Oct 20 Seasons Are A Changin'

Indian Summer. WG Ski Clubhouse under cleaning orders. Many snowy wishes these days. We be ready to go Thanksgiving ending with skiing all of March. 2015 Calendar will fill up.

Local Mead Healthberry Farms * Trail work weekends, every sat/sun in Nov. * Chip's Chimney Sweeper Retirement Gala @ WG 7ishy - Nov 1

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After reading this, I've decided to cut trap door in my roof. Dave Lesher * Davis History * Thomas History * stocking Scarpa and Voile Skis 14/15

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Commuter Buddhist

by Jeffrey Harrison from Into Daylight 2014
I'm learning to be a Buddhist in my car,
listening to a book on tape. One problem
is that, before I've gotten very far,

my mind gradually becomes aware
that it has stopped listening, straying from
the task of becoming a Buddhist in my car.

I'm also worried that listening will impair
my driving, as the package label cautions,
but I haven't noticed that, at least so far.

In fact, I may be driving with more care.
There's a sensation of attentive calm
that's part of becoming a Buddhist in your car.

A soothing voice drones on until the car
is transformed into a capsule of wisdom
traveling at high speed, and you feel far

from anywhere but where you really are ...
which is nowhere, really. The biggest problem
is getting the Buddhism out of your car
and into your life. I've failed at that so far.

DO NOT MISS FIDDLE SHOWS: Oct 25 Johnny Staats and the Delivery Boys * Nov 28 Mo' Mojo * Dec 14 Steel Wheels * Dec 27 Funk Ark * Jan 2 Yarn

Casey sent great cold freezing windy horrible winter weather news in that Cold Northeast, Interior Mid-Atlantic to Yield Snowy Winter Season

Cheat Canyon Protected * WV Rivers * Skijorers Aren't Horsing Around * Skis Older Than Wheel * Vermont Snowflakes * Creed Calhoun * Davis Doc Wins Iditarod Foot Race * If you think being a musician is hard, try xc skiing * Who's ready to ski? Brrrr, it was chilly this morning. Zach Adams * I used to be Snow White, but I drifted. 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Andy Stump * Nature Valley & CCSAA sponsor us * WG Stoke by Todd * WG Movie by Colleen Laffey * Freaky Style WG * Chase Boys XC Trick Park * Morgan Flippin' Out * Early WV Ski Pics * Can't believe people hibernate in winter Steve Waugeman * Chip has FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) Erin Chase * We wouldn't want the season to end too abruptly. Michelle * Best Little-Known Spots for XC * Feel like I'm cheatin' the weather. Paul Golder * New Trail Map * 25 km Race Results * Close to Home * Mtn Yoga * You musta thrown an extra special Jack Frost Celebration this year. 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Back in the early 1980's you could go to WG and see the trees through the people.* This is more like Norway than Norway Ketil * The Willows Guest Rooms B&B Parsons * I take the Polar Vortex and squeeze it into a bottle and open it up in July and it makes me cool. 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Rinpoche * lots pics by Robbie, Andy, Sue, Joel & Adam * WG RENTALS: Rossignol Evo Trail, Fischer, Alpina skis nnnbc boots by Alpina, Rossi, Madshus, and Fischer, Leki tapered aluminum poles with WG logo * Metal edged skis by Rossi, Madshus, Alpina, Fischer * Tele skis by Voile, Ski Logic Boots by Scott/Garmont and Scarpa

2013-14 SKIABLE DAYS: 110 * Open With 50 Km 71 * SNOW: 177" * Opened Nov 28 and Closed April 1

Send A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes

"It is a kind of nowhere, famous for nothing at all and has an appeal because of just that. Tensions disappear along old roads like this." Robert Persig from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (1974)

Chip messin' up the Black Lillies & Morgan 35th Annual Rye Hill Poetry Reading

COUNTRY'S NEWEST XC AREA OPENING IN SUGAR HILL, NH The 640-acre Ski Hearth Farm, formerly owned by ski pioneer Sel Hannah and then Olympic gold medalist Bode Miller, is now owned by Davis Mangold. Thom Perkins of Jackson is helping to develop the project and he said the terrain is magnificent. He said Ski Hearth Farm has the advantage of being northern New Hampshire's easiest accessed full service cross-country ski area, only two miles from the interstate highway.Twenty-three kilometers of trails for all abilities were designed by the internationally renowned trail design firm Morton Trails. An additional five kilometers of trails are designated specifically for snowshoeing. Nearly $750,000 has been invested in the start-up including designing and building the trails, modifications to the base facility, grooming operations, and upgrading the ski rental fleet,and equipment. The farm will continue to operate in the summer and fall to produce a wide variety of organic vegetables.Ski Hearth Farm is partnering with local lodging establishments including the Sugar Hill Inn for Ski and Stay packages. It is scheduled to open for the season on December 26

Joe Henry

Thanks for the Snake Hill shout-out in your latest WG mailing. Glad you liked the skiing on water cartoon. I don't know if you have heard the sad news yet: Jamie Shumway died Saturday night. Here's the note that Betsy sent out Sunday morning: While some of you may have heard, just wanted to let the rest of you know that Jamie's struggles with ALS have ended. He died last night sitting in his chair in the kitchen, at home where he wanted to be. Wesley and I will need some time to adapt the emptiness in the house, but we are relieved to know that Jamie isn't struggling anymore. The last couple months were harder, and this past week even more so. Sorry for using modern technology to share this news, but we are feeling drained. Thanks for all the support offered to us over the years as we all tried to adapt to life with this disease. --Betsy and WesleyI had a lot of great times with Jamie at Whitegrass, and I know that you and the rest of the Whitegrass community did a lot to enrich his life. Betsy's planning a memorial some time soon, but there's been no date set yet. See you when the snow falls. Looking forward to it as always. - Strat

Absolutely loved the Fall pix on the website--my favorite time of year! We are on vacation until Sunday--1st day of week is Sunday here. Some staff took me to lunch and made me a cake--very nice. Went to Haql near the border with Jordan for last two days for diving. Here's a pic with me in my Orioles shirt with the Gulf of Acaba behind me and Egypt across the water (Sinai Peninsula) and one of me blowing out candles--see how few there are! Miss you guys too and will keep up with the site. Take care Grandpa! Jamie Mulligan

Nice to run into you and Chloe Saturday. Stunning light rays coming thru the clouds. Happy fall. Martin Radigan

Chloe Cunningham

Poolesville, Md High School Global Ecology hike & AmeriCorps

Time to Buy Your Season Pass to Ski at Crystal Lake :As the leaves start to fall, if you're like me, you are thinking of snowfall. So it is a very appropriate time for us to give all our skier friends an update of all the great things which happened this summer at Crystal Lake. First and foremost, Dottie graciously transferred the skiing operation over to Crystal Lake Camps and the Camps accepted the transfer. This means skiers can continue to ski at Crystal Lake for years to come. But we haven't skied out of the proverbial woods yet and need your assistance. A committee of the board of Crystal Lake Camps has been formed. It includes skiers like ourselves to make the operation run smoothly. STEP, our local Community Action Agency, has offered assistance including an AmeriCorps participant to help in the ski shop, coordinate us volunteers, and let skiers know right away when the trails are open. Everyone is working tirelessly to get ready for the upcoming season. Please recognize that we cannot be a financial burden to the Camp. Skiers must contribute so we can continue to pursue our wonderful sport at this beautiful location. To repeat: we need your help! If you have ever considered a season pass, this is THE season to purchase one. It is not just a pass to ski this year, but also a contribution which will help skiing continue here for years to come. This transition leaves us in need of early season cash flow and we are counting on skiers (including you) to buy a season pass now so we can put our plans in action. Also, if you purchase this month you receive a nice discount. Please buy yours today. Thanks and we hope to see you on the ski trails. Joe Smith and Michael Gross for the Crystal Lake Ski Center

Joe Henry

Gore Mtn North Creek, NY 1940 Chip's Grand Dad, John Dewell

Adam grew up in the close-knit community of Canaan Valley, WV. At the age of seventeen, he caught the climbing bug, scaling nearby Seneca Rocks and bouldering his way through the Dolly Sods Wilderness. When he enrolled at West Virginia University (majoring in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism), Adam continued climbing at Coopers Rock State Forest and at the university's indoor wall. In 2008, Adam moved to Boulder, CO and climbed extensively in the Front Range of the Rockies. More recently, he returned to West Virginia and worked as a climbing guide at the Nelson Rocks Via Ferrata. He currently resides in Davis, WV. Boulder Park,Davis,WV * Whitegrassers Ran For It on Team Boulder Park 9/27 & thanks for Supporting us! Our team earned $4200 behind Mtntop Readers @ $4800 with over $175,000 overall for the community! 39 team members, and all tolled we raised $17,453 for the Project. Way To Go Doug and Carol Milam for their generous gift as well as so many others. The first boulder should be going up next summer!

