Happy Thanksgiving A Joyful Time

Our shop opens Fri - Sun. Laurie and the cafe are whipping up yummy soups. Seasonal trail parties sat/sun. Wreath Workshop sun. afternoon as the Jack Frost weekend looms!

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why i feed the birds

by Richard Vargas from Guernica 2014
i saw my grandmother hold out
her hand cupping a small offering
of seed to one of the wild sparrows
that frequented the bird bath she
filled with fresh water every day

she stood still
maybe stopped breathing
while the sparrow looked
at her, then the seed

then back as if he was
judging her character

he jumped into her hand
began to eat
she smiled

a woman holding
a small god


Dec 3 Yes Alexander Dec 4 Marbin Dec 30 Yarn

Trail Party

115 of us out there so far...enemies of water in the trails, rocks, brush, or anything that makes us bumpy. Having smooth skiing with 1" base and 1" powder is our goal!

36 trail nuts this weekend. * Tim, Kobi, Mark A, Mark H, Tim, Melba, Todd, Stro, Adam, Phoebe, Paul, Robbie, Aaron, Kyle, Tony, Chris, Kia, Bert, Robert, Kelly, Tom, Wes, Stevie W, Chip , Tom, Julie, Eric T, Amy, Athey, Brian

33 new moon November trail party weekenders thanks! We covered several trails, opened up glades, and set some big bridges. Garrett and Bridget, Todd, Kevin, Tim, Chrissy, PATC ( Erma, Dave and Cathy, Doug, Peter, Harvey), Paul, Stro, Robbie, Tim and Kobi, Spencer, Roger and Nancy, Yoko and Mark, Lesley, Ben and LE, Jesse, Jeanne and Jim, Ned, Tom B, Tom J, Frank, Chip

Hugs and Thanks out to the first weekend in November Gladingaters! 29 wanderin' around Heartland and Powderline with Fred, Frank S, Eric T, Chase, JT, Ned, Kevin M, Robbie, Brian M, Todd, Zach, Sue, Bert and Robert, Gwendolyn , Anne J, Andy B, Christy and Nick, Sarah, Chip, Paul G, Keith and Ivonne, Paul H, Sam and Charlie, Steve W, Lesley

High Fives to the first trail crew of the season Halloween in the Woods! 17 trail snippers up 3 mile and Falls Overlook with Bill F, Robbie, Chip, Dave M, Bruce W, Stro, Todd, Brain, Andy B, Anne and Ron, Lesley, Singer, Vincent, Clare and Mark, Jess T

