Wild Bill Moore Canaan Valley State Park '79


3/26 8 am: 46 mostly cloudy

WG Report.pdf * SnoCountry * PAXC

Saturday was warm mostly clear second day in a row of huge melting and sign that yes, spring is here

Fearless Weatherman * Chip's Alternative Activity List


SURFACE: loose granular

CAUTION: skiing fast onto bare ground from thin bases


Thanks for supporting healthy ski area food


Last Snowfall: 1.5" 3/18

4000' stake: 0" * 4300' stake: 2"

SEASON SNOW SO FAR: 125" Oct 1 Nov 11 Dec 18 Jan 40 Feb 25 Mar 30

Km OPEN: basically nothing


SKIABLE DAYS: 66 (90 average) * W/ 50 KM: 34

EVENTS: Chippie Care Free Ski Season

March 25 Free Spring Trail Discovery w/ Chip - for advanced beginners 10 am...hike up and search on hands and knees

Mar 25 Freekbass @ Purple Fiddle...slaps like Bootsie Collins

SNOWFARM: about 30% white

Nat'l Nordic (4200'- 4463') : 0"- 2"


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Might want to check the lifts, they seemed slow Jeff imcoe * Nirvana is not only a band...it's a place called WhSite Grass Mike Kenny * WG... Ski It When You Can Roger Zbel * definitely have a distribution problem with your snow here * no green snow this time? * it just has to blow and this is mostly Maryland's snow Lang King * know skiing is great when I meet Chris Good in the parking lot Mark Anderson

Nordic Salsa vimeo

SEASON PASSERS: Mark Drajem & Barbara Rawlins Silver Spring MD and Jessica Scot Elkins WV and Fred Bailey Jacksons Mill WV * 276 passers...thanks for your maniacal support & blind faith


Ski Patrollers: Thanks to Stro, Ben, Jeff, Penny, Paul, Jason, Gary, Brad, Chip, Joel, Stinky, Mike, John, locals Dr. Ed & Diane Rader, Dr. John Logar, Dr. Tom Johnson, and other visiting volunteers.

my great great grandfather

Chip and crew, Tema and I made a 10th wedding anniversary trip back to Jackson. Haven't seen the sun yet but the skiing has been as good as I remembered. Ullr said he's going to push some of this East in March. Get ready! Cheers, Andrew

WEST CONTINUES TO GET MASSIVE DUMPS OF SNOW WHILE MELT-DOWN IN EAST WORRIES RESORTS While the West Coast and most of the Rockies were hammered by the 2017 version of “snowmaggedon,” the Midwest and East Coast suffered another meltdown.“Mammoth Mountain just surpassed 500" of snowfall for the season at the Main Lodge! I betcha mid and upper mountain are well above 700" with more in the forecast. This is the most snowfall for this time of year since they began keeping records. #Snowmaggedon2017 #BumperCrop,” Mountain Riders Alliance founder Jamie Schectman posted on Facebook last week. Another tweet read: “Some winters stand taller than the rest. @brightonresort already head and shoulders above the magical 500" mark for the yr. 527" and counting... #skiutah It was a far different story in other parts of the country. The iconic American Birkebeiner cross-country ski race, scheduled for last weekend, had to be cancelled after a week of warm weather and a bout of heavy rain on Monday. Denied a late-in-the-week snowstorm that was forecast for Northwestern Wisconsin but veered south, race officials at midday Friday pulled the plug on any chance of a race. But they didn’t abandon the party. “The weekend really didn't involve a race at all. But more than anything it was a happening … A shared experience that was powerful,” wrote race announcer Peter Graves. After some good snowstorms in the earlier part of February, the East had more than a week of strange, spring like conditions with temperatures in Burlington, VT, soaring into the 60s and 70s, unprecedented highs for this time of year. Topped with rain Saturday night and followed by temperatures in the teens and 20s on Sunday, ski areas had their work cut out for them with another vacation week coming up. It was worse farther south. After the snow on its trails thawed four separate times this winter, Wisp Resort, MD, closed for the season on Sunday, blaming "historic, unseasonably warm rainy weather" for an early end to skiing, ice skating and snow tubing at the popular resort. The Baltimore region has seen less than an inch of snowfall all winter, and temperatures in the 50s, 60s and 70s in recent weeks have made February one of the warmest on record, according to the National Weather Service.

TAOS SKI VALLEY, NM, FIRST IN COUNTRY GIVEN ‘B CORPORATION’ DESIGNATION Last week, Taos Ski Valley, NM, became the first ski resort designated a B Corporation. B Corporations are for-profit companies recognized by the nonprofit B Lab that meet “rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency,” according to published reports. Long known for its steep skiing, the mountain is the first ski area to join the likes of Patagonia and New Belgium in a group of businesses who view success more holistically than just a short-term bottom line.“Louis Bacon, the owner of Taos Ski Valley and a lifelong conservation philanthropist, has been completely supportive of these efforts as the long-held values of Taos are being validated with this certification,” says David Norden, CEO of TSV Inc. The B Corp certification is largely due to Taos’ Verde initiative, which is its commitment to a “more resilient and robust community,” and includes five core areas of focus: energy efficiency, land stewardship, efficient water use, responsible waste management, and community engagement. Taos is in the middle of a $300 million base area revitalization project, that includes the recent opening of the new $65 million Blake Hotel. https://www.facebook.com/tsilnews

snow shrine

Todd Cabin Mtn Mtn Laurel

Mar 7-8 DC Backcountry Film Festival sent by Johnny Garder

Snow at the Birkebeiner this year was disappointing and the race was cancelled, but that didn't stop us from having a great time and representing the Whitegrass spirit amongst thousands of other nordic revelers!! — Colin Hughes at American Birkebeiner

Wonderful experience! Love White Grass. (message left on square yesterday)

HAVE SNOW WILL TRAVEL: We just kept driving north until we found snow. Found some yesterday at Tahquamenon Falls in the U P, and at Stokely Creek Ontario today. Winter is still alive and well! Plan to come up to Whitegrass later this month, snow or no! Need to upgrade equipment. nelson smith * Own Private Ski Area singin' this at Tline this past week... thanks TODD!

These crud puppies had a blast! Love you Chip praying for one last blast this season:) Lurea Doody (how about 4 or 5!)

We had a great time last weekend at Whitegrass and surrounding area! Our friends and family loved meeting you. We'll be back soon! Margaret & Herbert THANKS! Found this quote....Love can come from where you least expect it....food, family, and love are often intertwined...

Happiness Northeast of Weiss Knob, last week. Vic Tanner

RUMORS CONFIRMED: VAIL RESORTS BUYS STOWE MOUNTAIN RESORT FOR $50 MILLION : For months, the rumor mill in the East has been talking about Vail Resorts “kicking the tires” at several Vermont ski areas, with Stowe Mountain Resort seemingly the front runner. Tuesday morning, it was announced that VR is indeed buying the iconic resort from the American International Group...Vail Resorts stock soared to an all-time high of $182 Tuesday morning.

OUTDOOR RETAILER SHOW LEAVING SALT LAKE CITY After an unproductive meeting between Gov. Gary Herbert and outdoor recreation business representatives, industry leaders say they hope to find a new location for the Outdoor Retailer shows https://www.facebook.com/tsilnews

The Wilderness Vs. The Wildness About US (Big Gary Snyder fan here, of course....)

John Ackerly


Andy Himes 1958-2015 (w/ Chip 2006 Jack Frost next day)

Kerri Napier Milou at Bald Knob Anne * back here in WV as the snow melts the mud gets deeper Geo Bell

Whitegrassers reunite on Burnt Mountain above Harry Gates Hut, CO! Mark Anderson * While much of the area has had a wimpy winter, near record snow depths have piled up in northern New England. A sample follows: Mt. Mansfield, VT (3,950 ft.) : 102 inches * Chimney Pond, ME (2,900 ft.): 94 inches * Hermit Lake, NH (3,800 ft.): 94 inches Bob Leffler

36" BASE! Chip's Nature Walk 2/19

sent to us by someone? THANKS and Morgan sez it's better than Norwegian Pathfinder

Delavane Diaz went to Antarctica w/ Randy French Susie & J Patrick Bryan

A Glorious Day Adam Issenberg Joe Henry

Blackwater Falls made snow & xc skiers invited 2/17/17

mUD cERAMICS drone

Kelly Winter Woes * Channel 12/ Front Street Grocers Friends Of 500th News * Visit Bubbling Sand Springs near WG

drone pic by Maya Paul * Tucker County High School STEAM

sent by Robert Goo Todd Canaan Ski Area 2/14


2017 US spring forecast: Winter won't quit in Northeast * This is one sport I will never master Aimee Grahe

Jonathan Martin * Got engaged @ WG!

