Nov 22 Winter Came Early

Strong winds and light snowfall has left white stripes across the mountain. White Grass is open for skiing Saturday, lodge is open and come on in!

Shop Open this Weekend * New WV Park Chief * Navy leaving WV * groomed snowfarm (3km.), free skiing on powder

Wreath Workshop Nov 30 * Mountain State's Wind Farms * Trail work weekends, every sat/sun 9 am * Countdown To Jack Frost

that dirt was pretty sudden Eric skiing yesterday near his house * Mtn Yoga * MidWest Powder Capital sent to us by many!

Scenic Winter Webcams * Upcoming Winter * Local Mead Ben McKean * Snowfarm sliding with Athey, Laurie, and Stro


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Grace by Linda Pastan

When the young professor folded
his hands at dinner and spoke to God
about my safe arrival
through the snow, thanking Him also
for the food we were about to eat,
it was in the tone of voice I use
to speak to friends when I call
and get their answering machines,
chatting about this and that
in a casual voice,
picturing them listening
but too busy to pick up the phone,
or out taking care of important
business somewhere else.
The next day, flying home
through a windy
and overwhelming sky, I knew

Ullr has proclaimed the snow to commence Josh Clarke

The skis are at the foot of my bed and each day I wake up I know I am one day closer to wearing them. Bij Sarlati

DO NOT MISS FIDDLE SHOWS: Nov 28 Mo' Mojo * Dec 14 Steel Wheels * Dec 27 Funk Ark * Jan 2 Yarn

Dave Miller

WG Archive Tomb Page JuNk * NEW! Salud in Thomas * SIA XC State Of Industry * 27 worker bees sat & 20 sunday = 225 hours this weekend alone and boy the cafe lunches were yummy * Eat, drink, ski, and be merry! Kevin Moore * After reading this, I've decided to cut trap door in my roof. Dave Lesher * Flickr whitegrass * May the winter be with you * stocking Scarpa and Voile Skis 14/15 * Today we stretch fence, tomorrow sweep trails, the next day cross country ski! Six more months of wintery type weather to look forward to * Casey sent great cold freezing windy horrible winter weather news in that Cold Northeast, Interior Mid-Atlantic to Yield Snowy Winter Season * Our daughter's favorite season is winter, due in great part to you. Highland Market * Ol' Whitegrasser art Sean Conroy * Outdoor Retailer * Lots of pics by Robbie * WG Rentals Rossignol Evo Trail, Fischer, Alpina skis nnnbc boots by Alpina, Rossi, Madshus, and Fischer, Leki tapered aluminum poles with WG logo * Metal edged skis by Rossi, Madshus, Alpina, Fischer * Tele skis by Voile, Ski Logic and Boots by Scott/Garmont and Scarpa

La La La....."It's beginning to look a lot like Whitegrass....." La La La...mwaaaaa Terry Peterson