Wild Acres,NC / NAMA

Hit 15 degrees last night but am upriver w/ Therese getting in one more week before freeze up. Northern lights last night. The music field seemed especially weak this year but no doubt we saw some good ones, just not up to what I have come to expect. Every wave I have ever ridden plays out eventually, but Nashville has been a very good ride. No regrets but timing is everything. Da goils and I will hit San Francisco on the third and be there for a week or so... You forgot your goody bag from the AMA's. Laurie will be much more impressed by your trip when you have the "Visit Meridian, Mississippi" beer coasters prominently displayed in the house. I'll mail it to you. Thanks again to Doug and Carol. Tell them Northern Hospitality exists if they come to AK. Good part was hanging out with an old friend, though I thought we would have ridden a little harder... Nashville got off lucky this time...Next time Brother Chase.... Say hi to Laurie and all those that need saying hello to...Happy Trails Tim Fairbanks, AK

Hiya Chip and Laurie!!!! My gosh it is beginning to look like fall and smell like winter up here, and I'll bet that the same is true in Canaan! How are you all doing?! What all have spring and summer brought your way? I am still living in Anchorage, the strip-mall-to-mountain city. Alaska is so very jaw-droppingly gorgeous (minus the malls) and I have thoroughly enjoyed running up these ridge lines under the midnight sun. Days are becoming shorter now, and rainier, and it seems like everyone is gearing up for winter. There are so very many cross-country skiing trails in Anchorage, it is incredible. I am living right by one of the commuting trails at the moment, and I might well be able to ski to work every day once the snow flies! Not that I could not do that in the valley as well. I finished my summer job leading trips for kiddos in the Chugach/Talkeetnas - it was much fun and a good way to learn about this place from folks who know it well. I am now working at a bakery (Laurie, I can now talk so much more informatively about baked goods! Also, I might have met someone who will let me ride her horse...how is Shaheen?! Still hanging out with Cyggy?) and will start Nordic coaching for one of the high schools in November. There are so many people who cross-country ski here...young and old...I'm intimidated by all these Olympic-bound 11-year-olds! I do know that I will learn a lot this winter from this place. But, I do think often of the hills and hollows of West Virginia. This is the most magical time of year there...I hope that you all have been well! I hope you have gotten to hike, harvest, boat, beach, bike, and do all the other things that bring you joy in these past months...Today Adele came on the radio at work and my mind teleported for a bit (as I think it always will) to White Grass. Anyways, send me an update and spread my best wishes. Janet tells me that you all are running in Run For It in a couple of weekends! Have fun!! Good luck!! Andy, Anchorage, AK

the boys have a band in Thomas now...and it was righteous!  Pedal now…ski soon. Joe Sizemore

Seeing you with bells on with is different! Here is the picture of you coming in to the bump shack with something else on. Think Snow! Scott R. Kersjes * Jamie always a Ravens fan warming up in the desert * Ricky Krogh Domension it...Saluda,VA

Mar and Abby, Boone NC Adam skiing waves

Blue Ridge Outdoors & Davis * Canaan, Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Upcoming Winter

Getting ready for the season . . .Strat Douglas

Good Morning, Heart of the Highlands will be working on maintenance upgrades on Plantation Trail in the Canaan Mountain Area this week and next. Wednesdays, August 20 and 27 are days that we could use some helping hands between 8:00 and 4:00. You'd be working with Zach Adams, our Trail Crew Leader. We'll be installing rolling grade dips, hardening tread, restoring existing turnpike, cleaning and building rock culverts... Boots, food, water and the willingness to have fun while working hard and learning the art & science of trail building are all you'll need. We've got tools, gloves and safety gear. Please share with others and RSVP if you are interested, available, have questions... We'll set you up with the necessary details when we hear from you. Thanks! Julie Dzaack * Project Administrator * Heart of the Highlands Trail System * Connecting Trails on Public Lands in Tucker County, West Virginia PO Box 274 * Davis, WV 26260 * 304-866-4757 * info@heartofthehighlandstrail.org * www.heartofthehighlandstrail.org * facebook.com/HeartOfTheHighlands

Splash Dam along Blackwater on Thompson Farm * We have been helping find chaga for the Filthy Riches Nat Geo TV series as of late...

Zach calls us "homey"


so yeah, we'll be up on friday .. got a "special guest" w us... the kickass preacher (from GA) we've been playing w.... he's the serious real deal.. used to play w the blind boys and highway qc's...here's a link to a video w did w him.... if you think it would be something other folks would like.. maybe pass the word around? hope to see you then. Michael Lipton/Carpenter Ants

A couple shots from a stellar weekend. The magic of that zone delivers in all seasons. Andrew Gault

Before and after! Chip's neice, daughter, and nephew...Shane, Erin and Matthew

Robert Hunsucker: This will be WVMC's 10th annual foray. Way back, when we were a fledgling club, Robert Hunsucker drove all the way across the State to lead a foray for us. The most wonderful thing about Bob was that he pointed out every insect, every bird, every plant and every fungus he saw. Bob had tremendous love and respect for all that the Earth had to offer and, just being around him, caused us to look and think twice before we took each step in the woods. For the first time at a foray, we found ourselves listening to the sounds around us when we otherwise would have been talking. Back at the park shelter, he sat down with us and patiently pointed out the identifying charcteristics of each mushroom we found, using the large, heavy stack of books he'd brought with him. We learned about so much more than mushrooms from Bob that year and we are still grateful for his support. He lived a long life, filled with the love of nature and his fellow man, and he left a lot of sad friends when he slipped away earlier this year. We wanted to take a moment to celebrate Bob's life and remember, with gratitude, a naturalist who did all he could to support us all those years ago.
So if you can finish this high bowl of ramen, you can do anything in life. That's the concept. OK, good luck with your ramen, and thank you very much!"

Chip,We got a Whitegrass 'uphill skier' hat to the summit of south sister in the cascades outside of Bend, Oregon. Hope you are doing well. John and Lisa * Sue Haywood in the winning * Ricky Krogh new Va dome home.

Spanish Cay. June 29 2014 Chip and the West Virginia posse. We sailed from home on May 6th, Made it to St Georges Bermuda on May 15. ... explored by zodiak, scooter and also moved the boat to Castle Harbor for a few days, hundreds of UW photos and videos. Left St Georges BM on June 1, arrived Marsh Harbor Big Abaco island, bahamas on June 7. Been cruising all over the abacos from Little Harbor to Grand Cay and half way back again. Many hundreds more UW photos and videos. We are now waiting for a low pressure system off the coast just north of us to move out and away so we can sail home, and are enjoying being plugged in at a marina with the AC on. Craig and Terrie on Anduril...also entire trip being put here

Help wanted! Govcon Accountants, located in Davis, is currently hiring staff accountants. If you have a bachelors degree in accounting and are interested in applying, please contact Mark Vieno at mark.vieno@govconaccountants.com.