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Mansfield,VT 5/11 * XC Is Cool * Outdoor Retailer * Maplets * Scarpa T4 & Voile Vector Skis * Eddie Spaghetti Art * Holly Hinkle Art 115 skiable 65 days all 50 km open & 150" snow, started before T'Day ended around Easter...Dec. dry/warm * Banff Film Fest * Uphill Skiers npr * Film Fest Vimeo & Snow Days by Todd * Patch Adams * Sweet place to stay in canaan? * People melted away before the snow * Norwegian flips * Amer. XC Racers Win * Mad River Glen, VT * Hippie Joint WG * Yosemite Chip * Experience Tucker * WG Skinny Skins P'burgh Post * WG Dec WV Mag * Local Mead Mr.Ben * WG Junk Archive Place * Jivaka Wellness Center * Seneca Rocks * Binding Does De Wurk w/ chip * How WG Got Its Name * Sue Haywood * East West * Chaga Mushroom * Seneca Rocks * Wanderlust Festivals * The more focus on a weather forecast the less you go outside and ski. Brent Easton * John Logar Raced AK * Old Town Crier * Easy Come Easy Go * B'Water Sled Run * Learn How To Drive * Frankferd Farms * Nat Geo Chaga filmed in Canaan * xc skiers have cobwebs on their bikes and canoes this springtime of the year * Best thing about winter is that you can always put on more clothes and in spring take them back off * I'm changing the world one nordic skier at a time Randy French * Love WV Craft Beer * I love this Spring skiing! Don't have to worry about crossing water and icing up. Walter * WG Junk Archive Place * Fritz & Athey * Local Wind Farms * WYEP is playing the Decemberists in February * many people to thank...Robbie, Sue, Adam, Mr. Dave, and Zach for freezing fingers while shutterbugging * Refuge Snowshoeing * If it's a good way to spend a day...a great way to spend a life Eddie * WG Race Results * 250 million people can drive here w/in day, we get 250. 1/10,000 of 1% * Patrick said he'd do a lot better if he just went fast as hell and went into a snow bank * As a talented person I find xc skiing very humbling Rebecca * They oughta invent a snowboard that goes sideways....they did 3000 years ago, called xc skiing * skiing the blizzard was like a snow globe, well shaken Andy "James Bond" Stump * Canaan Ski Webcam * there's something wrong with these skis, I keep falling * cheapest psychotherapy I know. Barry * Its gotta rain to snow Allen * the skiing is HEAVEN, there is no "ALMOST" about it Mac Thorton * we'll never share our skiers, all mine * Kids drag their parents to snow worldwide * having put so much into bringing totally legit xc skiing to the southeast and brightening the lives of many along the way. Be well, and see you next season. Kurt * my best childhood memories were sledding * know its good when you're only wearing ski boots * Trip Advisor * NPR Best Songs * East Of Maui * Lifestyle of XC * Nordic Demo Team * Mountaineer Wind Farm * They got the lifts running backwards at WG * Want to move to Colorado then I ski WG...Chrissy * once you get to the top...there's more * Stephan, Nord,.inc.* This is my true Christmas Marstar * converting unsuspecting alpine skiers is my favorite past time * B'water Sled Run is makin' snow now! * Mon. $15 ski Canaan with non perishable food gift...WOW! * XC State Of Industry * Jivaka Wellness Center * Top 50 Albums 2014 * we either have tulips in the yard or three feet of snow this time of the year...or any day in winter * Morgantown Brewery * WG T shirts by East West Printing * Big Timber Brew * Wreath Workshop SUCCESS thanks Dave Saville * New WV Park Chief * Scenic Winter Webcams * Upcoming Winter * Navy leaving WV * Ullr has proclaimed the snow to commence Josh Clarke * Winter has left the building! The note said " I will be back soon" Robbie * that dirt was pretty sudden Eric skiing friday near his house * 27 worker bees sat & 20 sunday = 225 hours this weekend alone and boy the cafe lunches were yummy * Eat, drink, ski, and be merry! Kevin Moore * After reading this, I've decided to cut trap door in my roof. Dave Lesher * Flickr whitegrass * May the winter be with you * Today we stretch fence, tomorrow sweep trails, the next day cross country ski! Six more months of wintery type weather to look forward to * Casey sent great cold freezing windy horrible winter weather news in that Cold Northeast, Interior Mid-Atlantic to Yield Snowy Winter Season * Our daughter's favorite season is winter, due in great part to you. Highland Market * Ol' Whitegrasser art Sean Conroy * WG Rentals Rossignol Evo Trail, Fischer, Alpina skis nnnbc boots by Alpina, Rossi, Madshus, and Fischer, Leki tapered aluminum poles with WG logo * Metal edged skis by Rossi, Madshus, Alpina, Fischer * Tele skis by Voile, Ski Logic and Boots by Scott/Garmont and Scarpa

Fresh New Snow Anytime * We are opening the lodge Thanksgiving Friday/Weekend with no snow promises. Sporadic hours until Jack Frost.

Send A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes

New England Ski Museum

Joe Henry

Appreciate the Vermont IPA test party Stumptown Ales

I can ski on nothing Eric Erbe I'm addicted to cutting my own line Stevie W.