Trail work SAt Nov 1 Ned, Kevin, Dave Miller 3 mile bridges to Stonecoal am ; chip, bill friend and bill fischer Falls to Upper Falls to 3 mile am
Pm joined by Bill Connoly and Arch and JT Gandalfs killer hollow bridge dug and placed, open fences and take down wire, sweep doc's trails pm split up springer forest
Sun: Jim and Jeanne and bill, ned, kevin, mark anderson bridges and wood along 3 springs, sawmill, dark forest trails and runs, cathedral, highland view, sawmill flats, wild bills
Trail Work sat Nov 8 PATC 7 folks, Chrissy and Lang , Dave Miller, Robbie, Adam, Kevin Moore, JT, Chase, Tim McGovern, Bruce W, Dick Geiser and Friend from Buchannon, Bruce Dalton, Todd, Chris Barnes, Andy from MD, Evan am, Sandy am Sweep Powderline, rest of 3 mile, glading, gandalfs, Timberline, Cross Cut, Hawthorne
Sun: B.Bird Wing, Falls oLook, Beech Lick, Baldy trails in front in Park, glades with Dick G, Kevin Moore, Ed and Christine, Robbie, Adam, Chris Barnes
Springer Bridge and Plum Orchard etc with Chip and PATC Erma, Bill, Alice, Dave and Cathy, Doug, Bert, Dan Gillogy, JT and Chase am
Johnny Garder and Dave Camaletti glade alone together am * PM glades around Little Wing with Eric Thompson driving, Eric Erbe, Todd, Chris Barnes, Robbie and Adam, CHip, JT and Chase, Kevin Moore
11/15 SAT: Robbie, Adam, Andy Brooks, and Ben Herrick Natty Nord * Chip, Stro, Kevin, Kia, Dick, Ned, Bill Friend, and Bij all the Ashram Loops same times
Sunday: Adam, Bruce and Andy, Kevin, Rachel sweep Cabin Mtn Trail FS 80 branch * chip, Jess Tucker, Tom Johnson, dick g, bill friend, Kia, Stro, Eric, Robbie, Raul, am glades in sawmill & anitas
PM: Adam, Raul, Rachel, Bruce and Andy most of it, Robbie, Eric, Chip, Stro glades in Sauna and Weiss Woods and ditches, bridges along Weiss & Barton's.* Johnny G. and Brian Gurr glade Cathedral

Send A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes

STRATTON PLANS ICE CASTLE WONDERLAND: Attracting new visitors to resorts is the name of the game, and having a unique attraction can tip the scales for those planning a winter vacation. Starting Dec. 26, Ice Castles, LLC will bring a one-of-a-kind experience to Stratton Mountain, VT. It will unveil a spectacular icy forest in the Stratton Sun Bowl. The frozen wonderland spans two acres and features giant archways, winding mazes, ice thrones, waterfalls and tunnels - crafted by hand using only icicles and water. The Ice Castle, surrounded by a 30-ft tall canopy of evergreens, is made of millions of icicles that sparkle a glacial blue by day and glow multi-colored at night with the help of thousands of LED lights embedded in the ice. Ice Castles are the brainchild of ice artist Brent Christensen. He is returning to New England after last year's successful Ice Castle exhibit in Lincoln, NH, where he will again build one of the region's two Ice Castles. The Ice Castle will begin construction in late November and is expected to be open to the public Dec. 26 through March 2015, weather permitting; admission will be charged.
SMALL PENNSYLVANIA SKI AREA WON'T OPEN THIS SEASON: Ski Denton, PA, won't be open this season, according to published reports. At the end of October, Steve Haskins, who operates the ski/snowboard/snowtubing area at Denton Hill State Park, posted the following on its website: "On the heels of the worst two winters that the ski industry has ever seen, and last season's extreme cold weather, which resulted in double the utility costs, Ski Denton is not able, financially, to open Denton Hill State Park for the 2014-2015 ski season. Laura [Haskins] and I put forth a tremendous effort and wish to thank all of our current supporters and past patrons." Swain Resort, NY and Ski Sawmill, PA, offered a special deal to any previous Ski Denton season passholders until Nov. 15. And Ski Denton said it would return any season pass money paid for this upcoming season. Chris Novak, the press secretary for the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, said the agency "is finalizing plans for a contractor to do a feasibility study on the ski area at Denton Hill." Novak said the study would focus on "the rehabilitation of the existing infrastructure and the viability of ski operations at Denton Hill, including options for alternative activities at the park outside of the ski season that could be operated by a concessionaire."

I hope all's well. Another Guardian article you might be interested in - And a shot of me hanging with Chief Charles Lukombo and his wife at Mpioka. A very cool guy and a natty dresser! Best to Laurie and the rest of the team. Thomas Yocum * Doesn't look like I will be at jackfrost this time but we are there in spirit. Bill and Cathy