ADIRONDACK CLUB IN TUPPER LAKE GETS GO-AHEAD : After years of wrangling, a ruling by New York's Supreme Court on July 3 paves the way for the development of the Adirondack Club and Resort in Tupper Lake, according to Ski Area Management. In 2004,  Preserve Associates LLC, Big Tupper LLC, Tupper Lake Boat Club LLC and Nancy Hull Godshall, as trustee of respondent Oval Wood Dish Liquidating Trust, submitted an application to the Adirondack Park Agency for conceptual approval of the proposed Adirondack Club and Resort - the largest project ever proposed for New York's 6,000,000-acre Adirondack Park - to be located on privately-owned land in the Town of Tupper Lake.Several environmental groups, including Protect the Adirondacks, the Sierra Club and some local landowners, filed a suit in early 2012 objecting to permits given to developers by the APA. The court dismissed the lawsuit finding that many of the environmental complaints were "without merit," and dismissed the claims that politics played any role in the process. The application for permit approval submitted by the developers in 2005 proposed reopening the Big Tupper ski area and a closed marina, building more than 600 "second home" residential units, a hotel and several other recreational resources.The application was amended and supplemented by the developers several times until it was deemed complete by the APA in 2006. Permits were finally issued by the APA in January 2012. The lawsuits were filed immediately after.

Blue Mtn Art, Elkins WV

Salud in Thomas! It's a good thing that all the snow falls in one place around here. Pete Vigour

Linnie Spence Chip and Vicki Weeks by Cheryl Rauch

Weddings WV * Summer in Canaan! Andy Wright

Trails! Photos of WV *

Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides and owner/host Tom Cecil welcome you to the Wexler Hut! Pamper yourself a little. As an alternative to camping we are excited to offer our cozy, newly renovated hut to climbers, or those here to enjoy the scenery and outdoor activities. Boasting incredible views and within walking distance to Seneca Rocks, The Wexler Hut comfortably sleeps 4 people. Accommodations include one bedroom with a queen bed and twin bunk beds, private shower and bathroom facilities, separate living room with kitchenette, flat-screened tv and free internet. Available single nights, weekends or longer. Call to reserve your space now! 304-567-2115* Rates: $75/night total for up to 4 people.

The Nature Lover's ride: Ride leaders: Chip Chase and Todd "Chaga" Romero. This ride is for people who like to take it easy and learn about nature and the unique natural history of the Canaan Valley with interesting characters and experienced amatuer naturalists. Past years have explored Beaver Ponds, Waterfalls and mushroom hunting. Expect to be out 2-3 hours. Double Down: Ride leaders: Rob and Mr Jeff. This ride cruises out the race course and up to the world famous Moon Rocks , Down Hoo-Doo rocks, across the Blackwater and climb up the Little Canaan "haul" road, down Hellbenders and finishing up on Splash Dam and back to Davis. Around 4 hours with bail out spots. Many rocks on this ride. * Scientists, public discuss impact of climate change in W.Va. - See more

Mike Sayre Collection

Judge Stephan Moylan, WG skier to the core, with lifetime friend Judge Connolly Tom Preston

Stro by chip chip by Stro

Cheyenne Carter Rick and Karen Watson

Andy in Norway * Kate Preston down under * Chris Barnes summer ski by Anne Jones

Joe Henry

Red Lodge, MT by Jean Buckley * Chip & Natalie Tennant

Tom Preston

thunder boomers

Do you think I could have used this in last weekends "run what you brung"? Bruce * Todd Romero husky on lodge


So sorry to hear about Mellie. I've attached a great picture I took this past winter under his favorite tree. What a great spirit he had! Hope your spring is full of mountain laurel and ramps, and your summer is full of mushrooms.-Rainey and Katharine...Sorry about your dog – I think about the Will Rogers quote - "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." In my mind – a part of Heaven looks like Whitegrass and there are definitely dogs there. Steve Sanderford

How can you be gone Mellon Collie?
I say no, that you do live on.
In hikes and walks and fields and streams, in the parking lot, in skiers dreams.
In bales of white laid tween fences bare; in leftover tufts of brown and black hair.
Woofs and warnings and "let's go along!"
You truly lived and sang your own song.
A finer beast ? Unlikely you see. Mellon Collie, like Chip was an only you see.
Only one of that kind in a Universe can be, and then upon passing they go in to you and me. Our souls remember so much of you. A loyal brave friend, and so very true. Chanda

Best whitegrass lead photo ever!!! He represents all that Whitegrass stands for. Loyalty, love, dependibility and the good vibe. My kids always ask how he is doing. Dude of the decade nominee. Chris Wellborn

was wandrin through
A forest of inspiration
As I am want to do
When I came upon
A smallish dog
With this to say to you I'd rather go out on a good day
Than a dark night
Shrouded by pain
I'd rather not loose
All that I ever had
Before having everything to gain
I'd rather leap
From the shores of life
Toward one final splash
Than to crawl into the water
With one final desperate gasp
I'd rather run and frolic
And play until the end
Than to watch you all
As I slip away
Hoping I will mend Thank you for
The times we shared
And the ones we'll spend alone
I'll be here ever waiting
For you too
To come home

Vicky finished the video for Zack for the upcoming 'Run What Ya Brung' Trials competition on May 24th afternoon with riders practicing from 4 to 6 PM and competing from 6 to dark. The movie can be seen on You Tube. We hope you find a lot of mushrooms soon! Eric & Vicky

Hey Chip, I am moving to the UK. I have several books on VA and WV natural history. Would WG like to have them? Don't wanna take them (realistically) and I think there are people who may need them more ... I like the idea knowing that someone might go through those books while sipping beer at WG. Contemplating to climb Aconcagua this winter, if I do, will for sure wear your attire and send a picture. If not this winter, next time. I am now a US citizen, the US is my home, and I will be coming back for visits to WG every now and then. Looking forward to seeing you guys again. Say hello to Eric the arm-skier for me! This past winter was the best skiing, as I finally discovered the backwoods of WG and learned to appreciate un-groomed skiing. Andrey R. * Bald Knob Blizzard by Carolyn Cavendish

Cheat River Fest with McQueen brothers, neighbors in Alaska as kids and now standing in WV's newly protected canyon

Just another spring powder day in May . . .Jill skiing in Montana...Canaanites moved west

Eddie Spaghetti

56 campers,36 boats braved perfect weather and water 24th Annual Smoke Hole

Eric and Vicki somehow keeping up with bikin' Sue Haywood

The kids were plotting to send you " big hello" by displaying White Grass bandana from the top of Snowbird, but then saw the name of the runs:) And here it is!!!! They could not believe that Mr. Chase is so well known and respected way away in the high mountains of Utah!!!!!!! Thanks again for the wonderful skiing at WG! Please apply the same formula for Polar Vortex for the next year! Elena and family

We had a sweet couple days on the river this past weekend. Water level was great (2.67-2.61) and we ran everything even though we were pretty loaded down. Waves on the second day (Big Papa and Big Mama) actually put more water in the boat than Landslide. Ran into a cool group of WVU geology grad students out on a field trip. They camped at the spot just past landslide so we went to the site below Blue Rock on the right. Nice being the only ones there. Looks like the weather is setting up nicely for your trip. Have a blast. I wish I could do it again this weekend! Andrew

Back from Norway adventure with Randy...big landscapes, lots of snow, and loads and loads of Norwegians out on their skinny skis enjoying the mountains! Awesome. Andy

Please share with others like you share of yourself with us on a terrific visit to WG. PEACE! Rob Hawk, Whittier, NC

single track sleds making grooming simple and low tech Bozeman CO-OP

Joe Henry

Snow Bikes * Smakula Instruments * After leading the Jackson, NH, Ski Touring Foundation for 38 years, Thom Perkins has announced his retirement from the organization. As its executive director since 1976, Perkins has been instrumental in transforming the small village of Jackson into one of the nation's premier cross country skiing and snowshoeing venues. Jackson XC

Please let me know if your business or organization is doing something cool that I share. Anne H. Jones Executive Director Tucker County Development Authority (304) 614-8839 tuckercounty@gmail.com