Eric Thompson

Full sun on the valley, hard workers, yummy lunch, laughter... It was a hoot! Kelly Bowyer * Please link to Driftland video on your website again. It is a classic. Tom

29 trail nuts Saturday! Tim, Kobi, Mark A, Mark H, Tim, Melba, Todd, Stro, Adam, Phoebe, Paul, Robbie, Robbie's buddy?, Kyle, Tony, Chris, Kia, Bert, Robert, Kelly, Tom, Wes, Stevie, Chip , Tom, Julie, Eric, Amy. Bridges, water bars, and telemark runs. THANK YOU! * WV Pruners by Todd

Steve Lloyd clic last winter @ T'line with Dave Rause

I will admit Big Cheeze was a little miffed that the Pres put the G-20 Turkey meeting ahead in priority of the snow measurement training but will have to live with that...Fearless Canaan Weatherman


Mr. Jeff from Stumptown Ales brewing a special Jack Frost batch by Sue H.

El Nino appears to be cutting off cold air intrusions into the northern half of the country, resulting in very mild November conditions over the Canaan. So far, this pattern is consistent with the historical analysis I provided you with early in the fall suggesting a higher risk of mild temperatures and lower than average snowfall. The latest long range model solutions continue to show this very mild, near snowless pattern continuing over the WV high country for the rest of this week.Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman * Tucker County (WVZ041) zone is now divided into western (Western Tucker - WVZ513) and eastern (Eastern Tucker - WVZ514) zones.

33 new moon November trail party weekenders thanks! We covered several trails, opened up glades, and set some big bridges. Garrett and Bridget, Todd, Kevin, Tim, Chrissy, PATC ( Erma, Dave and Cathy, Doug, Peter, Harvey), Paul, Stro, Robbie, Tim and Kobi, Spencer, Roger and Nancy, Yoko and Mark, Lesley, Ben and L.E., Jesse, Jeanne and Jim, Ned, Tom B, Tom J , Frank, and Chip

approaching the latest ever recorded first snowfall in Canaan according to Bob Leffler

blackwater's new toy...pics by Dave M.

Dave's commute

Local Poet Tyler Elliott published! charlie waters

Attached is info and registration form for the Friends of Oil Creek XC Ski Clinic on Sunday, December 6. The Clinic is limited to 30 people. Registration form can also be downloaded at www.friendsocsp.org. Register today. Winter is around the corner......

WG skier, C'ville Va.'s Gordon Dalton...one of the best ww shots of the fall!

XC SKI AREAS ASSOCIATION HOLDS EASTERN MEETING : The annual Cross Country Ski Areas Association Eastern Meeting was held in early November at Waterville Valley, NH with about 60 attendees. There were 29 ski areas and 10 product/service venders represented at the meeting and participating in the Trade Expo.Some highlights of the meeting included the CCSAA Strategic Plan, which was unveiled to the members publicly for the first time. The organization was founded in 1977 and CCSAA Executive Director Chris Frado has been at the helm for most of the its existence. Looking ahead, the Board wants to lay the foundation for a plan for succession. Some other concerns included increasing the organization’s relevance, growing the membership and creating new industry-wide marketing channels.There will be radical changes on the 21-year old Winter Trails program this year. The program garners awareness of, and introduces people to, snowshoeing and XC skiing. Formerly, Winter Trails was publicized as one day in January and now it will become a month-long program to align with the alpine/snowboard learn-to-ski month. The Winter Trails program will no longer be marketed as a FREE introduction, so participating ski areas can run different programs all month long or for part of the month and charge a nominal fee for people to try the sports. There is hope that the ski areas offer a return incentive to Winter Trails participants.The CCSAA Eastern Meeting was planned and run by CCSAA Board members in an effort to alleviate CCSAA Executive Chris Frado of some responsibilities, and it should be deemed a success as a first effort using that formula. CCSAA Board members Reese Brown, Rebecca Dayton and Nate Harvey handled the particulars of planning and organizing the event with Leah Wilson, director of the Nordic Center at Waterville Valley.The CCSAA Board will do the same for the CCSAA Conference to be held at Snow Mountain Ranch in CO on April 5-6, 2016. Next year’s CCSAA Eastern Meeting is slated to be held at Eastman Cross Country in Grantham, NH next November. – R. L.

