Our popular 20 year running Kids Trade-For-Free Ski Program:

Starts at $45 with Kinder Bindings and no poles, 70 or 90 cm long…waxless. (practice on the rug)

Jumps to $175 with nnn boots ($130 if you have already paid the $45) Short-wide skis, poles, and bindings.

Buy once and trade for free until adult sizes where another $75 is collected.

Your total lifetime investment should be around $250.00.

They always have their own gear, praying for snow. We enjoy watching them grow up skiing.

Cross country skills acquired when young puts your kid in the drivers seat at mastering the easier and less complex sports of snowboarding and alpine skiing. (ha, gotchya!)

Our hot shot skiing kids make easy proof.

Free the heels…"Lifts, we don't need no stinking lifts!" (Couloir magazine)

You are the first skiers out there when snow hits home. Besides, if money has anything to do with it, cut it all by about ten with downhill. And, as far as exercise and skill required goes, you can only imagine…


White Grass *Rt 1 Box 299 * Davis, WV * 26260 *304-866-4114

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