Betty Stonecoal Flats Cranberries * November 21, Friday Morning 8:30-9:30AM $10.00 * Wake up to Yoga! A mindful, soft flow with breath awareness to promote mobility and healing in the body. Excellent for developing flexibility, core strength, balance, muscular strength and stress reduction. Find release from stiff muscles in your back, neck, shoulders and legs. A therapeutic, yet invigorating class for those who are new to yoga, athletes, or for those searching for a relaxing Yoga experience while exploring the details of breath and alignment. Good for all levels. * November 21, Friday Flow (happy hour) 5:00-6:00PM $10.00 * This energetic vinyasa flow yoga class uses a flowing series of postures to create heat within the body and to increase strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance. Arm strength and core strength included. Expect to have a lot of fun! Previous vinyasa flow experience is highly recommended. * November 23 Soulful Sunday Morning 9:00AM-10:15 (75minutes) $12.00 * Wake up to Yoga! Primarily vinyasa flow based, this 75-minute class is designed to stretch and tone the body, mind, and spirit. Breath is synchronized with movement through a variety of poses that develop balance, flexibility, and strength. The first 15 minutes is spent warming the body up and preparing the muscles for lengthening and strengthening. The last 20minutes are spent in seated Yin style poses designed to release and open deep connective tissues. Any questions please call or text Anne Farmer 304-614-3478 or email Mtn Yoga

Saturday, November 22 from 4-7 pm Where: Canaan Valley NWR Visitor Center Meet Refuge manager Ron Hollis. Ron will talk about his career in the Fish and Wildlife Service and other life experiences before joining us at Canaan Valley NWR in August 2014. This informal "meet-and-greet" is your opportunity to ask questions and find out about future projects at the Refuge. Light refreshments will be served.

Winner of the Refuge Photo Contest Two Years Ago * Super Storm Sandy WG Style/ West By Ullr WV

Eric Thompson Wreath Workshop Nov 30

Steve Dekker · Top Commenter · University of Georgia : The Siberian and North American Snow Cover Area for this early in the winter is setting new records and suggests that North America, Europe and Asia may suffer through another brutal winter. The Arctic is also the coldest it's been for this time of year in over a decade, which also tends to show this winter could be one for the record books... A 35-yr record sized Antarctic Ice Extent was set a few months ago, the complete lack of global warming trend for 18+ years, etc., all seem to indicate that the CAGW hypothesis is NOT the "settled science" it's claimed to be. The weakest solar cycle since 1906 peaked earlier this year so it's all downhill from here until 2020. The next solar cycle should start from 2020 and is expected by many astrophysicists to be the weakest since 1715... The Pacific started its 30-yr cool cycle in 2005, and the Atlantic will enter its 30-yr cool cycle from around 2020... All these climatic factors tend to show that global temps should fall and that's what's happening....

The White Hurricane of 1913 was one of the most influential storms in American history. It paved the way for modern weather forecasting. It's estimated that at least 2 feet of snow fell on Canaan Valley, WV. Today, on my birthday, I pay my respects to those who perished on the Great Lakes in Nov 1913. If a White Hurricane does ever occur again, hopefully I'll be luck enough to witness it first hand, while hoping and praying for everyone's safety. Tom Breach

The Sutton boys had a great time and can't wait to make a return trip to the WG paradise. * Thanks to the the Potomac AppalachianTrail Club helpers this weekend as well. Kevin Moore is going nuts leading the way and THANKS TO EVERYONE. We have a mission.

Thank you guys for coming to Annie's Party. She was so surprised and was amazed how many of you came.Your Good Friend Bobby My first snow of the season today on I-90 in South Dakota. Hope it is heading your way. Doug


It was over 60 degrees in Delaware today, but I just had to have White Grass' Chili. Guess what I got in the mail today? My Wonderful West Virginia Magazine. I didn't have a chance to read it during the day so when I sat down at the table to eat my WG Chili, I saw your article. I thought it was beautifully written and reading it transported me to White Grass. Coincidence? Or an omen that I need to get out of here and back to the mountains. Hope to see you soon! Cece

In the latest issue we are there! Thanks Sheila McEntee

Davis is in this wonderful article and makes you wanna go all the places there. by Jess Daddio

First xc 11/2/14 WG Cafe Maple Vinaigrette Salad Dressing @ Highland Market, Canaan Trading, and WG

Countdown to Jack Frost. WG is making a community monetary donation matching all jack frost celebration and beer tips to our Tucker County Food Bank/Blackwater Ministirial Assoc.. Join in and bring a non perishable goodie and we'll add that to the whole shebang! Triple Fun! Great idea Kia. Bring your winter's best dish to share and please once again LEAVE YOUR PETS AT HOME. THANKS!