Micky Sponaugle Canaan snow carver

Happy Valentines Day all you lovers

Down to seeds and stems again my friend....some drifted fence line hard pack icy yuk and some small acres in Little Antarctica at 4300 feet have snow this am....hoping for some wind and new forecasted snow this week in order to open up more terrain. Free skiing always when it is marginal at WG. Skiing the manmade where Canaan allows after hours touring and we always take in the sunset and a ski area all our own. Think snow and never give up hope! PACCSA report 2/13

A little goes a long way! Cheers, lots of love, Chris Barnes Ithaca,NY 3" 4300 Feet 2/14

We ran into one of your wonderful groomers. Casey Siddons

Brad Rice covers WG * Glad you liked the story Chip! And thanks for the kind words..much appreciated! Whitegrass is awesome, and you're a legend my friend, hope folks feel and see that spirit in the piece! Brad

Maya Paul

Christopher Lewis

Out of the wind Natty Nord Bob Livingston & Tom Preston 2/9/17

Hey White Grass!! Thanks, I wouldn't have done this without you and Bald Knob. See y'all soon. Mayflower Gulch near Leadville CO david mcue * Took our WG gear on another road trip ...Mayflower Gulch, CO. Hope to see you soon! ~Travis & Alicia

You should sell WG Yo-Yo's with a picture of a snowflake on one side and a picture of a beach on the other. Andy Mollohan

Dirt Rag Mtn State Fat Bike

Kohl Aumer * Chloe Cunningham * Jess Daddio

Andy Mollohan I hated to miss the great snow in Canaan this weekend, but at least got to xc ski at Lone Pine Ranch and some downhill at Big Sky Montana. See you soon. Bill Berlin

The reason I like WG is that everyone is happy all the time pic by Eddie Dean * WVU WG Trails online!

Ken Parish

Chipper and Laurie and Adam and everyone: thank you for beautiful friendship, lovely trails, and yummy nachos. We LOVE White Grass. Love, Fran and Marco

Sarah Thornton

Meet Me At The Mtn

left @ WG by somebody...


Pics by Dave, Eddie, Ryan

We are so excited to see LOTS of snow at WG! Looking forward to making another trip there soon! Peggy Corley * Pics by Justin Harris

My girls and I were introduced to Chip and his Nordic dream machine this past weekend and a true blast was had by all! His wizardly technician repaired my ski binding by the time the girls had their rental equipment sorted. Had fun sharing the snow farm trails with a snowshoe race before stopping to warm up with amazing chili, nachos and local beer. Finished the day on 3 mile trail yodeling among family and new friends. Truly a memorable trip we will be talking about until our next visit!! Chuck Hamilton

Liz Stout

Brenda Seth Freeman

Adam Issenberg

Sorry to hear it’s been a warm winter back East—wish I could send ya some of the 10’ of Utah powder we got this month (by the way—that window is the SECOND story of the house; the first floor roof eave is in the lower right of the picture). Cheers! Leo

She can't stop talking about skiing. Thx for everything u guys do! Kevin

Let It Snow and Get Well Soon to our dearest friend Eric Erbe

Annual Snowshoe Race Results Thanks Mr. Dan

We are dedicated blinded-by-faith groupies...DangerMuffin

Paul Sully

Shanti Bubernak Genna Drazen

pic by Brain Sarfino 5 Backcountry-Only Ski Areas OUTSIDE ONLINE

We are very excited to be heading out to WG later this week! We have our fingers crossed that Jack Frost is returning to bring you all a white winter blanket. Oh, I think Jay is ready to begin his apprenticeship on trail grooming and maintenance starting Fr morning. He's an early riser. Best, Matt & Kathy

happy people last snowless sunday of the winter

WV Special Olympics by Dave Faunce


More hugs to Jim Meckley who played from 6 - 9:30 breakless and then gave his tips to the staff

Joe Henry 1/21

Fund Raisers @ WG almost every Thurs nite

Instill a Lifelong Love of Mountains Kids Free Trade Ups by WG gracefully sent by Jessica Waldo

Mike Messenger 1/19

Backbone Farm in Mother Earth News sent by Keith S.

East meets west on Mt Hood! Michael Clark / Brian Gurr

Just wanted to let us know that I live vicariously through your Whitegrass report website and have been for years. Keeping fingers crossed on the weather for you starting next week! In the mean time, thought you might enjoy this link to a U-tube video the 18 year old son (Sam Teller) of a family friend made when he was up with us and other family friends in Canaan for our annual get together this past New Year's weekend. * Hope to make it up to Whitegrass again soon. Andy Ollis Fairfax, VA

Suitcase Junket!

Just got back from Yellowstone! Had an awesome time. Determined to make it up to the WG next month! CP in W-S

Will there still be a 'hike' that we can come and check out even if there is no snow? Fresh air, great scenery, and just being outside are all we are looking for :)))) PEACE-RANDY

Dory albino deer Lanesville WV

Stan White Lesley Suppes

Cecilia Lane

artist opening for over 15 snowy division

Roaming Gnome Mike Costello

Todd Romero chip skier & Chip chris good skier 1/9/17

Ed Dean

Paul Sully

Ed Dean / Robbie 1/9/17 * Non Profit takes over XC in Maine sent by Michael Burton

I wanted you to know that we are working on better exposure to this beautiful sport. Check this out: - Ron Hollis Canaan National Wildlife Refuge

Todd Baldy or Bust 1/9/17

I was lucky enough to catch some backcountry pow in the Wasatch with my friends at Winter Wildlands Alliance. Though it was wet, there was quite a bit of snow that I took great joy in carving. Of course the good folks who live out West complained the snow wasn't good enough (if it's not huge amounts of super fresh super light pow I always hear such complaints). It reminded me how much I treasure the few visits I get out here but always look forward to returning to all of the wonderful people out there who -- like me -- savor (and farm) every little inch we get...and who know how lucky we are every day we get to be in the valley. Looking forward to seeing you all again in a couple of weeks. Smile. Johnny

Hi Chip and extended family! I can't begin to tell you how welcome we felt as soon as we stepped through the door of your little red shack! We were just on a recon mission but couldn't wait to come back. This was our kinda place! The mouth watering scents from the kitchen followed us to our truck and returning was all we could discuss. We did return to hike, to snow shoe, to ski and to eat! We were there the week between Christmas and New Year and snow shoed the day of the crazy blizzard snow. Winds so strong we joked we were in the movie The Revenant! Yet there you and your team were, out repairing the trail with snowy smiles on your faces! Our favored time on our vacation was that day in the woods. We were the first people snowshoeing, breaking trail, across on Heartland. I can still feel "that" feeling in my bones today. Thank you so much! We brought the family to eat and ski the next day. The snow farm is such an amazing idea! We bought some White Grass swag to spread the WG good word. And we bought the first cook book so we have some WG at home in Ohio. I'm making potato pesto soup today! We will return. We are inspired to get snow shoes for our farm, why didn't we think of this before?? Any time, any of you are in our neck of the woods you are welcome at our hearth. Thank you for your kindness, Kristie and Ted Fisher

Joe Henry

Rebecca Hess

La Fontaine Bakery

Absolute Telemark

Michael Doig * Love this place the moment we walked in. People are very friendly and helpful and you are immediately greeted with the most amazing aroma from the kitchen. The property is beautiful and well maintained. Truly a hidden gem! Betsy O'Neill

Skip Brown

link from my movie from Antarctica Randy French (Randy's here teaching in Feb!)

Come out with your ski tips up...you're surrounded by the snow farm. Robbie * Fat Tire Bike Race here Feb 5!

sent by Chris Peterson

trailmap in the freezer Pat Norton

Vern Patterson if the snow melts what to do?

great to be able to ski last weekend, plus two fun dinners at the cafe. Hoping for more snow soon. Bill Berlin

I've been skiing with you since the winter of '97-'98. Timmy started skiing with you in February 2011 when he was four - with your kids package deal. He's now into his 7th season - wow! He knows how to downhill but prefers x-country. I couldn't resist one last pic from the weekend, taken early Saturday afternoon, near the shelter in the Natty Nord. Best, James.

