the Roundtop shelter where I finally got the chickadees to land on my hand. They feel like a breath of air with tiny toes! There's no place finer than White Grass on such a day! Enjoy the photos, and we'll be back in February. Happy skiing until then. Chris Hong


Joey's Bike Shop, Elkins WV headed yer way, powder is calling P Sully

Boy's had big fun. Will see you again soon! Thanks for making it all possible : ) - Bert

Betty Gatewood just test drove our most favorite ski ever and got a case of the "I just gotta haves". One more pair of Rossi Evo Trails out there taking control of winter. Mark and her are skiing out from the GarageMahal this week, never been to the Nat'l Nordic...yet. White Grass on a good day picture, thanks!

TMI Kids Ski Program buy once trade free for life!

Saturday at Roundtop Shelter..Great weekend of skiing. Thanks! James.


Vern Patterson

From Russia With Love A bit of White Grass was seen today in Sochi Russia at the Olympic cross country ski area.   Nothing beats a good day up to Bald Knob and a great bowl of soup at the cafe.  I am attaching two photos but will share others next weekend when I'm back there in Canaan with my uphill skiing friends. Kathleen Black * Eric Erbe

Joel, Marty, Sue

Whitegrass attracts some of the most intrepid skiers around. Bert

This man is a high paid actor Tammi Stauffer 1/14

Thanks for the great trails 1/12. Harrison County Special Olympics owned WG! Gary Abbate Gabe shoots Ski Hash

Not quite as good as the graphic in the men’s head, but similar idea. This was from Saturday. Have a great season! Dan Shewbridge

Shelly Parsons * Vicki and the first Women's XC Fun Clinic

Paul Sullivan Baldy Shelter Coziness Chloe facebook

Snow Yah! sent by Harley Cahen

We're sweltering in the Italian Alps, and dreaming of White Grass! Ray Phaneuf and Cristina Loglio

Did a couple laps in the neighborhood cemetery, my typical xc training area, in prep for some skiing on real trails at White Grass - hopefully this weekend! Its looking good on the website. Bill Berlin

It was great to see you over the Holiday. The family had a blast at the Café for dinner on New Year’s and the food and music was fantastic. Tell the folks in the kitchen thanks too for making our son a grilled cheese, it was perfect! I hope the weather turns for you guys this week, and that our next trip up to visit mom and dad is a little snowier! Best wishes for a snowy 2015! Adam and Natalie Ballash...along with Park, Caroline, Andy and Barbara.

...get some of this in the coming week!  Gerrit and I in the Chinook at Le Massif, Quebec. Bill Fischer * Tell the girls to please glue the Chai cookie jar to the counter. Next time I come up, I'm takin' the whole thing.They've been warned! Tele Bruce

Except the conditions and rejoice Rich Spence

Liam Black and new friend atop Baldy T'Day 2014 by Kathleen Black True Love

I thought you'd like this in The New Year: a Lithuanian chimney sweep caught from below in a terrific shot by my German friend Ulrich on vacation. Is this not one cool picture? Looks like Ichabod Crane! Ulrich was a champion chess player who escaped East Germany in the mid 60s during a chess competition in Scandinavia. He became a chemist, is an expert on Hieronymus Bosch, and a hiker who knows the natural world. He'd love West Virginia and you'd love to meet him for a walk in the woods of the Upper Sauerland, and crash at his place! And if I can ever get you together with Dirk Lorenzen, another German in Tasmania and first mate of the sailing ship on which I doctored last year, you're going to meet him too! Servus, Mark Head

Long, long time no see. We’re often thinking about you and missing Whitegrass and hope that winter finally turns on for you. Soon. There’s been a ton of of great paddling here on the Potomac lately but I’d rather be surfing snow. Happy New Year and best wishes to you all. - SKIP www.skipbrownphotography.com

Start Um Young Jessica

Sue and me up on Bald Knob. Not the real Bald Knob, but some other Bald Knob outside Aspen, CO, near the McNamara Hut where we spent New Year's. Flying the Whitegrass flag for you all! Matthew Wikswo

Chip and Co,We rang in the New Year here in Pinkham Notch, NH at the foot of Mt. Washington. Big mountains and fast snow in every direction but it still pales in comparison to good ol' Whitegrass. Will ski you soon. Salud, Andrew Gault and Fam