In thailand chillin after a trek across upper dolpo, had some ashes from a good friend and spread them in some special places. We were mostly from 4000m to 5000m for 3 weeks. Bill and Cathy Love

Paul Hess getting trained by handy helpers Charlie & Sam

Hugs and Thanks out to the 11/ 7 - 8 trail workers - Fred, Frank S, Eric T, Chase, JT, Ed, Kevin M, Robbie, Brian M, Todd, Zach, Sue, Bert and Robert, Gwendolyn , Anne J, Andy B, Christy and Nick, Sarah, Paul G, Keith and Ivonne, Paul H, Sam and Charlie, Steve W, Lesley, Chip

High Fives to the first trail crew of the season! Bill Fisher, Robbie, Chip, Dave M, Bruce Walla., Stro, Todd, Brain, Andy B, Anne and Ron , Lesley, Singer, Vincent, Clare and Mark, Jes

cow trapped under bridge 30 Years Ago Today 1985 Flood : The toll of the flood washed away thousands of trees, rerouted river channels, destroyed or damaged 13,000 homes and businesses and left 38 people dead in West Virginia. The total cost of the West Virginia flood was around $700 million, one of the costliest disasters in state history. We joined FEMA in Parsons to raft and search for bodies on various islands downstream along the Cheat. I was the first person to see the cow wedged under the St. George bridge, a picture by John Warner which became an iconic image of the event.

no where to hide @ the Fiddle w/ Zach

Unfortunately, the new WV (Tucker Co. and others) forecast zones that were supposed to be implemented today (Nov. 3) were "delayed" a week to Tuesday, November 10, 2015.  See NWS bulletin at: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/os/notification/scn15-43pbz_zones_aaa.htm * Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman

reminded me of WG

Friends of the Blackwater are currently working on a trail development plan based on the trails around Olson Tower Southwest of Thomas. This will be a platform to move forward in a targeted direction to work with the forest service on trail improvements and future development. Some trail clearing has already been done, courtesy of our friends at the Allegheny Trail. The scope of this plan includes work targeted on Canyon Rim Trail, Limerock Trail, and improvements to the Allegheny Highlands Trail. The Friends already have a grant secured to complete some targeted improvement, but this plan will encompass a wider scope of work to further develope this area in the future.
Right now, I am soliciting feedback from users, local business owners, and advocates about that area, those trails, information about current use, how you might think trail improvement and development will effect the area, ideas you might have for development, and concerns you have about future access and use. This area has a lot of recreation offerings; for bikers, hikers, hunters, bird watchers, berry pickers, kayakers, climbers, HOV enthusiasts, and geocachers. Not to mention that several long distance trails utilize this area as a part of their route, like the Allegheny Trail, American Discovery Trail, and Allegheny Highlands Trail. Trails provide necessary infrastructure for all of those activities and a well organized system with marketability can boost the local economy to boot. We all know these things, and have a lot of passion for trails. Please share your experiences, ideas, and concerns.
After collecting your feedback and all the other data required for a thorough plan, it will be shared and feedback will be solicited again. This will have multiple phases, and partner organizations will be sought to realize the potential of this project. Please share and direct feedback to me at this time. Thank you. Happy Trails, Zachary Adams Appalachian Dirt|Trails and Event Services|Michaux MTB School||Blackwater Bicycle Association|
Davis, West Virginia 26260 * two9er@gmail.com 717.448.3228 Get Dirty.#appalachiandirt

our new groomer

There's nothing like a shiny new highway to brighten the eyes of developers and land speculators...