Had a blast Laurie Abildso Chloe Rain

WV Magazine

Mt. Washington, NH (6,288 ft.) received 93.6 inches of snow in December, 2016.  This is the 2nd highest December snowfall in the station's 68 year record (1948).  The highest monthly December snowfall total is 103.7 inches recorded in 1968. Bob Leffler/Fearless Weatherman

Hellooooooooo 2017 Elizabeth Annie Jay Roberts

Brooke Leah Staley

My son Timmy and I enjoyed skiing the last two days - our first visit of the season. We verified the snow depth at the shelter on Weiss Knob. On the way we stopped and fed the birds at Bald Knob. Happy New Year, James

They need 90" out west to ski because the rocks are THIS big...here you got rid of them years ago (or something like that) Clare

Shelly Parsons

Jason Stoner

Mark Aprile Me, right now, wishing I was in the place on the monitor. May do a day mission tomorrow early. Glad you got some snow. Best. Andy

Tom Johnson Ballash

Looks like my goal of pushing the cold air and snow down south worked you guys are getting some. So glad to see it. We skied XC outside Middlebury on Wednesday and then went to Von Trapp area in Stowe yesterday in a full on snow storm. Only explored a bit but seems like an awesome spot. Here's a pic with of Tema and the kids cruising Andrew

Ryan Gaugot

Had to take our Whitegrass Skis on a road trip. Finally found snow in UP Michigan! No luck finding anything like exciting WG trails or yummy WG cafe....hope to see our West Virginia friends soon! ~ Travis & Alicia

We enjoyed the hike and the convivial atmosphere on Boxing Day 2016! Here’s a photo from the Sawmill Flats Shelter taken that balmy day. - Phil

* Wilderness Lodge, Erie PA

Blackwater Falls Sled Run 12/21 Mr Dave Canaan 12/20 by Todd

Spreading the Nordic Dream * Nordic Dream. pdf

Wishing the best to you and yours at this special time of year. We've headed up to the coast of Maine for Christmas and then on to Vermont for the New Year. A little storm this morning put down enough for a ski at the ocean-side park across the street from our house. It felt great to be back on skis and especially to see the smile on Hazel's face from the joy of sliding on snow. She was so pumped to be back out on her Whitegrass gear! Will do our best to push this cold weather down to you guys and see you soon into the new year. Cheers my friend, Andrew

Mountain Laurel

David Wax Museum

Norm by Ed Dean

12/23 Joe Henry

Wild Ginger & Spice * East West Printing

Eddie Spaghetti Art

Our First Supper WAS GREAT...THANKS...

Randall Reed (Farm Owner) & Chip Chase at his sister Nellie's funeral / born Canaan 1916

Lauren Merrill

International that measured the impact of current marketing and advertising efforts. The report found that the state’s current branding and marketing campaign has significantly increased the positive image of West Virginia, while also doubling the return on investment in the campaign over the last year. “Research shows that tourism is the fourth largest industry in the state, bringing with it $4.5 billion in travel spending and tens of thousands of jobs. Our investment in tourism last year not only helped to make these areas of growth possible, but we also have created tremendous momentum,” Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin said. “While we have a lot to be proud of, there’s still work to be done as we collaborate with our tourism industry partners to make Wild, Wonderful West Virginia the premiere tourism destination.” In 2014 Wild, Wonderful West Virginia (Division of Tourism) conducted a study to measure the effectiveness of past campaigns. In 2014, the report cited the travel and tourism industry in West Virginia returned in state taxes $7 for every $1 spent on advertising and marketing. The 2016 report shows substantial growth, with a $14 to $1 return on investment. The report also indicates the Mountain State is closing the competitive gap on the impact and awareness of the image of West Virginia compared to surrounding states. In addition, the total visitor spending has increased from $96 per dollar spent on advertising in 2014 to $193 in 2016. The report highlights how the impact of advertising awareness and visitation creates a “halo effect” that raises West Virginia’s image on key economic measures – most notably as a good place to live, a good place to start a career, a good place to start a business, a good place to retire, and a good place to attend college. “This new report shows me strategic planning and aggressive tracking pays off, and robust investment in new photos, fresh video, and engaging content are paramount,” Commissioner of Tourism Amy Shuler Goodwin said. “Even though we’re still in the early stages of our campaign, we’re seeing great potential in new areas beyond our primary markets. Through new data we are finding we have a significant number of visitors coming from states such as New York, Texas, and Louisiana.” The Wild, Wonderful West Virginia campaign generated more than $1.2 million trips to West Virginia and provided approximately $12 million in state and local taxes. FOOTNOTE: While some comparisons have been made between the 2014 and 2016 research, it is important to note the 2014 research was conducted at the end of an advertising campaign that had been running for several years. The 2016 research was conducted at the start of a new advertising campaign that included new creative, new photos, new video, etc. In addition, the 2016 research does not account for any investments in new photography, video, content, production, etc.

Our Jack Frost Sponsors Honey River Mead, Hawk Knob Cidery, Chestnut Brewing, Big Timber, Mountain State, Chaga Tea Project, BIG special thanks to Brian & Morgantown Brewing * $1100 and a half truck load of canned goods went up to Davis to Veronica Staron and the Blackwater Ministrial Assoc....thank you for your generosity, especially this time of the year.

Oil Creek State Park Rouge One! The storm troopers have landed. The trails are being packed and groomed today. There is 10-12 inches of snow on the ground and the sun is shining! Conditions are good! Please use the honor system pay box until this weekend. Day passes and Season passes go on sale this weekend at the ski hut. Margaret Sims 9:18am 14 Dec 2016

Open Mic @ Fiddle

Food boxes - Blackwater Ministerial Association Hi, all and a joyous Christmas.  Thank you all for helping assemble and deliver the Christmas boxes last year.  It is that time again.  We have added to our deliveries this year, so you are really needed.  Christmas bags are being assembled on Wednesday, December 14 and boxes assembled and delivered on Thursday, December 15.  We will meet each day at the Davis Fire Hall at 9AM.  If schools are closed (closed, not delayed) because of weather, it may be rescheduled.  CALL 304-866-7037.  I don't need to know if you are coming; just show up. Thanks for your help!! Andy Dalton (Jack Frost food drive helped in this!)

TRAIL HELPERS : A tough dozen helpers braved frozen ground and snow cover for the final weekend around Thanksgiving. Nip, ditch, and mulch. Over a dozen trail nippers set up shelters, swept the sides of downhill runs, and cleared the way for smooth winter skiing mid November...got real wet and cold * 65 folks crushed large parts of the trail list this past weekend (nov 12-13)....glades, high trails, bridges, you name it....WOW, THANKS! We lightly covered 80% of the trails the first November weekend thanks to 20 helpers.

Brad Lovejoy Jenn Osha

Hi Chip! Hope you are well and prepared for this winter. Your report page has such wonderful photos! Maybe you'd enjoy sharing a few of mine please? =) I'd be honored. Roaring Plains area Jonathan Jessup

WYEP / our fave station

2" the nose is covered Todd Sue Haywood

Joe Henry Paul Golder Chip w/ Cruz

Embrace the Wobble and Six Other Lessons I Learned As a Novice Cross-country Skier - National Forest Foundation sent by Peggy Alpert

Ruthie @ East West

Gabe DeWitt

Earlier this week, President Obama signed the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act into law. The law directs the U.S. Forest Service to increase the role of partners and volunteers in trail maintenance, and will definitely assist volunteer efforts -- like Friends of Blackwater's cool trail upgrades in the Blackwater Canyon. Help us continue our "Blackwater Canyon Trail Extravaganza" in 2017, with your generous donation in this giving season. Thanks! Friends Of Blackwater

Snowiest Mountains Wash Post THANKS BOB LEFFLER * strange-things-that-happen-in-cold-weather accu

Welcoming in winter with some awesome hoarfrost. It must be 'jack hoar frost' Todd Romero

Hug filled thanks to all that helped over the Jack Frost weekend to make it happen. Way out at the end of an Appalachian dirt road something like this can happen?