PSIA Level 1 Nordic Skiing and Teaching Clinic, February 6th, Friday and Saturday the 7th. 9am to 4pm each day. Come to improve your skiing and learn how to teach skiing in a fun and exciting manner. Randy French will be share his secrets of the trade on both how to ski easier as well as how to engage your skiing students. Both classic and skate skiing will be covered. For details go to http://www.psia-e.org/ev/schedule/. Cost is $115 plus annual dues. Call the PSIA office to register at 518-452-6095 before January 15th. * Single Day Skiing Improvement Clinic- Friday, February 6th 9:00am to 4:00pm. Join Randy French to have more fun on your skis. Add some zip to your skiing and smooth out those parallel and tele turns. Rock and roll on skate skis. $45 payable the day of the clinic.

Lila Menzies / NYE @ WG

Annie called to remind us that Timberline Ski Area is having a Telemark Ski Clinic this weekend...we can rent the gear if needed. * Calling All Musicians for cafe gigs on Jan. 9 & 23, and March 1, 6, & 13

Dear Chip and Laurie, We relocated to Bozeman, MT this fall and never had a chance to say goodbye to you. (I took a new job starting up the Montana Healthcare Foundation, and I'm working communities and Tribes around the state on health-related projects). Even though we’re now surrounded by mountains and snow (well, a little bit of snow—it’s been pretty warm and dry here as well), we have been missing you and Whitegrass. There’s places to ski in every direction, but no Whitegrass!! Emma joined the kids’ Nordic team and is having fun, and it’s great to have new mountains to explore. Thanks so much for your friendship and for sharing the magic of Whitegrass with us over the last five years—you were an oasis for us in our transition from Alaska to DC. We’d love to stay in touch, and if you ever come out in this direction, you have a place to stay in Bozeman! Love, Aaron, Jana, Emma, and Violet

Took our Whitegrass gear on a road trip for the holidays. Visiting family and skiing... Looking forward to getting back and WV skiing! Alicia Rowe

Summit with a view...Lesley

The woods on top of Breakfast Bowl. A great hike.(12/26) Tom

Douglas Falls rocks WG For Wintry Weather, An Especially Cold And Snowy Tale * Snowshoe, WV Webcam

Merry Christmas, Chip, Laurie, Cory & Estoria, Adam, Morgan, & the Pup & the Kitties (especially that little plump grey lover ) We're sending you lots of love from the Hollow. Having the most wonderful Christmas eva (good to be home), and making ready for snow. xoxo, With Love from the Cunninghams

John Tidd

'Shroom Burger * Peter: Did you know that fungi are not plants? Totally different form of life. It's like eating an alien. A really, really tasty alien.... Miles: I'd ask for seconds, but my stomach doesn't have that mushroom.

another great day at WG Anne Jones

Sue Haywood Tip Top / Thomas

White Grasser Matt Marcus Mtn Bike Pioneer Maple Syrup Producers See Bright Future Page 3/ skier John Dalen

NPR BEST SONGS OF THE YEAR....Cheeseball Norwegian disco king goes heartfelt with the help of erstwhile Roxy Music crooner. There’s a rumor I’m starting that Hollywood is considering a remake of Top Gun just so they can use this song in place of “Take My Breath Away.” Jacob Ganz This is THE place to put your computer, then go back to your life and LISTEN and LEARN...thanks Bob Boilen and team...my stand outs so far Sam Smith, Jon Sebastian, Sunny Sweeney (sounds like Love's It!), Drive-By Truckers, Damien Rice, Afterhours, Kölsch feat. Gregor Schwellenbach, and Chris Staples A tear-jerker ode to fatherhood that leaves you feeling grateful for every precious moment of your stupid little life. Michael Jackson King of Pop’s posthumous album Xscape, Lost In The Trees, Latvian Radio Choir, Sharon Van Etten, Doug Seegers, Sufjan Stevens, Parker Millsap, Gabriel Kahane, Sinkane, David Nail, Son Little, The War On Drugs, Future Islands, Clean Bandit , Hozier, Real Estate, Spoon, Temples, Death Vessel, Floating Points, Noura Mint Seymali, Joyce DiDonato, Jeff Ballard Trio and just gettin' started and this is SO FUN and exactly what technology and ear drums are for.

