Where is a good place to stay?

A loaded question….

Cabin with a fireplace: The State Park cabins(very popular and hard to get) or call Realty Folks
Houses: Any of the Realty Companies or places on our lodging page
Condos: Deerfield is mighty sweet
Small House: Black Bear Suites or Pedestal Cabins (the best view in the valley)
B&B- we hafta favor Brite Morning, we've been schmoozed
Close Simple Hotel: Canaan Village Inn or Canaan Valley Park Lodge
Cheap Hotel: Several In Davis or Thomas
Group Lodging: Mountain Retreat in Parsons or the YMCA camp
CALL 800-782-2775 for the undivided truth…our local lodging people in Davis

Who in the heck is Ulle?

Bob Barton was a crazy ol' hoot that built our lodge and ran the Weiss Knob Ski Area from 1959-62. He always stopped in during storms in our early days(1981) to talk of this Norwegian character that brings the snow to Canaan. We started believing in him only after the few first years of drifted roads, blizzards, daily dustings, raging rain turning to heavy wet snow, and a general local climate of wet and cold. Ulle lives alongside Cabin Mountain much of the winter. Paying homage to him is good idea.

It is 50 in Washington, how can you have any snow?

Our average year round temp here is 44 degrees and our average snowfall down in the valley is around 130", with much more on the ridgetops. Most winter temps range in the 20's. Many of our trails are on a north facing hillside with little direct sun in winter. Whitegrass has a base elevation of 3336 feet with many trails up above 4000. We machine pack much of our network, keep water off the treadway, build bridges, toss rocks, micro groom and create an environment where 1"-3" of packed snow cover is usually good enough. Our weather is oftentimes affected by the great lakes and northwest Canadian flow…oragraphic lake flake. Call us if you doubt our webpage.

When is the best time to plan our Nordic vacation?

Mid January through early March. Keep in mind our weather is super wild and changeable, totally not to be counted on, it rains all through the winter right on top of old snow. You never will know.

Can We Winter Camp?

We suggest the Canaan Valley State Park campground, where no reservations are taken or needed. Heated bathrooms, electric hookups, flat, plowed, safe in a blizzard, a dryer, phone…close to their lodge where you can buy your way into their heated pool and exercise room…ahhhh…
Primitive camping along the Loop Road, in the Sods, National Forest, the hinterlands around Whitegrass…we can advise.

How about pets?

Am checking to see what places take them…dial 800-782-2775 to be sure.
The Public Road 80 is groomed for xc skiing and your pups are welcome there. It is our Freeland Road continued…it goes 3 miles up to the Sods. Any National Forest lands are open as well. There is nothing more beautiful than your dogs running up and down the trails in a bliss, snow flying! Please keep your pets on a leash or in the car at Whitegrass, there are too many dog lovers here in one place at one time to allow them out. They will get petted to death by our skiers.
The real reason we do not allow dogs here is because there are 74 of them amongst our staff alone, I have two, Mingo has 7, Barry has three….get the idea? Too much of a good thing, as Bill Murray said in Ghostbusters…"cats and dogs breeding in the streets, mass pandemonium…."

Can we reserve our rental gear? A lesson?

Not normally needed; we never run out, or never turn a lesson away.
If you need special telemark, backcountry or skating gear, or want to reserve a pull sled (pulk), you can let us know. We adore email yet will answer the telephone.
Lessons start at 10 am and are offered all day…Please let us know if a special non beginner lesson is needed, we will line up a teacher that can handle the cliff sections where you will be skiing.

Why do we have to worry about our café reservations?

The café dinners have no walk in traffic whatsoever, if you do not show up your table will be empty for that night. We usually turn away eager folks that are here and willing to eat. Please keep in mind your table is saved for you alone, it is a commitment. Please let us know if you cancel or change your mind. Thanks!

Do you sell used gear, take trade ins, do upgrades?

A triple yes, we specialize in this department. You can demo anything we have mounted and ask a reasonable amount of questions about our gear. We have tele, skating, backcountry, and general xc gear for starters. $250 for everything is a ballpark figure with a waxless non steel edged ski, nnnbc high top boots, and aluminum poles. There is a free demo of the new short and wide skis to anyone. They are easier to climb and turn on yet slower to glide.

Do you have a lost and found?

Our XC skiers bring everything back…we can UPS it to you.


White Grass *Rt 1 Box 299 * Davis, WV * 26260 *304-866-4114 chip@whitegrass.com

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