Mike Costello Chaga Tea Project

Cool Jam! Thanks for another awesome Jack Frost… Fred and Connie

Very much enjoyed Jack Frost #35 & even managed to hang out a bit later than I have in past several years! Wanted to thank you & your crew for all your efforts to make this another signature opening to the ski season! Had some photos to share...although the quality of phone cameras not ideal, they do capture the essence of the JF spirit! Best wishes, Tom Wood. * Happy Jack Frost Chip Chase. May Ullr bestow many blessings on you this winter season. Christopher Dege

Ullr be praised! Another wonderful Jack Frost! Thanks to all the amazing White Grass staff!!!! Lisa Gillogly

@ WG!

Mike, Ashley & Twins delivering organic produce from Sickler Farms

I found a wonderfully positive descriptive winter forecast for our part of the world. I appreciate the “what could go Wrong” list, but hope it doesn’t happen. Enjoy! David Young Project Director Friends of Blackwater

Had a great 5 hour tour 11/21 - Springer to Powderline to Shenandoah to Baldy to Nat Nordic. Bill Berlin

From The Cube Andy Mollohan

2015-16 Skiable Days 75 * with 50 km open 36 * snowfall 127" * very little skiing in dec, early jan., or march....better luck this year!

Annie make it snow

Crafty Little Snowbird hats

Todd 11/28

Siberia Is Being Clobbered With Snow Already, and That Could Mean a Harsher U.S. Winter Ahead * Winter-Early Spring Weather Outlook: Warmer Temperatures Will Remain the Trend

We asked a panel of cross-country ski experts to nominate their 20 favorite resorts, and for the past four weeks, our readers have been voting for their favorites.
1.American Birkebeiner Trail - Hayward, Wis.
2.White Grass Ski Touring Center - Davis, W.V.
3.Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center - Northville, N.Y.
4.Trapp Family Lodge - Stowe, Vt.
5.Devil's Thumb Ranch - Tabernash, Colo.
6.Maine Huts & Trails - Kingfield, Maine
7.Sun Mountain Lodge - Winthrop, Wash.
8.Jackson Ski Touring Center - Jackson, N.H.
9.SilverStar Mountain Resort - Vernon, British Columbia
10.Vista Verde Guest Ranch - Steamboat Springs, Colo.

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to picked the initial 20 nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote. Experts Reese Brown (Snowsports Industries America (SIA)), Wendy Clinch (TheSkiDiva), Lyndell Keating (Powderhounds), Nate Musson (The Not Snowboarding Podcast) and Jonathan Wiesel (Nordic Group International) were chosen based on their skiing expertise. Other nominees for Best Cross-Country Ski Resort included Bretton Woods Nordic Center, Craftsbury Outdoor Center, The Lodge at Jackson Fork Ranch, Lone Mountain Ranch, Mount Bachelor Nordic Center, Royal Gorge Cross Country Resort, Soldier Hollow, Sundance Mountain Resort, Sun Valley Nordic & Snowshoe Center and Whiteface Lake Placid. Congratulations to all our worthy cross-country winners. WG 2nd place in Best XC Centers Contest

Snowfarm at WG Stro Drone 11/23

Danielle Moulds

Launch * Fayetteville becoming outdoor adventure hub for all season

snow guns @ Blackwater by Mr. Dave

Good time on the trails as always . Here is the link to our Thomas website with photos. If you know of people wanting work have them e-mail me. Cheers, Kevin www.172sprucest.com.

World’s best navigators mostly come from Nordic countries

* Nordic Salsa

Wreath Workshop Nov 27 1-4 pm

Front Street Grocers

Nov WV Highlands Conservancy news * Garrett College Adventuresports Institute POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT * Live Monumental Keen w/ some WV * Let's Make America Ski Again! Robbie

Hero of the week Kevin Moore volunteer clearing the Canaan view of Porte Crayon and Roaring Plains along Rt. 32 south of the Valley

by Todd...having too much fun on weekends, look what you're missing!

Is Your Local Chairlift a Death Trap? Outside Mag 10/16

Craft Brewers Vermont's Sean Lawson and WV's Jon Robeson

GENERAL:  Your previously advertised weather pattern change from warm-and-dry to more seasonable conditions (temperature and precipitation) will commence Wednesday evening but at a moderate level.  The change will feature some light snow and flurries and continue into the foreseeable future (about 10 days out).  No major precipitation events are on the horizon so exercise great caution with the extremely dry conditions. SPECIFICS: A sharp cold front will usher in cooler air late Wednesday afternoon, changing light rain showers to light snow flurries.  The flurries will end around midnight followed by seasonably cool air with highs near 50 and lows in the 20's F into Friday.  Another fast moving cold front will sweep across the high ground Friday afternoon with more light rain showers changing to snow flurries, ending quickly by early Saturday morning.  Snow accumulations with both frontal passages, if any, will be one-half inch or less.  Temperatures over the weekend will be in the 20's around daybreak warming to 40 F Saturday and up to 50 F by Sunday.  I see seasonable temperatures continuing next week with mornings lows in the 20's and afternoon readings upper 40's to low 50's F. .Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman (11/8 9:30 am)

First Snow 10/22

5 unforgettable 1 day adventures in WV * The Most Sustainable XC Ski Resorts in North America

COALITION OF NONPROFITS PLANS TO PURCHASE MAINE’S SADDLEBACK MOUNTAIN : A coalition of nonprofits has reached verbal agreements with the owners of Saddleback Mountain, ME, to purchase the Rangeley ski resort and the land around it, according to published reports. The Saddleback Mountain Foundation, a newly formed group of Rangeley businesses and Saddleback season-pass holders, told the Portland Press Herald that it has a verbal agreement with Irene and Bill Berry to purchase Saddleback’s core ski area for $6 million. The foundation would pay the Berrys $2.2 million in cash at closing and then an additional $3.8 million over time in a loan financed through the seller. The Berrys also would receive royalties on future land sales, according to the foundation. The Trust for Public Land, along with the New England Forestry Foundation, said it has reached an agreement with the Berrys to purchase another 3,249 acres around the ski area to preserve as conservation land. That sale price has yet to be determined, said Wolfe Tone, the Maine state director for the Trust for Public Land. Saddleback, Maine’s third-largest ski resort, sat idle last winter after the Berrys were unable to come up with financing to purchase a chairlift that they said was needed to keep the resort open. Saddleback drew between 80,000 and 100,000 skiers in its last few seasons of operation, according to the Berrys, and with 350 employees had been the third-largest employer in Franklin County during the winter. Peter Stein, chairman of the Saddleback Mountain Foundation, said his group plans to raise $4 million, with $1.8 million to be invested in operating costs at Saddleback. He said the group has yet to raise any money, but received $5 million in pledges this summer when exploring community interest for buying the resort. Stein said there is no deadline to raise the money and it’s uncertain whether the resort would open this winter. He is confident, however, that the group will be able to raise the $4 million soon, now that it has a verbal agreement with the Berrys.

weekender trail crew

CHINA ANNOUNCES MANDATORY WINTER SPORTS EDUCATION : In anticipation of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Zhangjiakou, China, Beijing has announced that it intends to introduce compulsory winter sports education in primary and middle schools requiring at least one hour a week of such instruction, including training more teachers. According to “China Daily,” the Chinese capital plans to more than triple the city’s indoor and outdoor skating rinks. Sun Xuecai, head of the Beijing Sports Bureau, was quoted as saying that 20 existing ski facilities will be improved and 30 new ones will be built. Zhangjiakou is in northeastern China, near the border with Mongolia.

What We Did: Tucker County * 7 Unexpected Truths about Skiing in West Virginia

Salamander Overpass 3 Mile

from last april...looking forward to this season, skiing the Valley and Whitegrass. David McCue

Paul Golder natty nord Eddie Dean

Cross Country Skier moved to VT. * Mad River Friend Tara jumpin' jack flash

Va Tech Meteorology are setting up weather station on Bald Knob

Hoots and Hellmouth

sent by Ed Phelps Ski South

Sue Haywood

However, La Nina winters tend to favor above average snowfall around the Great Lakes and in the northern Rockies and below average snowfall in the mid-Atlantic. U.S. Winter Outlook predicts warmer, drier South and cooler, wetter North

Could I ask for a little assistance please? There are several unfilled jobs at Tucker County Schools…. Which we could really use some help in filling…… would you be willing to put a note on the white grass web? “Want to live and work near White Grass?? Tucker County Schools needs a math teacher, a music teacher/virtual class coordinator, and/or a long term substitute. Please see more information at www.tuckercountyschools.com (employment) or http://wvde.state.wv.us/jobs/index.html (search for positions in Tucker County).” Thank-you - jdp

LAUREL MOUNTAIN BACK AFTER 11-YEAR ABSENCE : After an 11-year hiatus, Laurel Mountain Ski Resort in Ligonier Township, PA, is reopening, according to published reports. And the snow forecast for the upcoming winter looks promising. “We were definitely excited when we heard Accuweather's long-range forecast for above-normal snowfall in this area for the skiing season,” said Katie Buchan, communications manager at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. The resort atop Laurel Mountain closed at the end of the 2004-05 ski season. Seven Springs signed a 10-year lease with the state in 2008 to operate the Laurel Mountain slopes. On Friday, workers were making progress on the ski lodge after the resort was infused with $6.5 million from the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Buchan said the upgrades include a modern ski lift, significant improvements to the trails, snow-making equipment and nearly double the snow-making capacity from a new pond with a 27 million-gallon capacity. Buchan noted that the resort is marketing a special pass that allows visitors to ski all three resort-operated slopes: Laurel Valley, Seven Springs and Hidden Valley Resort in Somerset County, which was purchased in 2013.