Bill Fischer Snowflex @ Liberty Univ. Va 10/30

WG Ski Patrol minus several

Sue Schmidt Super Sandy Martin

Mtn Laurel Learners invade Thomas by Jessica

Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman is very pleased with several recent and upcoming changes at the National Weather Service that should help improve winter weather forecasts for western Tucker County, WV and the surrounding high country this season.  As such, I foresee my role in alerting you to significant winter weather as being significantly reduced or even eliminated.  This optimism is based on several factors:1)  A new forecast zone solely for the high Allegheny Plateau (including Canaan and Dolly Sods) of western Tucker County  will be implemented by the NWS Nov. 3, 2015.  This should place more forecaster focus on the high plateau's unique weather.  Similar zone changes made for Grant and Pendelton Counties, WV several years ago resulted in significant winter weather improvements there.2)  A new location with direct model forecast guidance at Canaan Heights at 3,710 feet elevation was just added several days ago.  That will give NWS forecasters the highest elevation station in Tucker County with direct model output for improved high country weather forecasts.3)  The primary NWS weather forecast model (GFS or Global Forecast System) has had several improvements implemented since last winter.  These changes also provide improved weather forecast guidance for the subject area.Hopefully, forecasters can integrate all these changes to improve service.Your One and Only Fearless Canaan Weatherman

Matt Hauger added winter

Please join us (Friends Of Blackwater) in giving back to the community one food item at a time. We have donation boxes all over Thomas and Davis and if you could please stop by and drop off any non-perishable food. We will also be at Shop and Save in Davis on 11/15 from 10-2 and 11/16 from 4-7 to collect donations as well. All of your generous donations will go to the Blackwater Ministerial Food Pantry in Davis and will serve over 60 families this this holiday. Monica....Donation Flyer

MacBeth was in Thomas

First Vermont Snow

ski crossing * Canaan's Mitchell Beall


Jack Frost weather!

Laurie crossing her childhood Shenandoah River near Woodstock, VA @ Classicus Farm

Washington DC area folks--want to learn more about Canaan Valley Institute and enjoy a fun evening of food and comradery? You can meet CVI staff members and learn more about their water quality and education work Saturday November 14th in Potomac, MD. Call or email Jenny Newland at 304.259.4715 or jennifer.newland@canaanvi.org for more information.

Effective Tuesday November 3, 2015, the NWS will split Tucker County into two new forecast zones; Western Tucker (WV Zone 513 and Eastern Tucker (WV Zone 514). This should result in more accurate forecasting for the Canaan and surrounding high country as more attention should now be given to the high country in Western Tucker with this smaller high elevation breakdown of forecast zones. Additional surrounding county zone forecast changes occurring at the same time can be seen at: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/os/notification/scn15-43pbz_zones%20cor.htm * I am hopeful that this long overdue change for Tucker County and anticipated improvements in NWS forecast accuracy will allow Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman to retire! Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman

My weather witch bones say that this winter will be bitter cold and lots of snow. which will make happy skiers. as there will be enormous blustery, mounds of powder in WV. The cold will begin early and just as last year - there MAY WELL BE THANKSGIVING SNOW MAGIC at WG. If there is not snow on that day or near it I will be mightily surprise. Ullr and his woman will smile on Chip Chase and White Grass again this year. Happy snow farming and skiing to all. Our Weather Witch

Todd setting up winter snow stake system

There was wonderful heavy this morning at a wetland I frequently photograph. There is strong frost pocket (microclimate there). The temperature was 17F during the twilight period until just after sunrise. The temperature at nearby Davis was 23F. The surface of the lake was partially frozen. These crisp, frosty mornings are some of the most beautiful of the year. Enjoy, Joe

Farmer's Almanac story / snowflake right over WG!