Gisela * Snow Snow come to stay, you can melt some day in May! Dave Crossley

NEW! Experience Tucker County A High Mountain Experience produced by Jessica Scowcroft

In the Dec. issue we are there! Thanks Sheila McEntee

Just enough snow. It's always skiable at White Grass...well worth it! Bill Berlin

Timberline Ski Area and Canaan Skiing! Barry Tuttle

With old well worn skis that you have already abused for seasons you can adventure the entire mountain in search of deeper snows that do not exist. Café, shop, and trails are open all weekend! Merry Christmas.

Joe Henry

soon to cross the 2000 mark for Friends Of White Grass...raise your hand if you ski. * The album, being produced by Dylan under his pseudonym Jack Frost, has 10 songs made famous by Sinatra. * US Snow Cover 128 inches at Red River Pass, NM * Saw this article and thought of White Grass:"the art of creating intimacy: a sense of comradeship, conviviality and contentment" * Hope to make it up there a bunch this winter! Eva / Salud

We generated a station wagon full of canned goods and food for the local Food Bank and included a $275 check. Lots of beer was poured for free or heavily discounted. Thanks to all the generous giving people! Not only a rockin good time plus a bunch of gifts to local people that could use it...YES!!...and just in on the nat'l headlines..."The album, being produced by Dylan under his pseudonym Jack Frost, has 10 songs made famous by Sinatra." I'm flattered Bob is such a fan.

B'water by Mr. Dave

appreciate all of you for braving the weather JFC night and to Bill Fisher, Susie Chobe, Kevin Moore, and the staff for doing a bunch of the work, before, during and after....

SOLD AT WG for the Friends of the 500th

20 pieces of my Fine Art Landscape Photography will be on display in the Maxwell Room at the Randolph County Community Arts Center during December, January & February. The Arts Center is located in a beautiful old stone church at the corner of Park Street & Randolph Avenue in Elkins, WV. (this is several streets past the court house on route 33, traveling west) Any questions, call Maryann Honcharik at 304-866-8731

Lots of Great Jack Frost pictures on the Friends Facebook Page by Chloe Cunningham! (She will be working with us this winter...explore deeply)

Getting Your 'Shine On Is Becoming Increasingly Legal by Andrew Yeager...sent by Tim Sharp my Alaska buddy in that we poured 2 gallons of local at the JFC shotski sessions, me one too many.

Jess Daddio / Blue Ridge Outdoors Washingtonian sent by Claudia

Chip Chase I went over to Timberline year after year and finally convinced Kim and Glenn Plake to check out WG. We knew they dug small ski areas and my boys had skied with him a few times on one ski. They arrived and after a few minutes in the lodge she whispered to her husband..." I really love this place...." Glen wanted to see all the snowmobiles and 4 wheelers while Laurie served her some cafe soup. We run into each other all over the place and at the Vegas Ski Show I offered him some WV moonshine and he so kindly reminded me he was clean on that stuff. One of his favorites and he aired it on his ski show was the FreakyStylie WG movie where the kids were flipping on lightweight skinny skis and I did the soundtrack buzzing in my terrible offense-a-phone voice. Glenn and Kim are down home, easy to get to know , rock stars, and the best ambassors for skiing American could possible have. One day they'll attend a Jack Frost Party and see what a pre season annual shindig will do for your business.

BIATHLON CLUB OFFERS $10 MILLION FOR NORDIC AREAS : A fledgling biathlon club in Bozeman, MT, has made a bold $10 million bid to buy two nordic ski areas at the base of Bridger Bowl Ski Area, according to published reports. In a press release last week, the nonprofit Bridger Biathlon Club announced its move to purchase the 259-acre Crosscut Ranch and the 276-acre Bohart Ranch Cross-Country Ski Center. The price may seem high for a group that just formed a year ago, yet before the Crosscut Ranch sold at auction in March for $4.1 million to Jackson Financial Group of Chicago, it had been listed at $16 million. The Bohart Ranch ski center has been owned and operated by Jean MacInnes and her son, Chris Myers, since 1988. MacInnes said the biathlon club’s purchase price for the properties is not being disclosed. The $10 million price also includes money for operating capital, which could be used to build more trails, a lodge and improve existing trails, said Katie Smith, whose Lone Peak PR firm has been hired to market the club. Eric Love, who co-founded BBC with Jim Sites, said he will be working to understand what development rights would come with the property. But first, the biathlon club wants to reach out to the Bozeman community for suggestions on how the area could be used and preserved. Disc golf is already popular at Bohart Ranch in the summer, she noted, and mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding trails are other possibilities. "We don't want a 500-acre asset operating only six months of the year," said BBC board member Brian Wadsworth, also a former U.S. biathlete.