We had a great week, and missed you all very much. The snow was good, not too much sun, made trips to the North Face, Attic, Pit Bull, Enchanted Forest, and Sunrise Ridge. Had a blast on Nils's birthday, I danced up a storm! Hope your travels went well. Cheers, Patty, John, and Cheeky

As the season ends I look back at this winter and the times I spent in CV and WG it brings a quick tear to my eyes as I reflect on what it meant to me personally...The best people in the whole world, making new friends and reuniting with old ones ... As most would want to protect and keep secret what you have at your door steps, you my friend welcome all with open arms...I often wonder what has brought me so close to CV over the 25 years I have been visiting but this past winter it all came together and it was clear as a bell ... I was not able to visit as much as expected but the times I made it were so memorable...Your friendship to me is irreplaceable, you've done nothing other than be yourself and open your world up to me and others...Your trail map and season pass hang in my kitchen reminding me daily of the good times spent and the great times to come ! Sincerely, Eddie

Joe Pete Wilson * Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul. Democritus

Silver Lake, CO (April 14-15 1921) Most Intense U.S. Snowfall. Near Boulder, CO, at an altitude of 10,220 feet had 75.8" in 24 hours, 87" in 27-1/2 hours; 95" total from storm (32-1/2 hours).

Well, the snows came late just about everywhere but Colorado. Of course, "me of little faith" went out and booked a European hut-to-hut, and departed just as VT was hit with some consistent snows. No matter, I tried to do what they call the Pyreneean Haute Route as a tune-up for the real thing next year. Problem was there was already a lot of snow there (Southern Alps did well this year, with Italy having a banner year), and it snowed 3 of the six days we were supposed to be climbing. We didn't need the French ski patrol to tell us there were Level 4/5 avalanche conditions, as we heard them all night and saw plenty more during the day. Still, we did get out 4 days, and when we did the snow was great! In any case, I have a caption for the first Photo. I reads: "Damn, that sign for Springer Orchard was a ways back. This must be Stonecoal Flats!" Ged Smith

Hey Chipper, Just launched a Kickstarter campaign for those DIY Shot Ski sets I showed you earlier in the winter. Put in a little White Grass propaganda in my photos! Looks like you guys had a great winter, hopefully me and Kaitlin will be joining you for next season. See you guys this spring! The link for the Kickstarter. Peace, Max


Red Spruce Tree Planting edge of Dolly Sods 4/12, thanks Dave Saville

This has been great," he said. "This state has everything — roaring rivers, beautiful forests, soaring peaks, interesting rock formations. It's been perfect for our needs." Cabela shoots WV

Vicki Weeks & Eric Erbe

Missed you this year, can't wait to get back to WG. In the meantime we tried snow farming in Masai Mara, Kenya, so far so good! Best, Chuck

We heard lots of good things about Whitegrass from John and Patty. Also talked to Doug and he said he spent some time with you at the CCSAA. Just got back from Powder Creek and my big 60…. yikes... How did the Hoks do this year? All the best, nils

Erin Chase Sibling Day on Facebook! Harley Cahen

Free Heel and Wheel West Yellowstone, MT


I find myself more and more spending time off the map Kevin * Going skiing with the wind at my back and no destination in mind. Bill Witzemann

Ol' Canaan local Jim Gaydos in Alaska

I'm trying to spread the word about a Photo Workshop that my friend and talented photographer Randall Sanger and I are doing in June. If you know anyone who might be interested in a weekend of fairly intensive photography in the beautiful and very picturesque setting of Canaan Valley, WV please pass this link along to them. Thank you!! * Best, Martin Radigan

Laurie is selling her salad dressing locally! * If it's in the Lost and Found there is a 50% chance it is the the Thorton's. Mac Great day skiing and hanging with you. Here's a couple of pics of the Chicadee eating out of my hand at Powderline shelter. Looking forward to coming back down. Brad, Somerset.PA

I'm Mike, I bought some glide was along with the trail pass (and needed it as I got to Upper Falls on the way up). First time in a long time I went up to Baldy. Attached is a panorama from there, along with my addition to the blackboard at Roundtop.

A real belated hanks for your kind words. Whitegrass has been part of the family history for, yes, about 30 years. My sons, now 32 & 35, keep track on your website, which we all agree is the best of any we've ever seen. We still reminisce about the time you went down on the floor as I tried to nickel & dime you down on another pair of skis 20 years ago, dirtbag climber that I was and, mentally, still am. Still recall how wide their eyes popped as our puppy disappeared under a drift the first time I took them (and snuck Penny) onto the slopes. Our continued appreciation for the treasure you've created out there. Your drive, good humor, always positive attitude has been an inspiration to us all. Think I found the entrance to the Secret Passage trails but not sure and didn't have time to explore. Definitely want to get back up there and check it out when FR70 opens up. Always great seeing you and enjoying your company & hospitality (refreshments included)! Cheers! Vito

Yo guys, Thanks for the great tours Wednesday - my personal best day ever at Whitegrass. Sitting here in DC and kicking myself for not having taken Paul up on his offer for a place to crash. Already looking forward to next year and working on my tele skills. Kevin Volz

One of my best times all winter was the magical ski that we went on with you - thanks for another wonderful season at WG!! Love, Mary and Dan (on the road again)

Attached is a "3 years later" photo from the same lunch spot where I took the photo I sent you in spring 2011 after a similar tour of the National Nordic via the Canaan State Park lift. We were missing James this time, but Hillary, Ellie, Dr. Ed Rader (who took the photo) and I had a great time. Hope to be sending you similar photos for another 20 + years....Bill Berlin

Perhaps the primary reason I located here to photograph is the incredible textures of the diverse flora which provides the canvas upon which so much of the beauty of the place is revealed. This is in general true of northern landscapes. The attached photo reveals these textures and the impact of sun shafts on an otherwise relatively flat landscape. Joe Henry

Just wanted to share a couple of my favorite moments from our trips out to White Grass this winter! Jesse Von Fange

Local hero John Logar wins foot race! iditarodtrailinvitational

T'line by Adam

Wearin' this hat is like drivin' in the WG driveway Corey B * Jackson NH Touring Center * Mad River Glen, VT * Tug Hill, NY * Lapland Lake, NY

If you don't love gliding through the snow covered trails at White Grass, immediately seek medical help - you may have a serious condition. Jesse Winchester, VA * Just spent an amazing weekend at Whitegrass. The staff is so down-home and friendly and it spreads to everyone on the trails. Way to keep it real! * Loved everything about Whitegrass including the cafe, cross country skiing, and rentals. My mom (a first time skier) still raves about it to this day. * This casual place charmed me with old school skis and bumper stickers, handwritten announcements and character you won't find anywhere but in West Virginia. Unique and lovely experience, I look forward to my return! YELP!

PACCSA WG report : 30 degrees and breezy with solid icy frozen granular skiing and a good day for either snow shoes or metal edged skis. Can ski to Baldy and back along lower 3 mile to Falls Overlook or Barton's Weiss Ascent to Upper 3 mile and Powderline and all trails above. National Nordic is totally covered in a foot plus of hard snow. We will groom as much as we can with two ways up and down under the ginzu knives. Chippie Care Free Tours this weekend in search of the best snow both Sat/Sun. Friday afternoon it may warm enough to offer up softer corn snow surface conditions. Head up and high into the spruce to duck back into winter. Website is full of recent pictures and letters from skiers. Marginal yet way skiable for the near future or longer! 17" at 4300 feet this morning!