Chip' is barefoot - shorts dancing in yellow shirt on right...Elizabeth and Adam in foreground

Weather Bell * The official federal government NOAA/National Weather Service (NWS) winter weather forecast was issued yesterday. Strong El Nino's (warm surface waters) like the one we now have going on in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean west of South America provide some skill in making long range forecasts for North America. The NWS forecast for December, January, and February (the 3 winter months) calls for slightly higher odds for a wetter and milder winter than average over the Canaan. Whether the wet aspect of this forecast translates into some large snowfalls is uncertain, depending on whether cold air is in place at the time of the storms. You can see the NWS winter weather forecast at: NOAA: Strong El Niño sets the stage for 2015-2016 winter weather

Culture Kitchen with Mike Costello Wed night at Salud! A Do Not Miss Event following Yoga and two points for your pro party circuit series.* MENU: Smoked mountain trout and chestnut rillettes on clover sprout salad with gold beets and pickled green tomato relish * Three sisters: wood roasted acorn squash with charred corn salad and white bean purée * Elk meatloaf medallion with wood roasted heirloom carrots and cranberry mustard sauce * Woodland mushroom and autumn ramp stew with wild rice * Blue cornbread pudding with butternut squash ice cream and wild blueberry gastrique (it was yummy and a cultural overdose)

Jess Thorton * Frankie Kenneth About 4 years ago I read about the WV Mushroom Club foray on the Whitegrass website... Ron Ulle

Joe Henry chilly

Janet Chase Moore & Bruce * A tribute to Jimmy Gaydos: Fairbanks/Canaan boat builder



Todd and Lizzy Claw

Joe Henry

Note From Canaan Park and Steve! We are going to make every effort to open up the Tube Park and Ice rink for Thanksgiving (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), weather permitting, I’ll keep you updated. We are going to have our traditional Thanksgiving buffet (more details to follow) Thanksgiving Day. Oct.30 & 31 we will offer a Haunted House at the Bear Paw Lodge (more details to follow).

John and Patty in Montana

couple more from last weekend...Martin Radigan

Joe Henry

Elakala Falls 10.5.15 Blackwater Falls State Park. Vernon Patterson

Go off the Grid (Without the Long Haul): West Virginia...Huffington Post. Sent by Tim Sharp in northern Alaska

36th Annual Rye Hill Poetry Reading Oct 4

Chip/Adam Team Captains

WAY TO GO!! Prior to race day sponsor donations for Team Boulder Park totaled $5,590. More came in on race day --we’re still counting.
Race day awards to Tucker Boulder Park totaled a whopping $4,250:
$100 Oldest Participant LaVerna White (mom)
$100 5k Luck of the Draw Jay Gartenhaus
$250 3rd Fastest 5k Overall John Morgan Chase
$100 Male 20-29 1st place Adam Rossi
$100 Male 60-69 3rd place Chip Chase
$100 Proud to be Endowed
$1000 Best Effort - Tucker County Commission
$1000 McDonough Foundation

Tucker Boulder Park: 72 members * $360.00 entry fee * $5,710.00 donations * $4,150.00 earned race day * Total Raised $10,220.00
$1,500 1st Place Best Effort OVERALL (based on team size & support raised)...Also had the LARGEST TEAM – 72 members.* Total proceeds over $10,000! Diane Hinkle

Red Crick Martin

Joe Henry

Restore Red Spruce

West Virginia engineer proves to be a David to VW's Goliath

Heart Of The Highlands

WV Focus Mag

Patch Adams

This morning’s photo (9/29) captured at a CVSP overlook. It is one of the best locations in the valley to experience diverse fall color. This morning there was film of water on all the flora which enhanced the color saturation. Enjoy, Joe Henry

These guys are always working and making the experience of White Grass the magical and high point of everyone's Tucker County winter experience . It's like they never stop no matter what the season. Keith Strausbaugh

Wetland creation CVSP * Barn Dance

Vern Patterson/Olson Bog

Kimberly Community Quilt

Heart of the Highlands Trail System Stakeholder Meeting: :The Annual Stakeholder meeting for Heart of the Highlands Trail System will be Wednesday, September 30 at 6:00 p.m. at the National Youth Science Center in Davis, WV (previously the Canaan Valley Institute building). Anyone interested in trails in Tucker County is encouraged to attend.We have reached some major milestones and are seeking community support as we move forward.  Come celebrate our accomplishments and help ensure continued success with our public land partners and trail system development.For more information or to let us know you’ll be there, email: info@heartofthehighlandstrail.orgcall 304-866-4757 or message us at facebook.com/HeartOfTheHighlands

s Look forward to seeing you all and will be there when the snow flies. Paul Hess