Simply Grand for Stro & he is back in Canaan

IT'S NOVEMBER, WHEN IS YOUR SKI AREA OPENING? It's still early, but the past few days have seen a number of ski area openings. It's not all that unusual, except that the first ski area to open in the East was in North Carolina. Whether that portends more storms on the East Coast tracking to the south is yet to be seen. California, still suffering from draught conditions, also got snow, building excitement for the coming season. But then, we are all optimists in November. On Sunday, North Carolina's Sugar Mountain realized the second earliest opening in its 38-year history, thanks to an arctic blast that dropped eight to 10 inches of natural snow on the mountain. Cataloochee Ski Area, NC celebrated its third earliest opening and its 54th season of skiing and riding. Maine's Sunday River held a one day opening of its Locke Mountain Triple chair on Nov. 3. The chair accesses advanced terrain on the upper mountain. The area suspended operations until next weekend. The weekend Northeaster brought cold temperatures to Maine's Western mountains allowing Sunday River to open for skiing and snowboarding on Nov. 3. The area also plans to suspend operations until the following weekend. Killington Resort, VT took a similar, "private screening" approach, reserving its Nov. 3 opening to passholders. The area opened to the general public on Tuesday and resort officials say they "expect to remain open daily for the duration of the 'Longest Season in the East' as conditions permit. In Wisconsin, Trollhaugen opened for the weekend with one chairlift and a rope tow servicing an 18-inch base. Wild Mountain, MN, was also reported open. Snow and cold temperatures have ski areas making snow as fast as they can, from Northstar, CA, to Sugarbush, VT. Weather this time of year can be unpredictable, however, and warmer than normal temperatures are expected in the West in the near future, while the East is predicted to be cold.

here we go again...good to see the whitegrass circulatory system beating back to life! Same same here. Dickie @ Mad River Glen, Vt. * Joe Henry * 2013-14 SKIABLE DAYS: 110 * Open With 50 Km 71 * SNOW: 177" * Opened Nov 28 and Closed April 1

Thanks for the best retirement party; friends, old customers, chim chimery songs, shine, wine, and food prepared with skilled and loving hands. Heard you get busier than ever now.

Clare Anderson at the Retirement Party Gala * Todd catches the final blow out! * Sadie and Avah big part of the gathering. * thanks everyone for making it so much fun to hang up the brushes and hat.

Vicki is glad to be back from big mountains and sun * Chase boys Zombie Walkin' Thomas

22"in Mtn. Le Conte, TN Spookie Davis by Sheena * Saving Harman WV School

Hey Chip - look at all of us WG'ers all fancied up! We had a great time this weekend celebrating Lisa & John's wedding in Richmond, VA. I don't think anyone quite knew what to make of each other without our gear on. So thankful for this wonderful friendship, all because of White Grass - the lovebirds even got engaged on Bald Knob! Can't wait for another great winter. See you soon, maybe this weekend. Devin & Mike

Pumpkin Party at Maggie and Atheys...official fall now!

Our Nordic Patrol is there when the times get tough, thanks to Joel, Jeff, and Paul in these early season training times

Kinshasa / Guardian Tom Yocum Mike Sayre wuz in the Tropics this fall

"It is a kind of nowhere, famous for nothing at all and has an appeal because of just that. Tensions disappear along old roads like this." Robert Persig from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (1974)