Rocket R. Surfer Tele Works in Wood Twice each year, the equinox occurs when the sun is directly overhead of the equator. This happens on the first day of spring and autumn. Spring this year begins on Thursday, March 20, at 12:57 p.m. EDT. The reason that the seasons do not exactly begin at the same time and date each year has nothing to do with the Earth's orbit, since the time it takes for the Earth to go around the sun is virtually the same from year to year. The problem is with the calendar, which does not entirely conform to nature. * This Day In Weather History Indiana (1996) More than a foot of snow across central and southern parts of the state. (19th-20th). Drifts reached 6 feet; more than 200,000 people lost power; I-74 was impassable between Indianapolis and the Illinois border. * Eastern U.S. (1958) (19th-22nd) Virginia to New England had 17" to 30" of very wet snow. Forty-nine deaths linked to snow; also damage to power lines. Eight hundred people trapped in restaurant along PA turnpike near Morgantown. (See also March 20). * Cape Whittle, Quebec (1964) 39" of snow -- greatest one-day total anywhere in Quebec Province. ACCU tells the weather what to do.

Got back Sunday from BC and had a spectacular trip. I can see why you head there to the lodges. Every turn presented another snow covered peak, and we covered over 1,000 miles driving the Powder Highway. I also certainly value the 10 days spent with Gerrit exploring the towns of BC. Picked up 30cm the first day. Was glad Gerrit and I had beacons/avy gear as the danger was high all week with some folks caught in slides. near where we were. Enjoyed the steeps and bowls inbounds, but back/side country was a no-go. They even cancelled the Swatch / North Face Freeride Pro event at Revy. Diverted back north late in week and found some fresh at Lake Louise and Sunshine which were not part of our original plan. Gerrit was psyched to be head of a line for a rope drop at Lake Louise and be the second one to enter a bowl full of pow. Sue wanted to see some photos of the trip so please forward to her for me. - Gerrit with helmet snow packed after a header (that video will be great!) Been following the crazy weather and it's great the WG skiable days continue! Enjoy...Cheers, Bill Fischer

Great skiing yesterday and today (3/18). Michelle did her first run down pipeline from Weiss Knob, so she was pretty stoked. As promised, here is that pic of the Big M "track truck" single track groomer; must be from the 1970s. They lay a single classic track through the Manistee National Forest...and only drip a little hydraulic fluid in the track. Big M is a hoot, classic northern Michigan skiing. Cheers, Think snow! Sean Kelly, Pittsburgh

We had a fun afternoon skiing with our dog Grady and Morgan's dog, who followed us up the trail for quite a while. Grady is digging his new snow boots, which keep off all those nasty snow balls he would get between his toes. So great to have the time to chat with you for a while, and get some beta on those awesome skis you showed us. Something to think about for next year! Have a great week! Gale and Bill * Thanks to all at Whitegrass for another great day! (3/18) Mark Thomas

WATER RIGHTS PROTECTION ACT COULD BACKFIRE ON SKI AREAS: The U.S. House last week passed a controversial bill triggered by the U.S. Forest Service's equally controversial move to assert federal ownership over water rights held by ski areas to tap public streams for snowmaking, according to published reports. The Water Rights Protection Act seeks to prevent the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management from seizing water rights without just compensation. It had the backing of virtually all ski resorts in the United States. But the National Ski Areas Association in recent weeks had been pushing lawmakers to narrow the legislation's scope out of fear the Democrat-controlled Senate would otherwise reject it. The 238-174 vote - with every Republican in favor and all but 12 Democrats opposed - capped a twisted legislative journey that began with a 2012 court fight in Colorado and ended with a bill that critics fear would handcuff federal oversight of water use by ranchers, farmers, oil companies, municipalities and other parties. Rep. Jared Polis, a Colorado Democrat and one of the bill's 15 co-sponsors, withdrew his support and pushed for an amendment to restrict the bill only to ski-area permits. Instead, House Republicans approved a broader bill that would apply to the Interior Department and the Department of Agriculture, agencies that encompass the Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service as well as the Forest Service. The legislation bars the federal government from taking ownership of water rights as a condition for issuing land-use permits required to operate ski resorts or other businesses on federal lands. Many ski areas are located within national forests. Tom O'Keefe, Pacific Northwest stewardship director for American Whitewater, a conservation group, said it was disappointing to see ski resorts, many of which have embraced environmental sustainability, back legislation that would upend the balance among competing demands for public water. O'Keefe and other opponents now are counting on the Senate Democrats to block the bill.

all the snow...we are itching to come back out 1 last time. We will camp if nothing else! Thanks again to all staff at White Grass, you have a fabulous thing happening there! It's addicting! Our entire family agrees. Stella & Crosby have not stopped talking about WHITE GRASS!!!! Jessica, Mark, Stella & Crosby

Laurie and Chip ~
Mark and I just wanted to let you all know how much we enjoyed our time at White Grass this winter.... You ask ~ what did we like?....
• the friendliness and expertise of everyone on staff
• the funky ambiance of the lodge
• the fantastically groomed trails
• the fun parking staff
• whatever was on the Laurie's cafe menu
• whatever was on tap
• Cory's massage chair
• whomever was behind the rental counter
• whatever libation you were letting us sample
• Mellie and Estrella
• AND my new boots!
Attached are a couple of my watercolor landscapes that I did in February that I thought you and your staff might like. Carry on and enjoy some R&R time. Thanks for all the fun! See you next season ~ and maybe sometime during the summer when we return to a different season of Canaan! Betty Gatewood

Just chilling with a cup of tea before the drive back. Watching it snow and am a little melancholy about the end of the season. I didn't ski as much as I would have liked - never do. It was a good year, as good as all those others. Good friends, good food, good drink and a lot of good turns. I spend my week days inside with a lot of stressed out malcontents and it is tonic to spend a few days outside with positive, happy people. As a patroller, it is amazing that you can have 700-800 diverse people in one place, skiing, and no one gets hurt! It was fun. Let's do it again next year! Pax Jeff

Chipper and the WG crew...Missed WG this year ...saving all my vacation for a big boat trip May-July. Chesapeake to the Sea of Abaco and back.X-c skiing on kent island in march ....its not the Cabin Mountain, but its not bad for one day....Hope all is well...Craig

Richard and Lindsay tied the knot in COLO this past weekend on WG nnnbc boots and bindings! We were there....in a way.

Thanks for a great tour! Jason and I were totally wiped but made it home safely to PA by 11:00.I couldn't have asked for a better day... Super sweet touring up top, that was really beautiful in Birches Garden and Lil Antarctica. And to finish down lower falls, that was an incredibly grounding nature scene down in the trees with all of the creeks flowing with melt water. Whitegrass and Family delivers again! So very much worth the drive from PA.Thanks as always for your enthusiastic hospitality and for putting it all together. Hope you get some more white stuff Sunday night! Here's a few highlight pics from Fri-Sat. Cheers Matt

What A Day! On our way home but still basking in the afterglow of a perfect day yesterday. Tema and Andrew Gault * Mad River Distiller

Thank you for your note. Glad you liked the veggies. Thanks again for a great place to stay. Whitegrass is like home. Thanks for saving us some snow, I feel like we just made it. And....thanks for the BB biathlon experience! It was a great experience for Phil and the boys. And I got to ski with a shovel, I had never done that before :) Until next time, ilene


Robbie shooting Martin, Abby, and Maisie!