So happy to be back at one of my favorite places in the world. Turned on and Whitegrass is working its magic. Skip Brown

last March at Stokely Creek, Ontario Canada. And a poem, inspired by the lonesome beaver trail at Stokely:

In the summer I built a sturdy dam
Any holes I plugged with mud
In the fall I built a hutch, warm and cozy
With two swim holes, one just in case
My pond has lots of sticks and twigs to eat
Still, I am a lonesome beaver --by Sean Kelly (Of course, I know there are no lonesome beavers in the Canaan Valley! Cheers from Pittsburgh)

crisp early fall morning Dolly Sods. 30F frost on the heath barren Sept 15. Joe

here is one to get the fires stoked over. Snow. This is a shot of Zero Gully on the North Face of Ben Nevis. Photo taken early Sept.and still has snow. Doug Milam

WG hat on the summit of Mt. Tallac in a Lake Tahoe, the tallest peak in the area. Grueling hike up, but unbelievably amazing views at the top. Devin and Mike

Great to see you at Lockn Festival. The music and comradery freed my soul. Can’t wait to free the heel. Chris Hoy

Stumptown Ales

Stumptown Ales in Davis

There's been a lot of talk in the national news recently about the strong-to-very strong El Nino now forecast to continue for the equatorial Pacific Ocean with high confidence for this fall and winter by many sources including the National Weather Service (NWS) Climate Prediction Center (CPC) (a record strong state is seen possible by some). High El Nino states at these levels impact worldwide weather patterns, including those over much of the U.S. and West Virginia. Given this strong El Nino forecast, I thought you might find it useful to know what impacts, if any, are seen on historical seasonal snowfall record in the Canaan Valley, WV high country. Dr. Christopher Vogel (Oak Ridge, TN Laboratories) and I reviewed 54 years of official National Weather Service published snowfall records for the Valley (1944-45 through 2001-2002 snowfall seasons), categorizing each season by ENSO states using NWS Climate Prediction Center (CPC) categories as follows;El Nino (warmer than avg. equatoral Pacific sea surface temperatures): weak, moderate, strong, very strong La Nina (cooler than avg. equatoral Pacific sea surface temperatures): weak, moderate, strong, and, Neutral ENSO: (little deviation from climatological average Pacific sea surface temperatures (SSTs) With that done, we then looked at snowfall totals and winter temperatures for each category to see what connections, if any, are seen. A brief summary of results of that assessment follows....Canaan Valley experiences slightly lower than average snowfall amounts (134 inches is avg.) and warmer than average temperatures during El Niño phases (what's forecast this winter) . In this limited analysis, Canaan Valley snowfall and temperature records exhibit a weak correlation to the ENSO phenomenon. During the La Niña phase, the least amount of snowfall was observed with 10% below average amounts. However, there is considerable variation in the snowfall totals within specific seasons. Some of the lowest snowfall amounts occurred during the neutral and El Niño phases, while some high amounts occurred during La Niña events. ENSO neutral states were seen to result in the highest average snowfall totals as a category.These results are NOT a forecast of snowfall amounts for the upcoming 2015-16 winter. They aer simply a historical climatological assessment of seasonal snowfall amounts versus ENSO states. With the small sample sizes for the moderate-and-strong ENSO categories, statistical significance of the results are low.One must understand there are many non-ENSO factors that also affect weather patterns and snowfall amounts in the local Canaan area. In addition to this event being one of the strongest ever predicted (only 2 other very strong ones have ever occurred in history), other wild cards that can influence local weather patterns include; fall Siberian snow cover extent, the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), overall world SST patterns, water temperatures over the Great Lakes, etc. How all these factors and others interact is unknown and subject to great variability. The results briefly summarized here will be published in more detail within several months in an upcoming issue of the"SOUTHEASTERN NATURALIST" magazine (Vol. 13; a peer-reviewed journal), under an article entitled "THE CLIMATE OF CANAAN VALLEY, WV". I will stay in touch as we approach the upcoming 2015-16 snow season. Mother Nature rules! Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman * (retired National Weather Service climatologist)

Asheville Fest City USA, and a Clint & Michelle love fest!