Kirstin Walcott Corris Jennifer Moran / t'day 2014

Dr. Johnson breakfast bowl * Was I the only one who got the memo? Today was White Friday at Whitegrass. LOTS of White Stuff, FEW people out there enjoying it. No lines at all!! $20 day use fee and $5 chili were the deals of the day! David Wray....Chip, thank you for doing what you do! I was able to help someone out of a ditch, ski soft groomed trails, ski deep powder, have a great lunch, and most importantly, make some new friends and ski with some old ones. That wouldn't be possible if it weren't for you guys!!!! Dave

dave markgraf 11/28/14

WEST VIRGINIA SKI SEASON GETS UNDERWAY THIS WEEK : Charleston, WV – Skiers and snowboarders will be heading to the mountains of West Virginia this week as the first downhill area will be opening for the 2014/2015 season. Snowshoe Mountain is planning to open tomorrow, November 26. For the other alpine areas in the state, Winterplace is planning to open this Friday, November 28 and be open through Sunday, November 30 and officially open full time Friday, December 12 along with Timberline on that day. Canaan Valley will be opening this Saturday, November 29 and Oglebay when weather permits. The natural snow that fell earlier this month allowed one of the state's Nordic areas, White Grass Touring Center, to begin providing cross-country skiing and snowshoeing last week. Along with the natural snow in the mountains, temperatures in the higher elevations have been cold enough for snowmaking operations to take place, allowing all of the resorts to provide excellent season opening conditions. The snowmakers at all of the state's ski resorts can produce manmade snow whenever temperatures permit, allowing the industry's unsung heroes to cover the slopes for skiers and snowboarders. When snowmaking conditions are at their best (in the low teens), over 20,000 tons of snow is being produced in West Virginia per hour, enough snow to cover 20 football fields with a foot of snow each hour The mountain state's resorts annually attract over 800,000 skier visits, and last year that figure was reached. "It's great to open for the season, all of the resorts are ready for the skiers and snowboarders," says Terry Pfeiffer, President of the West Virginia Ski Areas Association and President of Winterplace. The top states providing skiers and snowboarders visiting West Virginia slopes are Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and Florida. The ski and snowboard season traditionally, weather permitting, continues from Thanksgiving through early April. The five-month long ski season in West Virginia has an estimated economic impact of over $250 million and 5,000 jobs at the resorts and other related companies. For more information on skiing and snowboarding in West Virginia go on-line at www.goskiwv.com. Joe Stevens Media/Satellite Services

WG is mentioned in Washingtonian Mag Dec Issue ...thanks, Gabrielle Czaja * The skis are at the foot of my bed and each day I wake up I know I am one day closer to wearing them. Bij Sarlati

Found this while researching some Edsbyn wooden racing skis. Mike Gallagher . Cheers to all of the WG family! David Crossley up in Vermont

Dave Miller

Hope that is me in 22 years. Jason, that will put you at about our age! See you this week. Jeff

Glad to hear Whitegrass had some skiing this weekend. Wyndy and I were in Vermont and took a side trip to Craftsbury Outdoor Center. Can't wait to ski Whitegrass Adam Issenberg