But we had a great time and a little bit of White Grass was there – see my "Uphill Skier - WG" sticker on my downhill helmet. See you this weekend and hoping for some snow! Bill Berlin...plenty of snow for you! cc * Tess ski repair time sent by Bert Taylor

Main part of the amazingly skiing Hoffman famille in WDC snow! Robbie & Adam hams

I just want to thank you for all you do to keep White Grass going for those of us who love X-Country skiing. Lill and I always look forward to coming back up from Miami so we can ski for a long as we can stand up. This past week was just great and I am looking forward to this coming December so we can do two weeks of skiing. Art & Lill Gravatt

Eric Thompson mad man scientist Vito, year 30 @ WG last Sunday

Dave Carter, a valued member of the Maine cross-country community, died March 2, at his home in Bethel, ME. He had been elected to the Maine Ski Hall of Fame this winter and had been notified in time to appreciate the honor. He was the owner operator of two XC ski centers. A memorial service will be held on March 16 at the 1st Congregational Church, 17 E. Main Street, South Paris, ME, at 2 pm. …

This run began on top of Bald Knob. Tom Johnson Robbie eagle eye on Chip

Some of my lovely guests went to Whitegrass for dinner on Saturday night and raved about the lamb. One really raved about the greens that were served with it- I think he said collards- said they were the best he'd ever had. Thanks for helping me make their stay happy and memorable. Laurie and Sarah Elizabeth Hubbard. Joy / Cooper House, Thomas

CRAZY...A random gas pump say this to me. Is it aliens or big brother. Of course. Rocket Robisch

My wife, son and some friends were up there last weekend. Had a blast, of course. Gordon Dalton * Thanks so much for a great season of skiing. I'm stoked because my 12-year-old grandson now loves the sport. I'm one of the guys whose skis disappeared and I really was so amazed by all the support I got from your staff. Best, Len Shindel

Fun all around Saturday. Adam Issenberg

making my day... .Took this picture of my delicious hot cocoa last night. Our waitress thought it was such a great picture that I should email it to you! Thanks for a great evening with great food! Molly Ramey

This area is the best value of any place I go on vacation Paul Chandler * I left my legs on the trail Susan-Marie Stedman

Gratitude for the glorious gliding, fabulous food, bodacious beer, and hellacious hooch...Pedro and Bridey Jameson, Ligonier, PA

Remember this show like it was yesterday and barely heard them in WDC w/ weak sound system and girls screaming. Helping change the world for the better when it needed it.

Lillies @ WG thanks Neal!

AWABI-Sushi Dinner ...next year yes Marcus and Emma! cheekie and patty

Geo Bell Hok in Poco/Randolph County,WV Read the caption .Geo Bell

Looks like last weekend was a blast! We were up at a small mountain inn in the Catskills of NY for a family wedding, which I guess is an OK reason to miss a purple powder alert. Highlight of the weekend (aside from Mike's sister getting hitched)? The grounds had 18-inches of completely untouched snow and the staff was thrilled to have us ski it. It wasn't White Grass powder, but the evos rocked it, of course :) Nice loop around the property and we got to cut up a small hill. Can't wait to see everyone again next weekend. It's Dan Berger's birthday, so it's gonna be a big one!! - Devin Hartnett

Good meeting you over the weekend. Just wanted to say thanks again for the WV hospitality. Will be sure to bring some nugget nectar your way next time...!- Colby

Another great weekend at Whitegrass! Thanks Chipper and crew for a cool place to ski and hang out. Great music and delicious dinner. Another big thanks to Martin Radigan and Marc Shaffer for the photo class. Gregory Oates

There are two kinds of people in this world, the kind that think there are two kinds of people and those that don't....overheard from Patty climbing from roundtop and she heard it from Nils Larsen

My favorite place in the world to ski, eat, and be with great people. They maintain over 60 km of trails ranging from 3220 – 4436 ft. making for over 1,200 vertical feet to cross country / tele / AT / split board etc. Down to earth, homey, Appalachia good vibes and love. Just ask any of the local guys and gals and they can take you surprisingly challenging terrain. Earn those turns at one of the coolest ski areas in the world… And don't forget to checkout the 'Daily Report' to see current happenings Whitegrass.com...Eric on BRO

got some pow then had some corn pudding for dessert...Paul Sullivan, Floyd,VA * Easily our favorite winter spot and can't think about any better word than magical. Planning two trips next year! Carrie

I had a great time yesterday. It was my first time doing XC...the staff were great (especially Tony, my instructor) and I had fun exploring the trails. Also the lentil load sandwich was SO GOOD. How late in the season will you be open? Do you have a set date or does it depend on conditions? Carlene Gong...'til the fat lasy sings, last year it was April 12th

Ryan Elizabeth in sunny soft snow conditions! * One of the best days ever yesterday in some twenty years of coming to this little Valhalla (in Norse: "land where powder is slain"). Sign on the Round Top chalkboard: "Whitegrass is the center of my universe." Rick Van Noy

Have been meaning to write you all and tell you how much Alice and I enjoyed our time with you all and your beautiful resort. It truly is "spacial." My first time cross country skiing since I was 17 was really fabulous. I came with no expectations and enjoyed every minute of it. Looking forward to returning soon. Alice is actually coming over for the day tomorrow. Looking forward to our next visit! Cleve

Radha Tanner

YELP! A casual, fun atmosphere with staff who are passionate about sharing their love of cross country skiing. It has customers who have been skiing there for years. Despite being busy, the staff take the time to give you the individual attention you might need. Take a skiing lesson from Tony, he's an excellent teacher. The trails are beautifully groomed and there are trails for all levels of expertise - rolling trails for beginners to steep downhills through the woods and even a popular old downhill slope. Great food, too. The prices are very reasonable and the friendly owner is not out to make money but instead wants to ensure that people enjoy their visit. * White Grass is a true gem. We drove through snow and ice on a January night to find this remarkable and most unlikely of restaurants. We are so glad we did! * Despite a busy Saturday night we were greeted immediately and were seated at a table where we could watch the Celtic musicians play nestled amongst t-shirt racks and cross country ski shoes in this house that doubles as a ski shop when not serving top notch meals. The atmosphere is cozy, warm and so inviting we returned the next night as well. * Friendly and cozy is all fine and well but White a Grass is serving up the meals to match. I had a beef and Guiness kind of stew that made me feel like I was back in Ireland. There is also a terrific wine and beer list - I never thought I'd be drinking Chimay in West Virginia (no offense). * If you find yourself anywhere near to Davis, WV go out of your way to visit this unique, delicious and inspiring spot! * Great place for cross country skiing. I highly recommend this place. Great trails, great rental gear, great food in their lodge. This place is excellent! :-) Ski in the day then hang out and enjoy the live music!

Most all skis have been hot waxed this week and buffed with F4 for max glide and easier turning. We have lots of nnnbc boots on sale for cheap in the breezeway from our rental rack. At least 20% off about anything and we are ready to MAKE A DEAL from now until the fat lady sings...chip

Am coming Saturday and looking forward to it. I was there last on Jan 25 and it snowed on us all day but made for great conditions. Hoping for same this weekend. Here is a pic I took from January, thought I would share. Jeanine

There's WG disciples everywhere. This was at the local "coffee shop" Dan Coogan, Ft. Collins, CO

Athey Lutz by Mechanic Dave * The Birkie had a record crowd of 10,300 skiers this year, along with single digit temperatures, lots of powder and a 15 mph headwind at the end on Lake Hayward. In short, typical Whitegrass conditions! Ray Phaneuf and Cristina Loglio

White Grass is home of the tele turn. Thanks Chip Chase for all the glades cleared with love and might for nords to turn their hearts out! Sue Haywood

Martin Radigan & Marc Shaffer

The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on the green earth, dwelling deeply in the present moment and feeling truly alive. Thich Hanh


Tucker Community Foundation Say hi to the chili for me! Jonathan Jessup

BB Biathlon Results

February 9, 2014
1) Owen Klimas: 5:30 2) Roland Moylan: 5:50 3) Iris Dubansky: 6:28 4) Ava Stallmeyer: 6:43
5) Sammy Klimas: 8:57 6) Mason Powell: 9:49 7) Mickey Issenburg: 10:18 8) Emma Ujvagi: 10:24
9) Avah Behrens-Wik: 11:54 10) Mia Wheedleton: 12:00 11) Adelaide McCann: 14:46
Also participating: Wyndy Rausenburger

February 8, 2014
1) Bennett Cullison: 14:06 2) Ava Stallmeyer: 17:55 3) Mia Wheedleton: 16:55 4) Colt Coffman: 15:02
5) Max Stallmeyer: 15:51 6) Alex Ornee: 16:00 7) Nash Coffman 17:21 8) Julius Boxer-Cooper: 22:04
9) Mason Powell: 26:19 10) Nate Powell: 37:27