Hen of the Woods/Maitake

For those of you who live here: If you are fan of fall color, consider visiting the Canaan Loop Rd about 3 miles from RT 32. There is large bog there on the left hand side of FR13. The best time is before sunrise when the maples are side to back lit or just before sunset. Cloud skies make the experience better. This photo was captured yesterday (Sept. 1) and provides a good example peak fall color occurs in this frost pocket. The bog is surrounded with lots of red maples. The last two years the peak color of maples occurred two weeks or earlier than the previous 35 years I have been hiking and observing there. Enjoy the photo or even better visit this bog while the maples are still in peak condition. Best, Joe

and so....another season has begun!


The Eastern Continental Divide, Mt. Porte Crayon, and the Roaring Plains: The highest hump about 4 miles south of here is the summit of Mt. Porte Crayon. At 4,770 feet elevation, it is the highest elevation on the Eastern Continental Divide in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. It's name honors one of the first white explorers who documented his visits to the area in the mid-and-late 1800's. The flat topped ridge to the left of the summit hump is the Roaring Plains, named for the fierce winds that frequent the high plateau. This wilderness area contains 5.5 square miles above 4,500 feet. The Valley of Red Creek below is nearly 3,000 feet below the top of Mt. Porte Crayon. Red creek's waters flow into the Ohio and then Mississippi Rivers. Precipitation falling on the east side of the Eastern Continental Divide flows into the Potomac River and the Atlantic Ocean. sent by Bob Leffler on task to get a sign and overlook area south of Canaan Valley

Facebook Remembering Old Canaan ...Chip Chase videotaping the mountainbike trials events - barefooted no matter the rocks underfoot or the weather. Roger Bird * ...where'd it go? WG Tomb

Most important muscle in skiing is the one in your cheek that makes your lips shape into a smile. Dickie Hall

Some of the secrets to slowing down on xc skis is having the skills to create even shape, pressure, and a balanced 50/50 treatment to each ski, never favor or lean and be politically correct to yourself...you have two legs, feet, and two long skis....treat um equally and you will love skiing hills from then on...be flat center in the middle of that well shaped "V". Tilt your skis on edge to cross a sidehill i.e anywhere at WG. Place your weight firmly over each step like monster-giant stomping and again travel forward and be the boss. Basic athletic flexed ankle and knee position throughout your skiing and when you stride your body needs to up out and forward and your knees should lead the way. Concentrate weight and steering to the back ski in the tele turn and you MUST turn the back knee and ski up into the hill.

Average Snowfall: CANAAN VALLEY, WV 140" * ERIE, PA. 88 * BUFFALO, NY 93 * TALKEETNA, AK 115 * MARQUETTE, MI 141 * MT. WASHINGTON, NH 260

The pure spirit of skiing and the good life is alive and well and living at Whitegrass. I know of no other place where skiers gather and get closer to that wonderful spiritual aspect of skiing and fellowship. That special place in all nords that makes us want to go outside put on our skis and have fun. Whitegrass is quite simply my favorite ski area in North America. Ski Hard, Play Fair, Have Fun, Dickie Hall (NATO)

All my life, right and wrong tangled, playing with the moon, ridiculing the wind, listening to the birds…Many years wasted seeing the mountain covered with snow. This winter I realize snow makes the mountain - Dogen Zenji

skiing is not a matter of life and death, it’s more important than that

Nothing finer than standing on this great planet! chip

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