Chip messin' up the Black Lillies & Morgan 35th Annual Rye Hill Poetry Reading

COUNTRY'S NEWEST XC AREA OPENING IN SUGAR HILL, NH The 640-acre Ski Hearth Farm, formerly owned by ski pioneer Sel Hannah and then Olympic gold medalist Bode Miller, is now owned by Davis Mangold. Thom Perkins of Jackson is helping to develop the project and he said the terrain is magnificent. He said Ski Hearth Farm has the advantage of being northern New Hampshire's easiest accessed full service cross-country ski area, only two miles from the interstate highway.Twenty-three kilometers of trails for all abilities were designed by the internationally renowned trail design firm Morton Trails. An additional five kilometers of trails are designated specifically for snowshoeing. Nearly $750,000 has been invested in the start-up including designing and building the trails, modifications to the base facility, grooming operations, and upgrading the ski rental fleet,and equipment. The farm will continue to operate in the summer and fall to produce a wide variety of organic vegetables.Ski Hearth Farm is partnering with local lodging establishments including the Sugar Hill Inn for Ski and Stay packages. It is scheduled to open for the season on December 26

Joe Henry

Thanks for the Snake Hill shout-out in your latest WG mailing. Glad you liked the skiing on water cartoon. I don't know if you have heard the sad news yet: Jamie Shumway died Saturday night. Here's the note that Betsy sent out Sunday morning: While some of you may have heard, just wanted to let the rest of you know that Jamie's struggles with ALS have ended. He died last night sitting in his chair in the kitchen, at home where he wanted to be. Wesley and I will need some time to adapt the emptiness in the house, but we are relieved to know that Jamie isn't struggling anymore. The last couple months were harder, and this past week even more so. Sorry for using modern technology to share this news, but we are feeling drained. Thanks for all the support offered to us over the years as we all tried to adapt to life with this disease. --Betsy and WesleyI had a lot of great times with Jamie at Whitegrass, and I know that you and the rest of the Whitegrass community did a lot to enrich his life. Betsy's planning a memorial some time soon, but there's been no date set yet. See you when the snow falls. Looking forward to it as always. - Strat

Absolutely loved the Fall pix on the website--my favorite time of year! We are on vacation until Sunday--1st day of week is Sunday here. Some staff took me to lunch and made me a cake--very nice. Went to Haql near the border with Jordan for last two days for diving. Here's a pic with me in my Orioles shirt with the Gulf of Acaba behind me and Egypt across the water (Sinai Peninsula) and one of me blowing out candles--see how few there are! Miss you guys too and will keep up with the site. Take care Grandpa! Jamie Mulligan

Nice to run into you and Chloe Saturday. Stunning light rays coming thru the clouds. Happy fall. Martin Radigan

Chloe Cunningham

Poolesville, Md High School Global Ecology hike & AmeriCorps

Time to Buy Your Season Pass to Ski at Crystal Lake :As the leaves start to fall, if you're like me, you are thinking of snowfall. So it is a very appropriate time for us to give all our skier friends an update of all the great things which happened this summer at Crystal Lake. First and foremost, Dottie graciously transferred the skiing operation over to Crystal Lake Camps and the Camps accepted the transfer. This means skiers can continue to ski at Crystal Lake for years to come. But we haven't skied out of the proverbial woods yet and need your assistance. A committee of the board of Crystal Lake Camps has been formed. It includes skiers like ourselves to make the operation run smoothly. STEP, our local Community Action Agency, has offered assistance including an AmeriCorps participant to help in the ski shop, coordinate us volunteers, and let skiers know right away when the trails are open. Everyone is working tirelessly to get ready for the upcoming season. Please recognize that we cannot be a financial burden to the Camp. Skiers must contribute so we can continue to pursue our wonderful sport at this beautiful location. To repeat: we need your help! If you have ever considered a season pass, this is THE season to purchase one. It is not just a pass to ski this year, but also a contribution which will help skiing continue here for years to come. This transition leaves us in need of early season cash flow and we are counting on skiers (including you) to buy a season pass now so we can put our plans in action. Also, if you purchase this month you receive a nice discount. Please buy yours today. Thanks and we hope to see you on the ski trails. Joe Smith and Michael Gross for the Crystal Lake Ski Center