January 18, 2014
1) Stephen Vieno: 5:50 2) Flynne Schierkoll 18:44 3) Gabe Schierkoll 19:40 4) Ozzie Connerman 20:54
Also participating: Harrison Parsons, Culton & Marilyn & Eric Brown

January 5, 2014
1) Ian Brown: 5:00; 2) Case Eshelman: 5:15; 3) Chase Sutton: 5:18; 4) Owen Klimas: 6:27;
5) Christopher Brown: 7:29; 6) Nikolas Ivanov: 8:33; 7) Sammy Klimas: 9:44;
8) Avan Behrens-Wik: 10:27; 9) James Ivanov: 10:49; 10) Emma Aujvagi: 10:55;
11) Iris Dubanski: 11:04 12) Amelia Sutton:

WG newest skier...Friday night at 9:14 we welcomed Maisie Elizabeth Radigan to our family. She was 6 lbs 11 ounces. Mom and baby are doing well. martin and abby


Good times! As always, had a blast. Joe Sizemore

Andrew Famille ...heading to Rogers Pass, Canada

Mountain State Marathon Results January 26, 2014 ...when you nurture and develop a race over 32 years you get 20 racers, will send them to the Marine Corps Marathon to bolster numbers.
1) Roland Moylan, Oakland, MD, 15:50
Women's 25K Classic
1) Michelle Kelly, Pittsburg, PA, 2:35
Men's 25K Classic
1) Sean Kelly, Pittsburg, PA, 1:51 2) Louis Hart, Wheeling, WV, 2:33 3) Keith Fredlake, Gainsville, VA
Women's 25K Skate
1) Alicia Cruz-Uribe, State College, PA, 2:03
Men's 25K Skate
1) Vince O'Connell, Athens, OH, 1:27 2) Andrey Revyakin, Ashburn, VA, 1:28 3) Greg Haskay, State College, PA, 1:35
4) Don Nichter, Carlisle, PA, 1:53 5) Brian Joly, Pittsburg, PA, 1:56 6) Newt Rogers, Oakland, MD
Women's 10K Classic
1) Charlie Waters, Canaan Valley, WV, 0:55 2) Leah Fredlake, Gainesville, VA
Men's 10K Classic
1) Rick Balestri, Washington, DC, 1:06 2) Will Spaulding, Charlottsville, VA, 1:11 3) Stephan Moylan, Oakland, MD, 1:18
Women's 10K Skate
1) Andy Notopoulos, Red Creek, WV, 0:44 2) Sue Haywood, Canaan Valley, WV 0:46
Men's 10K Skate
1) Mark Simonin, Parkersburg, WV, 1:07
A tribute to our friend Scott Pleban, who has won this race many times and was hit by a car cycling and is still in a year long coma.

Marc MUD

Always nice to be in the Wasatch but the snow is kinda rotten here. You all are loving the great snow and the even greater SMILES. Looking forward to being back there to enjoy it with you all. Ps the good folks at Winter ildlands Alliance send you their best. Johnny * Skiing in NOVA Kathy Sawyer

Here in Saranac Lake there isn't much snow but there's a lot of ice. Tomorrow we'll try to ski but today we got a time-lapse of the ice palace being built. Check it out if you have time, it's kinda quirky: Miss you, see you soon! Vicky and Eric

So psyched for you guys right now! Looks like a great weekend had by all. We are jonesing for it here - two weeks of high pressure and skinning over bare (wind scoured) ground on the way to the continental divide to sniff out powder. Last weekend, we bachelor partied it up in Marble, where we certainly enjoyed the benefits of prolonged high pressure (see attached photo on Marble Point with some familiar faces). If you haven't been there, it's WELL worth the effort. Enjoy all the POW! Richard

Chip - thanks for everything at Whitegrass. It was a fantastic......Nate and Chuck Critchfield and all of Harrison County Special Olympics

Thanks for the snowshoe event on Monday - my wife broke part of her femur when she was young --- So the joy she had when there was a winter sport she could participate in was incredible Here is an interesting article ahead of Sochi Philip Boit and Bjorn Daehlie: Cross-country friends * As Zimbabwe and Togo prepare to make their Winter Olympic debuts in Sochi, Kenya's first international skier recalls the unexpected friendship that turned him into a poster boy for snow sports in Africa John M McGrath

I was over-planning for my 2nd ever trip to White Grass when I found the webcam, and saw the host provider keeps a backlog of images back about a month. I had some time to kill at work so I scraped the pictures and turned them into time-lapse videos. Turned out cool, so I put music to it and added to Youtube. I made these "unlisted", so only someone with the link can find them. Hope you like! .youtube.com *.youtube.com * See you February 1st. * Derek Pangallo

Everybody who skis West Virginia MUST make a stop at Whitegrass. That is absolutely non-negotiable. Moonshine and stoke and nobody does that better than Chipper! Famous Skiers Blog

New Corridor section completed we are now on the far side of town Cary Reed * Every time it snows I don't miss living in Canaan Reese in Elkins * plenty of time before April powder skiing Chris Good

Chip Chase skiing out of Happy Valley, BC last April and the view of Kootenay Lake from our house...hope your ski area is doing well! Ann Brenton

Oliver, Erin, and Janie...Chip's vermont family

RESORTS SEE NEED FOR UPHILL SKIING POLICIES : Ski areas across the USA are in an uphill battle to get a grip on the growing number of snow sports enthusiasts who use the resorts' plowed roads, facilities and groomed slopes without chipping in on the costs by purchasing a lift ticket. Mt. Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park, WA, is going through a public comment process to draw up rules and consider setting fees for uphill travel within the downhill skiing concession area it leases from Mount Spokane State Park. "Mostly it's a safety issue," said Brad McQuarrie, the ski area's general manager. "But there are lots of thoughts on how to deal with it." On the other coast, Killington, VT (and by association Pico) has formalized its ongoing relationship with folks that like to earn turns on their nicely produced and manicured product. The move is likely to impact the evolution of on-resort uphill skinning throughout the East, according to Ski The East. The past policy depended on who you talked to, what mood they were in that day, and various interpretations of state and resort policies. Also perhaps how long it had been since the last "close call." Killington's policy set routes to be used and requires a pass. Those who do not have a downhill season pass need to buy a $20 pass. Some other examples: The dramatic increase in uphill trekking in Sun Valley, ID, bans uphill skiers during operating hours, 9am – 4pm; Big Sky and Bridger Bowl, MT prohibit uphill travel in the ski areas; Whitefish, MT has designated two routes uphill skiers may use to access powder runs under their own power. The U.S. Forest Service proposed a rule change this winter that would allow ski areas that lease lands from the federal agency to charge a fee for the uphill skiers. The issue came to a head at eastern resorts two years ago during low snow conditions that prompted uphill adventurers to vie for the same ribbons of man-made snow where resorts' paying customers were descending. Find a link to more information on our Facebook page.

BB Biathlon Results January 5, 2014 * 1) Ian Brown: 5:00; 2) Case Eshelman: 5:15; 3) Chase Sutton: 5:18; 4) Owen Klimas: 6:27;5) Christopher Brown: 7:29; 6) Nikolas Ivanov: 8:33; 7) Sammy Klimas: 9:44;8) Avah Behrens-Wik: 10:27; 9) James Ivanov: 10:49; 10) Emma Aujvagi: 10:55; 11) Iris Dubanski: 11:04 12) Amelia Sutton (? lost in translation)

Skip Brown

Paul Sully dave markgraf

Go Girls USA

ASPEN, VAIL TICKET PRICES SOAR; SNOW GETS PARTIAL CREDIT : Aspen Skiing Co. is charging its highest price ever for a single-day, walk-up lift ticket, thanks in large part to good early conditions that it touts as once-in-a-generation, according to published reports. The SkiCo boosted its single-day, walk-up ticket price to $119 last weekend once all of its ski areas were open. A lift ticket is good at all four mountains - Aspen, Snowmass, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk. The window price is climbing to $124 per day starting today, according to company spokesman Jeff Hanle. It will be reduced to $119 after the holiday period and then go back to $124 during Presidents Day weekend and spring break. Vail Mountain typically runs neck-and-neck with Aspen for the highest lift-ticket price in Colorado.Vail will charge $129 for its walk-up window price for a single-day lift ticket over the holidays if it isn't purchased one week in advance, according to a sales representative. ( The sky is the limit and let me tell you it feels really good to charge a fair price rather than the highest....I have to live with myself.)