Mandy Sullivan

Rye Hill Poetry Reading Oct 10

Robbie has mowed the slopes already! Refuge Visitors Center

3 mile Salamander Over Pass 10/4

Honey River Mead

WG catering * Friends of Refuge newsletter Kobi & Tim & wg shirt in AK!

Hope you've enjoyed your summer in the Canaan. Now that it's over, your Fearless Canaan Weatherman is back, thinking snow as always. While I am no fan of long range weather forecasting, last winter's record strong El Nino created well foreseen mayhem with the global weather including locally, unprecedented, persistent December warmth and snow-less conditions until the new year (2016).That record El Nino equatorial Pacific Ocean warmth has been replaced this fall by what is forecast by the National Weather Service (NWS) Climate Prediction Center (CPC) to be a neutral El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO): (little deviation from climatological average Pacific sea surface temperatures (SSTs)). First of all, keep in mind that two ENSO states (El Nino and La Nina) are the only phenomena that the NWS credits with providing some scientific skill for making long lead broad, regional scale climate forecasts like for the upcoming winter. We don't have either of those events happening right now.Given the neutral phase forecast, I thought you might find it useful to know what impacts are seen on historical winter snowfall and temperature record in the Canaan Valley, WV high country. This is NOT a forecast but simply a historical analysis of what is more likely to happen in a general sense. The bottom-lie is forecast ENSO neutral states this winter weakly correlate with the highest average seasonal snowfall totals of the 3 ENSO categories and also weakly with below-average temperatures. The current very warm pattern will have to radically change however for this to happen. Let me again emphasis, statistical correlations are weak and there is considerable variation in the data by season so don't hang your hat on this slight tilting of the outcome probabilities towards cold and snowy. Some of the lowest seasonal snowfall amounts ever recorded have also occurred during neutral ENSO phases. There are many non-ENSO factors that also affect weather patterns and snowfall amounts in the local Canaan area that have not been fully explored. For example, other wild cards that can influence local weather patterns include; fall Siberian snow cover extent, the state of the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), overall world sea surface temperature patterns, ice extent and thickness over the Arctic, water temperatures over the Great Lakes, etc. How these factors and others interact is complex and unknown, hence the inability to make skillful long range weather forecasts. I will stay in touch as we rapidly approach the upcoming 2016-17 snow season. Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman

Front Street Grocers

WG staff @ Waldo wedding

Josh B.

Ski Museum

Ella Todd

Winter Forecast Accu

Martin Radigan! White Grass @ nite

spring and fall at same time 9/26 Chip

Joe Henry

Kobi and WG!

Mike Sayre / Trout Unlimited

3 Mile Salamander Crossing

Team Boulder


Barefoot Chip out again for Team Boulder Sat 11 am! * Ski Swap Driftland Leaf Peeper Fri Sat Sun profits donated to Challenged Athletes of WV

How's things? Guess you must be starting to get ready for trail work and such. Hope y'all are well and having a good fall. Attachedan image from labor day weekend up in the Sods. Got a fall workshop coming up 10/6 - 10/9 -- if you know anyone who might be interested please send them my way. Martin Radigan

Suitcase Junket Mtn.Yoga

It's beautiful up here, but I sure miss Whitegrass!!! Üllr hear my prayer!!! Much love, Colin Collins

NAMA / Sharondale

Falling Springs Free Tea in Thomas

Brother Brothers * NPR redneck pride * Wild places get saved and protected only when people love them and use them. * Best of 2016 Augusta Concerts * Sue Haywood


With Zack Fields on our recent Wrangells packrafting trip - overlooking the Russell Glacier with Mounts Bona and Churchill in the background Richard Peterson - Cremer

Highland Market

Natalie Tennant

Great day on the high tunnel! Super help! Appreciate all the interest, support, and labor! Dan Bucher / Cortland Acres

Bobbi Moore, longtime WG skier and friend has passed to another place... a celebration of her life Sept. 17 in Canaan Valley.

DENVER TO WINTER PARK SKI TRAIN RETURNS THIS WINTER * After a seven-year hiatus, Colorado’s ski train will operate from Denver Union Station to a new platform at Winter Park Ski Resort during ski season. The ski train previously ran from 1940 to 2009. It was discontinued in 2009 when it became too costly for a private operator to run. Amtrak is partnering with Winter Park to bring the train back. In March of 2015, Amtrak and Winter Park offered skiers a chance to try out a ski train for two days. Tickets sold out for both days. Amtrak said it would study that weekend train trip very closely to see if it made sense to make it a more regular ride in the future. Last week, it announced the ski train’s return.
The Colorado Department of Transportation was also studying the 2015 train ride to see if it would reduce traffic on the mountain corridor. CDOT said last winter that a ski train could take 450 to 500 vehicles off the I-70 corridor during peak traffic times during ski season. The service will operate from Jan. 7 through March 26, 2017. The round-trips will run on Saturdays and Sundays, with an additional round-trip on Martin Luther King Day and Presidents Day. In addition, a new commuter rail line from Denver International Airport to Union Station enables visitors to travel from their flight to Winter Park. Seamless rail connectivity will be available from the airport, to the Winter Park Express and on to Winter Park Resort, without having to rent a car, secure a shuttle or navigate mountain roads.

Vern Patterson / Montana

Alaska with Tim, Marny, and Billy

Run For It!

Hawk Knob WV Finest

buddy Nils Larsen Carsie Blanton

Augusta! / Mushroom Workshop Sept 4 feralmountain@gmail.com

Salamander crossing 3 Mile

Gus Willis

buddy Trad featured in Nat Geo * USA's High : 117° Death Valley, CA * Low 26° Bodie State Park, CA....5 hour drive apart!!!

These guys didn't want to miss the Alaskan summer. They came up through the asphalt in a Denali Park lot! Doug Milam

Wild WV in Outside sent by Ed Phelps ... With 37 state parks and recreation areas, nine state forests, and two national recreation areas, West Virginia has the goods to back up its moniker as the Mountain State.

Hi Chip, Looks like you've been shrooming. Anyway, I am race director for the Holly River Hustle 5K run/walk at Holly River State Park. It would be great if you could post it or list it somehow on your much viewed website. It is a non-profit activity of the Holly River Foundation. If you would cut and paste as you'd like. Facebook site address for race is: /The Holly River Hustle timed 5K run/walk is on again for 2016. Last year's event saw over 80 registrants. It will be held at Holly River State Park, in Hacker Valley, Webster County, West Virginia on Sunday, September 4th at 10:00 a.m.

Lock your cars every august in WV so the back seats aren't filled with zucchini. * Persied Meteor Shower clear in high country WV Aug 11-13 * Brew Skies WG Yummy Food Booth * Greek Chicken Gyro in Pita 9 * Hummus & Veggie Gyro 7 * Cheese Quesadilla 3 * Baked Goods/Sweets * Watermelon Slices * Drinks: Seltzers/Water/Sodas 2

Hey chip I just want to thank you for the G3 skis they are great! I'm living the truth that the eastcoast skier can ski anything even the left overs in Colorado. I am looking at going into the profession of mountain guiding and potentially a full IFMGA certification when I graduate high school and I have to say that whitegrass is what made me who I am. I can't wait for this season and let's pray to Ullr for a good La Niña year! Ps I'm curious about instructing telemark so let me know if you ever need help around I'm free most weekends! Tanner Jacobs


today's harvest Andy Brooks Jon Deitemyer Matt Ulery


Geo Bell * Mtn Laurel Learning / July Newsletter

WV Mushrooms Walt Sturgeon, Todd and Doug Elliott, Gary Lincoff....guilty by association...