Gore Mtn North Creek, NY 1940 Chip's Grand Dad, John Dewell

Adam grew up in the close-knit community of Canaan Valley, WV. At the age of seventeen, he caught the climbing bug, scaling nearby Seneca Rocks and bouldering his way through the Dolly Sods Wilderness. When he enrolled at West Virginia University (majoring in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism), Adam continued climbing at Coopers Rock State Forest and at the university's indoor wall. In 2008, Adam moved to Boulder, CO and climbed extensively in the Front Range of the Rockies. More recently, he returned to West Virginia and worked as a climbing guide at the Nelson Rocks Via Ferrata. He currently resides in Davis, WV. Boulder Park,Davis,WV * Whitegrassers Ran For It on Team Boulder Park 9/27 & thanks for Supporting us! Our team earned $4200 behind Mtntop Readers @ $4800 with over $175,000 overall for the community! 39 team members, and all tolled we raised $17,453 for the Project. Way To Go Doug and Carol Milam for their generous gift as well as so many others. The first boulder should be going up next summer!

Wild Acres,NC / NAMA Hit 15 degrees last night but am upriver w/ Therese getting in one more week before freeze up. Northern lights last night. The music field seemed especially weak this year but no doubt we saw some good ones, just not up to what I have come to expect. Every wave I have ever ridden plays out eventually, but Nashville has been a very good ride. No regrets but timing is everything. Da goils and I will hit San Francisco on the third and be there for a week or so... You forgot your goody bag from the AMA's. Laurie will be much more impressed by your trip when you have the "Visit Meridian, Mississippi" beer coasters prominently displayed in the house. I'll mail it to you. Thanks again to Doug and Carol. Tell them Northern Hospitality exists if they come to AK. Good part was hanging out with an old friend, though I thought we would have ridden a little harder... Nashville got off lucky this time...Next time Brother Chase.... Say hi to Laurie and all those that need saying hello to...Happy Trails Tim Fairbanks, AK

Hiya Chip and Laurie!!!! My gosh it is beginning to look like fall and smell like winter up here, and I'll bet that the same is true in Canaan! How are you all doing?! What all have spring and summer brought your way? I am still living in Anchorage, the strip-mall-to-mountain city. Alaska is so very jaw-droppingly gorgeous (minus the malls) and I have thoroughly enjoyed running up these ridge lines under the midnight sun. Days are becoming shorter now, and rainier, and it seems like everyone is gearing up for winter. There are so very many cross-country skiing trails in Anchorage, it is incredible. I am living right by one of the commuting trails at the moment, and I might well be able to ski to work every day once the snow flies! Not that I could not do that in the valley as well. I finished my summer job leading trips for kiddos in the Chugach/Talkeetnas - it was much fun and a good way to learn about this place from folks who know it well. I am now working at a bakery (Laurie, I can now talk so much more informatively about baked goods! Also, I might have met someone who will let me ride her is Shaheen?! Still hanging out with Cyggy?) and will start Nordic coaching for one of the high schools in November. There are so many people who cross-country ski here...young and old...I'm intimidated by all these Olympic-bound 11-year-olds! I do know that I will learn a lot this winter from this place. But, I do think often of the hills and hollows of West Virginia. This is the most magical time of year there...I hope that you all have been well! I hope you have gotten to hike, harvest, boat, beach, bike, and do all the other things that bring you joy in these past months...Today Adele came on the radio at work and my mind teleported for a bit (as I think it always will) to White Grass. Anyways, send me an update and spread my best wishes. Janet tells me that you all are running in Run For It in a couple of weekends! Have fun!! Good luck!! Andy, Anchorage, AK

Seeing you with bells on with is different! Here is the picture of you coming in to the bump shack with something else on. Think Snow! Scott R. Kersjes * Jamie always a Ravens fan warming up in the desert * Ricky Krogh Domension it...Saluda,VA