32nd Jack Frost * Thanks to the Nook, Mtn. State, Blackwater, Morgantown, and Chestnut Brews

Powder Mag. * Hope you guys had a fantastic Jack Frost and are catching some of the precip from the winter storm. Just wanted to say hello from my new home in Driggs, ID! It was -25 the other night, but that means light and fluffy snow, and we have a pretty solid 50 inches at the base of Targhee. I've got tons of space for guests so come on out for a visit and please, extend the welcome to all my friends at WG. Miss you guys! Love Gabby (pic from Super Sandy, WV 11/12)

Earliest Skiers From Asia * Timeline skis Nat''l Geo

The weather around here is like watching stock futures Skippy Dan * Pickens, WV (1950) Maximum snowfall from a single storm (state) A total of 57.0 inches.* We are inspired by ideas on TED.com

hi school buddy Mark Greenhouse/npr Chip, Thesbian 1971 Mt Vernon,VA three up from big finger holdin' playwright and actor Bob Zudicker * My sister's class president, our neighbor in hi school, Mt. Vernon / Yahoo's Tim Koogle.

check out the dream time shark byte video that we toured with master wood worker tele guru Rocket Robish / Bayliss Boats, NC

Just want to say that I have enjoyed taking my girls 9 and 11 out to Whitegrass for XC skiing the past month. With Whitegrass you have created a scene of serenity, an ambiance of friendliness, and a space for young people to appreciate nature and simplicity. Thank you! My daugther Mia Kristensen from yesterday, feeding the Black-capped Chickadee on the 3-mile run. All the best, Peter

Planet White Grass Marc Shaffer good times !! P Sully

Ruthie East West ad queen... saw you skiing and singing Chip, you looked like the energizer bunny of to-do trail work! My friend amy and I had such a nice day in your snowy world there. Thank you for curing my cabin fever. xoxo Frances Cole Toro

The Eastern Continental Divide, Mt. Porte Crayon, and the Roaring Plains: The highest hump about 4 miles south of here is the summit of Mt. Porte Crayon. At 4,770 feet elevation, it is the highest elevation on the Eastern Continental Divide in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. It's name honors one of the first white explorers who documented his visits to the area in the mid-and-late 1800's. The flat topped ridge to the left of the summit hump is the Roaring Plains, named for the fierce winds that frequent the high plateau. This wilderness area contains 5.5 square miles above 4,500 feet. The Valley of Red Creek below is nearly 3,000 feet below the top of Mt. Porte Crayon. Red creek's waters flow into the Ohio and then Mississippi Rivers. Precipitation falling on the east side of the Eastern Continental Divide flows into the Potomac River and the Atlantic Ocean. sent by Bob Leffler on task to get a sign and overlook area south of Canaan Valley

Facebook Remembering Old Canaan ...Chip Chase videotaping the mountainbike trials events - barefooted no matter the rocks underfoot or the weather. Roger Bird

...where'd it go? WG Archive Tomb Page JuNk * Most important muscle in skiing is the one in your cheek that makes your lips shape into a smile. Dickie Hall

Some of the secrets to slowing down on xc skis is having the skills to create even shape, pressure, and a balanced 50/50 treatment to each ski, never favor or lean and be politically correct to yourself...you have two legs, feet, and two long skis....treat um equally and you will love skiing hills from then on...be flat center in the middle of that well shaped "V". Tilt your skis on edge to cross a sidehill i.e anywhere at WG. Place your weight firmly over each step like monster-giant stomping and again travel forward and be the boss. Basic athletic flexed ankle and knee position throughout your skiing and when you stride your body needs to up out and forward and your knees should lead the way. Concentrate weight and steering to the back ski in the tele turn and you MUST turn the back knee and ski up into the hill.

Average Snowfall: CANAAN VALLEY, WV 140" * ERIE, PA. 88 * BUFFALO, NY 93 * TALKEETNA, AK 115 * MARQUETTE, MI 141 * MT. WASHINGTON, NH 260

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Kid's Free Trade In XC Gear $250

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Adult Trade In XC Gear $350

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Nothing hardens the muscles and makes the body so strong and elastic,
nothing gives better presence of mind and nimbleness;
nothing steels the will power and freshens the mind as cross country skiing.
This is something that develops not only the body but also the soul --
it has a far deeper meaning for people than many are aware of.
Fridtjof Nansen 1890

lightningboards.com woodenskis.com* Work in progress. Check it out Colleen* Early ski days in Davis Wendel Allen My gallery is Dolly Sods Views. Mary Ann * Chase Kids Couloir Article.pdf * Zanny Nordic Website xczone.Davis National Highlights USA Today * Amazing Snow From Mr. Dave * Pocahontas County has average mean elevation of 3219'"...cross-country skiing through that utterly magical snow encrusted pine forest this past winter was enough to make a grown person weep with awe." Susan Moundsville, WV

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Our senior Senator, Robert C. Byrd, is fond of noting that: “West Virginia is one of the most beautiful and unique places. It is the most southern of the northern and the most northern of the southern; the most eastern of the western and the most western of the eastern. It is where the East says good morning to the West, and where Yankee Doodle and Dixie kiss each other good night!” Indeed, West Virginia is a most beautiful and unique place. And with the introduction of our legislation, “Wild Monongahela: A National Legacy for West Virginia’s Special Places, we are striving to keep it that way” Hon. Nick Joe Rahall introducing the new WV Wilderness Bill
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Canaan Valley Nat'l Wildlife Refuge Davis, WV 26260 304-866-3858

Ullr is a Norse god of skiers

When winter is a no-show in the mid-Atlantic region, count on West Virginia's Dolly Sods Wilderness, four hours west of Washington, D.C., for a healthy dose of the real thing. Perched on a 4,000-foot tableland in the Allegheny Mountains, the Sods averages more than 12 feet of snow each year. Wind permitting, follow the Breathed Mountain and Big Stonecoal trails into the high plains, with their decidedly Western feel. White Grass is known for some of the best and most extensive cross-country skiing on the East Coast, with a natural foods cafe that attracts nearly as many fans. All 31 miles of the center's varied trails, half of which are groomed, are open following the weekend storm. A one-day trail fee was $12 for adults; rentals were $12 on weekdays and $15 for weekends and holidays.(Wash Post) Total # of Trails: 44 with 50KM, 30 KM machine groomed Beginner 30% Intermediate 55% Advanced 15% Top Elev.: 4436' Base Elev.3250' Vertical Drop:1200' Terrain Features pretty challenging constantly varying open hardwood glades, pastures, mountaintops, old ski area runs, railroad grades.

Local Wild Weather Facts * Local Snow Weather
Davis 3SE, West Virginia (Canaan Valley 3N) 39-05-52N 79-25-53W Elev 3698 ft. Dave Lesher * Canaan Snow Data * Winter 06-07

Local snowfall table enclosed : Early Canaan Ski story Life is good...

The pure spirit of skiing and the good life is alive and well and living at Whitegrass. I know of no other place where skiers gather and get closer to that wonderful spiritual aspect of skiing and fellowship. That special place in all nords that makes us want to go outside put on our skis and have fun. Whitegrass is quite simply my favorite ski area in North America. Ski Hard, Play Fair, Have Fun, Dickie Hall (NATO)

All my life, right and wrong tangled, playing with the moon, ridiculing the wind, listening to the birds…Many years wasted seeing the mountain covered with snow. This winter I realize snow makes the mountain - Dogen Zenji

skiing is not a matter of life and death, it’s more important than that

Nothing finer than standing on this great planet! chip

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