Sue Haywood / Zach Adams Joe!


Coming Soon! Sporting a White Grass shirt (on backwards) at the Arctic Circle. The temperature was 82. Bruce and Andy Dalton

Ben's Loom Barn

Jeremiah Bishop * Stokeville Lodge/ Chris * Thomas / Shen Bike Co

Chip and sis Janet Sugarbush, VT

Chip's Grey Lady house in Criders VA 1979 from Marilyn Miller WYEP

Flood Coverage and HELP in WV * new doings @ Billy Motel

East Bound and Down

We found 16 rare and endangered Cheat Mtn Salamanders June 29 near Three Mile

KB, WG Cafe, & Charm Farm Ullr Rules In Iceland Hey Chip, June 24 in Iceland and plenty of snow! With the midnight sun there is no need for headlamps either! Ray Phaneuf and Cristina Loglio

Cory and Chip, I'm looking for volunteers to help erect a high tunnel at Cortland Acres. The site has been prepared, the ground posts are in place, so on Wednesday, June 29 I hope to get the metal frame set up. And I need help to get it done! 10 - 12 volunteers would be great. I have contacted the extension office to see of master gardeners would be available. I have contacted Kimmy to send this request to her network. Now I'm contacting you! Let me know if you can help. Wednesday, June 29, at 8:30. If we are done in time, maybe a canoe run on the Dry Fork! Thanks, Lester

Vern Patterson

Highlands Sky * Elk River Flood Recovery

Meredith Athens Bike & Shanna Endless Bike Co. @ Canaan Mtn Bike Fest

Youth Conservation Corp

We ran alongside OARS Friends of Martin's

Bike Fest * Sue Haywood

Chris Peterson

WV Real! * Spy Town for sale in WV

Tom and Chip oarin' Grand May - June ... Hi ya'll. Hope each of you are safe & sound and re-acclimatizing to your respective domiciles. I ran across this video today, and it gave me visual deja vu I thought some of you may enjoy. Check it out, http://adventure-journal.com/2016/06/how-to-understand-the-grand-canyon/. Mike

Betty Gatewood Martin Canaan Photo Workshops * July 22-23 Mushroom Foray Dry Fork WV

Stro Phoebe

Great Farm Boss Randall Reed

Smoke Hole Canyon Walter

Clay under Redman Gap by Marc & Yoko



found under some stickers

Stro @ Todd's...nice jump!

Todd 4/10/16

Frank Slider WG Joel Video * Plum Tuckered Film Fest

Red Spruce Planting

Tommy P. Off the Wall 4/16

July 22-23 Mushroom Foray Dry Fork WV... pencil in!

Mr Dave, El Rayo X 1981 helped build WG! pic by Fred Jacoby / Mtn Stage 4/17

Hey Chip, Wanted to send some photos from a Colorado trip I just got back from. I was skiing with my friend and his wife from Nederland. We did some day trips to the James Peak Wilderness -- we skied Frosty and Radio Beacon if you are familiar with that area. Pretty much everyone has switched to AT gear! They cite new lightweight gear and the efficiency of the alpine turn. I told them we still rock the inefficient tele turn in West Virginia and can live with the extra few grams of weight because we aren't carrying 30 lbs of gear on our backs. And we'll still be cranking our tele turns when they come back into fashion in CO. Glad to hear Whitegrass got 20" while I was out west. Take care, Bill Connelly

Chip Colo

the secret lake of canaan Todd Ride @ 5

Mandy Sullivan

Liz Steven

As we say sayonara to 2016 we have a lot to look forward to for 2017. We plan to unveil some trail improvement projects, continue our land conservation efforts and of course, we are excited and honored to be hosting the NCAA Cross Country Championships in March! We will also host our annual events and will be working on developing some new programs. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our guests who came up to Jackson to enjoy our trails, but mostly for your patience, understanding and appreciation for the skiing we were able to offer. Thank you to our landowners, donors, volunteers and staff for your generous support and dedication. We couldn’t have done it without you. It truly takes a village and that is part of what make Jackson and Jackson Ski Touring so special. As a community based non-profit organization, maintaining a trail system, providing skiing and snowing and positively impacting your lives through health, fitness and fun is our passion and mission and we hope it shows. Our office will be open through the month of March allowing you to still be able to drop by and take advantage of our early season pass sale. You can also purchase your pass on-line at Jacksonxc.org/shop. ~Breanne Torrey & the rest of the staff at Jackson XC

your nordic adventure team is always ready to attack at moments notice Todd 4/10

Baldy, 4/9/16 Josh B.

great day of skinning with some new friends Eriks A. 4/10/16 ..." In Colorado the saying was always that "there are no friends on a powder day!" Definitely not true in WV. "

Snow Mtn Ranch, CO

unplanned reunions

A vigorous storm system dumped 19 inches of very elevation dependent, mostly upslope snow on the Canaan Valley, WV area (3,250 ft. + elevation) during the last 3-days ending Saturday afternoon (4-9-16). In addition to the large powdery wind-driven snowfall, the storm featured occasional blizzard conditions with near zero visibility at times in blowing and drifting snow above 3,000 ft. Season-to-date snowfall in the area is now at 128 inches, nearing the 30-year climatological average of 130-to-150 inches. There are still about 4 weeks to go in the area with a risk of accumulating snowfall. The official National Weather Service Canaan Valley weather station hit a low temperature Sunday morning of +1 F, just shy of the 72-year record low April temperature of -2 F (April 10, 1985). Unofficial temperatures as low as -8 F were reported this Sunday morning from more favored, colder locations (with no trees and flat) on the valley floor that maximize cold air drainage under clear, calm, snow covered conditions. While this was a big, near record April snowstorm, it is not the largest April snowstorm to occur in the immediate Canaan Valley vicinity. Furthermore, we are still awaiting snowfall amounts to be made available from the valley floor station. Other larger noteworthy Canaan Valley area April snowstorms include:

1) 30 inches (2 days): April 27-28,1928
2) 21 inches (3 days): April 2-4, 2004

About the Canaan Valley Area: Canaan Valley is located only 125 air miles due west of Washington D.C. This large, elevated area ranges in elevation from 3,000 to 4,800 ft.) is located at the crest of the high Allegheny Plateau and adjacent to the highest portion of the Eastern Continental Divide in PA, MD, and WV. It is not an isolated mountaintop but a large broad elevated surface with 2,200 square miles above 3,000 ft. The surrounding areas harbor the vast bulk of the winter recreation facilities for WV, Washington D.C. MD, VA, PA, and OH residents. Canaan's 3,250 ft. valley floor is the highest, large valley floor (50 square miles) in eastern North America. It's location at the crest of the Allegheny Plateau/Mountains, deep, flat bottomed valley floor, and adjacency to the Eastern Continental Divide (the western rim of the Valley) are largely responsible for creating it's noteworthy low temperatures (sub-freezing temperatures have been recorded every month of the year) and heavy snowfalls Conclusions here are based on preliminary published official National Weather Service Cooperative (COOP) station observer observations from Canaan Valley and Canaan Valley 2, Davis, WV, and Davis 3 SSW (Canaan Heights). Bob Leffler

Silas skis WG! Paul Golder 3/21

Upstate Rubdown

Cheat Fest May 7 Maple Syrup

I just made this WV cliffs montage video Enjoy, Jonathan

Heather & Steve / Powder Mag last March * dang, still the best 'hippy music' WG video ever from 5 years ago!! Todd

I'm writing to ask a favor. Will Lewis & Josh Bennett started Hawk Knob Craft Cidery. Their products are amazingly good. They have started a Kickstarter Thanks! Sarah

Kevin O Neill Sully/ Team Moonstomper

Todd You have a great classic example of downsloping with east winds in the photo instead of the normal upsloping that occurs with west winds over Canaan. Coming from the east, moist Atlantic Ocean air rises and peaks over the Allegheny Front, then warms and dries up as it descends to Canaan's Valley floor and west.  Normally Moorefield, Petersburg, Keyser, etc. are the downsloping locations with a west wind.  In this case, Canaan and areas west of the Front are the downsloping locations with the east wind, hence the sunny skies.  The humidity has to be just right to see it dry up completely in extreme cases like this. Bob Leffler