STRATTON PLANS ICE CASTLE WONDERLAND: Attracting new visitors to resorts is the name of the game, and having a unique attraction can tip the scales for those planning a winter vacation. Starting Dec. 26, Ice Castles, LLC will bring a one-of-a-kind experience to Stratton Mountain, VT. It will unveil a spectacular icy forest in the Stratton Sun Bowl. The frozen wonderland spans two acres and features giant archways, winding mazes, ice thrones, waterfalls and tunnels - crafted by hand using only icicles and water. The Ice Castle, surrounded by a 30-ft tall canopy of evergreens, is made of millions of icicles that sparkle a glacial blue by day and glow multi-colored at night with the help of thousands of LED lights embedded in the ice. Ice Castles are the brainchild of ice artist Brent Christensen. He is returning to New England after last year's successful Ice Castle exhibit in Lincoln, NH, where he will again build one of the region's two Ice Castles. The Ice Castle will begin construction in late November and is expected to be open to the public Dec. 26 through March 2015, weather permitting; admission will be charged.
SMALL PENNSYLVANIA SKI AREA WON'T OPEN THIS SEASON: Ski Denton, PA, won't be open this season, according to published reports. At the end of October, Steve Haskins, who operates the ski/snowboard/snowtubing area at Denton Hill State Park, posted the following on its website: "On the heels of the worst two winters that the ski industry has ever seen, and last season's extreme cold weather, which resulted in double the utility costs, Ski Denton is not able, financially, to open Denton Hill State Park for the 2014-2015 ski season. Laura [Haskins] and I put forth a tremendous effort and wish to thank all of our current supporters and past patrons." Swain Resort, NY and Ski Sawmill, PA, offered a special deal to any previous Ski Denton season passholders until Nov. 15. And Ski Denton said it would return any season pass money paid for this upcoming season. Chris Novak, the press secretary for the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, said the agency "is finalizing plans for a contractor to do a feasibility study on the ski area at Denton Hill." Novak said the study would focus on "the rehabilitation of the existing infrastructure and the viability of ski operations at Denton Hill, including options for alternative activities at the park outside of the ski season that could be operated by a concessionaire."

Davis is in this wonderful article and makes you wanna go all the places there. by Jess Daddio

Ruthie East West ad queen... The Eastern Continental Divide, Mt. Porte Crayon, and the Roaring Plains: The highest hump about 4 miles south of here is the summit of Mt. Porte Crayon. At 4,770 feet elevation, it is the highest elevation on the Eastern Continental Divide in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. It's name honors one of the first white explorers who documented his visits to the area in the mid-and-late 1800's. The flat topped ridge to the left of the summit hump is the Roaring Plains, named for the fierce winds that frequent the high plateau. This wilderness area contains 5.5 square miles above 4,500 feet. The Valley of Red Creek below is nearly 3,000 feet below the top of Mt. Porte Crayon. Red creek's waters flow into the Ohio and then Mississippi Rivers. Precipitation falling on the east side of the Eastern Continental Divide flows into the Potomac River and the Atlantic Ocean. sent by Bob Leffler on task to get a sign and overlook area south of Canaan Valley

Facebook Remembering Old Canaan ...Chip Chase videotaping the mountainbike trials events - barefooted no matter the rocks underfoot or the weather. Roger Bird * ...where'd it go? WG Archive Tomb Page JuNk

Most important muscle in skiing is the one in your cheek that makes your lips shape into a smile. Dickie Hall

Some of the secrets to slowing down on xc skis is having the skills to create even shape, pressure, and a balanced 50/50 treatment to each ski, never favor or lean and be politically correct to yourself...you have two legs, feet, and two long skis....treat um equally and you will love skiing hills from then on...be flat center in the middle of that well shaped "V". Tilt your skis on edge to cross a sidehill i.e anywhere at WG. Place your weight firmly over each step like monster-giant stomping and again travel forward and be the boss. Basic athletic flexed ankle and knee position throughout your skiing and when you stride your body needs to up out and forward and your knees should lead the way. Concentrate weight and steering to the back ski in the tele turn and you MUST turn the back knee and ski up into the hill.

Average Snowfall: CANAAN VALLEY, WV 140" * ERIE, PA. 88 * BUFFALO, NY 93 * TALKEETNA, AK 115 * MARQUETTE, MI 141 * MT. WASHINGTON, NH 260

The pure spirit of skiing and the good life is alive and well and living at Whitegrass. I know of no other place where skiers gather and get closer to that wonderful spiritual aspect of skiing and fellowship. That special place in all nords that makes us want to go outside put on our skis and have fun. Whitegrass is quite simply my favorite ski area in North America. Ski Hard, Play Fair, Have Fun, Dickie Hall (NATO)

All my life, right and wrong tangled, playing with the moon, ridiculing the wind, listening to the birds…Many years wasted seeing the mountain covered with snow. This winter I realize snow makes the mountain - Dogen Zenji

skiing is not a matter of life and death, it’s more important than that

Nothing finer than standing on this great planet! chip

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