Blue Ridge Outdoors * Canaan, Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Upcoming Winter Good Morning, Heart of the Highlands will be working on maintenance upgrades on Plantation Trail in the Canaan Mountain Area this week and next. Wednesdays, August 20 and 27 are days that we could use some helping hands between 8:00 and 4:00. You'd be working with Zach Adams, our Trail Crew Leader. We'll be installing rolling grade dips, hardening tread, restoring existing turnpike, cleaning and building rock culverts... Boots, food, water and the willingness to have fun while working hard and learning the art & science of trail building are all you'll need. We've got tools, gloves and safety gear. Please share with others and RSVP if you are interested, available, have questions... We'll set you up with the necessary details when we hear from you. Thanks! Julie Dzaack * Project Administrator * Heart of the Highlands Trail System * Connecting Trails on Public Lands in Tucker County, West Virginia PO Box 274 * Davis, WV 26260 * 304-866-4757 * * *

Splash Dam along Blackwater on Thompson Farm * We helped find chaga for the Filthy Riches Nat Geo TV

Zach calls us "homey"

Just want to say that I have enjoyed taking my girls 9 and 11 out to Whitegrass for XC skiing the past month. With Whitegrass you have created a scene of serenity, an ambiance of friendliness, and a space for young people to appreciate nature and simplicity. Thank you! My daugther Mia Kristensen from yesterday, feeding the Black-capped Chickadee on the 3-mile run. All the best, Peter

Planet White Grass Marc Shaffer good times !! P Sully

Ruthie East West ad queen... The Eastern Continental Divide, Mt. Porte Crayon, and the Roaring Plains: The highest hump about 4 miles south of here is the summit of Mt. Porte Crayon. At 4,770 feet elevation, it is the highest elevation on the Eastern Continental Divide in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. It's name honors one of the first white explorers who documented his visits to the area in the mid-and-late 1800's. The flat topped ridge to the left of the summit hump is the Roaring Plains, named for the fierce winds that frequent the high plateau. This wilderness area contains 5.5 square miles above 4,500 feet. The Valley of Red Creek below is nearly 3,000 feet below the top of Mt. Porte Crayon. Red creek's waters flow into the Ohio and then Mississippi Rivers. Precipitation falling on the east side of the Eastern Continental Divide flows into the Potomac River and the Atlantic Ocean. sent by Bob Leffler on task to get a sign and overlook area south of Canaan Valley

Facebook Remembering Old Canaan ...Chip Chase videotaping the mountainbike trials events - barefooted no matter the rocks underfoot or the weather. Roger Bird * ...where'd it go? WG Archive Tomb Page JuNk

Most important muscle in skiing is the one in your cheek that makes your lips shape into a smile. Dickie Hall

Some of the secrets to slowing down on xc skis is having the skills to create even shape, pressure, and a balanced 50/50 treatment to each ski, never favor or lean and be politically correct to have two legs, feet, and two long skis....treat um equally and you will love skiing hills from then flat center in the middle of that well shaped "V". Tilt your skis on edge to cross a sidehill i.e anywhere at WG. Place your weight firmly over each step like monster-giant stomping and again travel forward and be the boss. Basic athletic flexed ankle and knee position throughout your skiing and when you stride your body needs to up out and forward and your knees should lead the way. Concentrate weight and steering to the back ski in the tele turn and you MUST turn the back knee and ski up into the hill.

Average Snowfall: CANAAN VALLEY, WV 140" * ERIE, PA. 88 * BUFFALO, NY 93 * TALKEETNA, AK 115 * MARQUETTE, MI 141 * MT. WASHINGTON, NH 260

The pure spirit of skiing and the good life is alive and well and living at Whitegrass. I know of no other place where skiers gather and get closer to that wonderful spiritual aspect of skiing and fellowship. That special place in all nords that makes us want to go outside put on our skis and have fun. Whitegrass is quite simply my favorite ski area in North America. Ski Hard, Play Fair, Have Fun, Dickie Hall (NATO)

All my life, right and wrong tangled, playing with the moon, ridiculing the wind, listening to the birds…Many years wasted seeing the mountain covered with snow. This winter I realize snow makes the mountain - Dogen Zenji

skiing is not a matter of life and death, it’s more important than that

Nothing finer than standing on this great planet! chip

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