Allegheny Photography WV Powder Mag stars by Greg

Robbie Razzi

Timberline by Faunce

of all the skis I've known this is by far my favorite....poppachip

Joe Henry

WEST COAST REVELS IN TONS OF SNOW WHILE EAST MELTS DOWN: Ski areas on the West Coast are rejoicing in new snow. After a great start to the season, it looked like the dry spell was back. But “Miracle March arrived, bringing (as of Monday) 26” of snow to Sugar Bowl, CA, with more in the forecast. A weekend storm system dropped 56" of snow on Mammoth Mountain. Meanwhile, Vermont’s snow sports industries are just trying to survive, according to another report. Especially it’s nordic areas. After last year’s prodigious snows and record winter sports season, “this is a year of survival,” said Mike Miller, who has been at the helm of Mountain Meadows ski touring center in Killington for 28 years. He has had virtually no trails open this winter. Can he remember a worse year? “Never,” Miller said. “It’s the worst.” Actually, on his blog, Sugarbush President and Owner Win Smith wrote: “Has this been the worst snow year ever? It certainly seems so. In reviewing our historical records, I discovered that there have actually been three worse years. As of the last day of February we have received only 117” of natural snow. However, the winters of ‘73/’74, ‘79/’80 and ‘83/’84 were even sparser.” Warm temperatures this week are not helping, but larger ski areas are doing a good job keeping main trails covered.

Nature Discovery tour 3/6

Two of my favorite things in one package! Don't throw your old skis out, grow mushrooms on em. Max / Backbone Farm

Chipper and Laurie! Thank you both and your entire staff for the keeping the trails well groomed, preparing the best food, and making White Grass the most enjoyable place to visit. Remember, it's not over until the fat lady skis! Love you all. Kevin Moore , Susan, Amy, Jenny and all our friends who joined us at WG

learn the turn to feel the burn

Would like to thank you and the Whitegrass crew for a helping us host the Shenandoah Nordic clinic on the March 5-6. All of us had a great time, on and off the skis. Charlie was an excellent instructor, so many pointers to apply to our nordic technique, thank her for being so patient. The food goes with out saying, excellent all around. Thanks again for being a great host for the patrol, hope to work on the calendar for the winter of ’16 -’17 for a future clinic. Ken Pankow Director Shenandoah Nordic Ski Patrol

Hey poppa Chip So sorry to have missed this last weekend with y'all and the snow. I still intend to search for skiable traces these next few weeks. Doing a little snowdance. Going and biking and hiking re also defensible items on the menu and the call to Canaan continues in me. Spring is starting to pull at my heartstrings and I guess it's not so bad. Birds singing and crocuses coming up. Much love and appreciation for you and the crew and all you do to create and encourage the magical connection of Whitegrass. Gwendolyn

still winter Adam Issenberg 3/6

Sue Haywood chippie care free sundays

Chipper and Laurie, Thank you both and your entire staff for the keeping the trails well groomed, preparing the best food and making White Grass the most enjoyable place to visit. Remember, it's not over until the fat lady skis! Love you and all our friends who joined us at WG Kevin and Susan Moore

Found this guy hiding in Doc's Drift Nelson

Still able to find the goods up high with Ed Rader and Charlie. Enjoyed the Last Supper and the third year in a row I've closed down the cafe. The season went way too quickly. Bill Berlin

Anne Post Haygood Paisleys

Bedrock steep trails by Rob

no better view to accompany coffee...Bill Fisher * Patty in WA

Martin * Alaska Iditarod warm...sent by Pat S. Tune IN WYEP

Local Snowbird Hats

Representing White Grass at Snowworld in the Netherlands. The epitome of yoyo skiing! Joe Randolph

Sue Haywood / Chaga mid station

me too! Sport Rock Climbing Gyms

186 laps @ 2nd Annual skiathon Fun Raiser ...Just wanted to say thanks so much to you and your crew for making the weather and ski loops so awesome yesterday for the ski-a-thon! Final Results: The kids had a great time (as did the parents)! 186 total laps by 21 participants. Thanks again for your support of these awesome kids and their learning experiences - both inside and outside the classroom. Shannon / Mtn Laurel Learning Coop

We had a great weekend at WG! Enjoyed the remaining snow on Saturday and skied in the sun and warmth on Sunday. Great times, great people, great food, and great skiing! Thank you! Allison and Stephane

Chip, We had a blast this past weekend on our first trip to White Grass. Mike in the shop did a great job putting Everett on a pair of skis that fit him really well. Planned our next trip up there on the way back to Waynesville, NC yesterday. Judd and Everett Mahan

I loved the idea that you don’t have to sit on a chairlift and just wait and sit there. You could make a longer adventure of it. You’re human powered — I don’t need the chairlift, I can go up myself. Sue Haywoodie Wash Post

Matt's Blues Snowboard Annapolis / Jeff C. maple tap

near White Grass Knob by Skip Collins 1973

Hey Chip~ It was nice to see and hang out with you. Thank goodness for that snow, eh? Here are some pics from our trip on Friday Ryan & Brian

old ties...Karen Oleksak

Re writing the early history of Davis and it gets settled by Norwegians instead of Italians and there are 32 nordic centers and ski jumps between every house and guess what their favorite season is?

Mr. Dave

Hawk Knob Craft Hard Cider Yeah Daniel!

Birthplace Of Rivers

Natty Nord w/ Todd Romero Molly Wolff Photo

Marlene Jacome * Mandy & Blue Mtn Art

Christina Shepard / Rebecca Wudarski

Happy people of all sizes @ snow fort. Real group project that rocked with tunnels, a slide, and stairs! Sallie

Andre and I had a wonderful "3 bagger" with Weiss Knob, Nordic, Bald Knob, Ashram Rock, both minor peaks of Cabin Mtn, and out across the meadow back to the pipeline.  We had done a Canaan lift ride at 900 am.  Glad we were not at Tline! Across the meadow was a hoot since the meadow was 67% bare spots, with just a long ribbon of trail 18" wide where skiers had packed snow down a bit. Thanks being the greatest ski-meister ever and for another stunning day!  Mac

Ed Rader and I found plenty of snow in the National Nordic, Ashram and Stonecoal Ridge, and were fueled by the 'breakfast of champions".... Fingers crossed for snow this week. Bill Berlin



Lots to be thankful for! Winter has landed at Powder Creek! This is what we arrived to on a work trip last week. Settled base of 135cm at the lodge.

Last year was White Friday. I skied a foot and a half of fresh powder at Whitegrass. This year we got an early start on Christmas decorations. Here's my favorite ornament. Dave

New England Ski Museum

Joe Henry

Appreciate the Vermont IPA test party Stumptown Ales

I can ski on nothing Eric Erbe I'm addicted to cutting my own line Stevie W.

Eric Thompson

Full sun on the valley, hard workers, yummy lunch, laughter... It was a hoot! Kelly Bowyer * Please link to Driftland video on your website again. It is a classic. Tom

29 trail nuts Saturday! Tim, Kobi, Mark A, Mark H, Tim, Melba, Todd, Stro, Adam, Phoebe, Paul, Robbie, Robbie's buddy?, Kyle, Tony, Chris, Kia, Bert, Robert, Kelly, Tom, Wes, Stevie, Chip , Tom, Julie, Eric, Amy. Bridges, water bars, and telemark runs. THANK YOU! * WV Pruners by Todd

Steve Lloyd clic last winter @ T'line with Dave Rause

I will admit Big Cheeze was a little miffed that the Pres put the G-20 Turkey meeting ahead in priority of the snow measurement training but will have to live with that...Fearless Canaan Weatherman


Mr. Jeff from Stumptown Ales brewing a special Jack Frost batch by Sue H.

El Nino appears to be cutting off cold air intrusions into the northern half of the country, resulting in very mild November conditions over the Canaan. So far, this pattern is consistent with the historical analysis I provided you with early in the fall suggesting a higher risk of mild temperatures and lower than average snowfall. The latest long range model solutions continue to show this very mild, near snowless pattern continuing over the WV high country for the rest of this week.Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman * Tucker County (WVZ041) zone is now divided into western (Western Tucker - WVZ513) and eastern (Eastern Tucker - WVZ514) zones.

33 new moon November trail party weekenders thanks! We covered several trails, opened up glades, and set some big bridges. Garrett and Bridget, Todd, Kevin, Tim, Chrissy, PATC ( Erma, Dave and Cathy, Doug, Peter, Harvey), Paul, Stro, Robbie, Tim and Kobi, Spencer, Roger and Nancy, Yoko and Mark, Lesley, Ben and L.E., Jesse, Jeanne and Jim, Ned, Tom B, Tom J , Frank, and Chip

approaching the latest ever recorded first snowfall in Canaan according to Bob Leffler

blackwater's new toy...pics by Dave M.

Dave's commute

Local Poet Tyler Elliott published! charlie waters

Attached is info and registration form for the Friends of Oil Creek XC Ski Clinic on Sunday, December 6. The Clinic is limited to 30 people. Registration form can also be downloaded at www.friendsocsp.org. Register today. Winter is around the corner......

WG skier, C'ville Va.'s Gordon Dalton...one of the best ww shots of the fall!

XC SKI AREAS ASSOCIATION HOLDS EASTERN MEETING : The annual Cross Country Ski Areas Association Eastern Meeting was held in early November at Waterville Valley, NH with about 60 attendees. There were 29 ski areas and 10 product/service venders represented at the meeting and participating in the Trade Expo.Some highlights of the meeting included the CCSAA Strategic Plan, which was unveiled to the members publicly for the first time. The organization was founded in 1977 and CCSAA Executive Director Chris Frado has been at the helm for most of the its existence. Looking ahead, the Board wants to lay the foundation for a plan for succession. Some other concerns included increasing the organization’s relevance, growing the membership and creating new industry-wide marketing channels.There will be radical changes on the 21-year old Winter Trails program this year. The program garners awareness of, and introduces people to, snowshoeing and XC skiing. Formerly, Winter Trails was publicized as one day in January and now it will become a month-long program to align with the alpine/snowboard learn-to-ski month. The Winter Trails program will no longer be marketed as a FREE introduction, so participating ski areas can run different programs all month long or for part of the month and charge a nominal fee for people to try the sports. There is hope that the ski areas offer a return incentive to Winter Trails participants.The CCSAA Eastern Meeting was planned and run by CCSAA Board members in an effort to alleviate CCSAA Executive Chris Frado of some responsibilities, and it should be deemed a success as a first effort using that formula. CCSAA Board members Reese Brown, Rebecca Dayton and Nate Harvey handled the particulars of planning and organizing the event with Leah Wilson, director of the Nordic Center at Waterville Valley.The CCSAA Board will do the same for the CCSAA Conference to be held at Snow Mountain Ranch in CO on April 5-6, 2016. Next year’s CCSAA Eastern Meeting is slated to be held at Eastman Cross Country in Grantham, NH next November. – R. L.

In thailand chillin after a trek across upper dolpo, had some ashes from a good friend and spread them in some special places. We were mostly from 4000m to 5000m for 3 weeks. Bill and Cathy Love

Paul Hess getting trained by handy helpers Charlie & Sam

Hugs and Thanks out to the 11/ 7 - 8 trail workers - Fred, Frank S, Eric T, Chase, JT, Ed, Kevin M, Robbie, Brian M, Todd, Zach, Sue, Bert and Robert, Gwendolyn , Anne J, Andy B, Christy and Nick, Sarah, Paul G, Keith and Ivonne, Paul H, Sam and Charlie, Steve W, Lesley, Chip

High Fives to the first trail crew of the season! Bill Fisher, Robbie, Chip, Dave M, Bruce Walla., Stro, Todd, Brain, Andy B, Anne and Ron , Lesley, Singer, Vincent, Clare and Mark, Jes

cow trapped under bridge 30 Years Ago Today 1985 Flood : The toll of the flood washed away thousands of trees, rerouted river channels, destroyed or damaged 13,000 homes and businesses and left 38 people dead in West Virginia. The total cost of the West Virginia flood was around $700 million, one of the costliest disasters in state history. We joined FEMA in Parsons to raft and search for bodies on various islands downstream along the Cheat. I was the first person to see the cow wedged under the St. George bridge, a picture by John Warner which became an iconic image of the event.

no where to hide @ the Fiddle w/ Zach

Unfortunately, the new WV (Tucker Co. and others) forecast zones that were supposed to be implemented today (Nov. 3) were "delayed" a week to Tuesday, November 10, 2015.  See NWS bulletin at: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/os/notification/scn15-43pbz_zones_aaa.htm * Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman

reminded me of WG

Friends of the Blackwater are currently working on a trail development plan based on the trails around Olson Tower Southwest of Thomas. This will be a platform to move forward in a targeted direction to work with the forest service on trail improvements and future development. Some trail clearing has already been done, courtesy of our friends at the Allegheny Trail. The scope of this plan includes work targeted on Canyon Rim Trail, Limerock Trail, and improvements to the Allegheny Highlands Trail. The Friends already have a grant secured to complete some targeted improvement, but this plan will encompass a wider scope of work to further develope this area in the future.
Right now, I am soliciting feedback from users, local business owners, and advocates about that area, those trails, information about current use, how you might think trail improvement and development will effect the area, ideas you might have for development, and concerns you have about future access and use. This area has a lot of recreation offerings; for bikers, hikers, hunters, bird watchers, berry pickers, kayakers, climbers, HOV enthusiasts, and geocachers. Not to mention that several long distance trails utilize this area as a part of their route, like the Allegheny Trail, American Discovery Trail, and Allegheny Highlands Trail. Trails provide necessary infrastructure for all of those activities and a well organized system with marketability can boost the local economy to boot. We all know these things, and have a lot of passion for trails. Please share your experiences, ideas, and concerns.
After collecting your feedback and all the other data required for a thorough plan, it will be shared and feedback will be solicited again. This will have multiple phases, and partner organizations will be sought to realize the potential of this project. Please share and direct feedback to me at this time. Thank you. Happy Trails, Zachary Adams Appalachian Dirt|Trails and Event Services|Michaux MTB School||Blackwater Bicycle Association|
Davis, West Virginia 26260 * two9er@gmail.com 717.448.3228 Get Dirty.#appalachiandirt

our new groomer

There's nothing like a shiny new highway to brighten the eyes of developers and land speculators...

Bill Fischer Snowflex @ Liberty Univ. Va 10/30

WG Ski Patrol minus several

Sue Schmidt Super Sandy Martin

Mtn Laurel Learners invade Thomas by Jessica

Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman is very pleased with several recent and upcoming changes at the National Weather Service that should help improve winter weather forecasts for western Tucker County, WV and the surrounding high country this season.  As such, I foresee my role in alerting you to significant winter weather as being significantly reduced or even eliminated.  This optimism is based on several factors:1)  A new forecast zone solely for the high Allegheny Plateau (including Canaan and Dolly Sods) of western Tucker County  will be implemented by the NWS Nov. 3, 2015.  This should place more forecaster focus on the high plateau's unique weather.  Similar zone changes made for Grant and Pendelton Counties, WV several years ago resulted in significant winter weather improvements there.2)  A new location with direct model forecast guidance at Canaan Heights at 3,710 feet elevation was just added several days ago.  That will give NWS forecasters the highest elevation station in Tucker County with direct model output for improved high country weather forecasts.3)  The primary NWS weather forecast model (GFS or Global Forecast System) has had several improvements implemented since last winter.  These changes also provide improved weather forecast guidance for the subject area.Hopefully, forecasters can integrate all these changes to improve service.Your One and Only Fearless Canaan Weatherman

Matt Hauger added winter

Please join us (Friends Of Blackwater) in giving back to the community one food item at a time. We have donation boxes all over Thomas and Davis and if you could please stop by and drop off any non-perishable food. We will also be at Shop and Save in Davis on 11/15 from 10-2 and 11/16 from 4-7 to collect donations as well. All of your generous donations will go to the Blackwater Ministerial Food Pantry in Davis and will serve over 60 families this this holiday. Monica....Donation Flyer

MacBeth was in Thomas

First Vermont Snow

ski crossing * Canaan's Mitchell Beall


Jack Frost weather!

Laurie crossing her childhood Shenandoah River near Woodstock, VA @ Classicus Farm

Washington DC area folks--want to learn more about Canaan Valley Institute and enjoy a fun evening of food and comradery? You can meet CVI staff members and learn more about their water quality and education work Saturday November 14th in Potomac, MD. Call or email Jenny Newland at 304.259.4715 or jennifer.newland@canaanvi.org for more information.

Effective Tuesday November 3, 2015, the NWS will split Tucker County into two new forecast zones; Western Tucker (WV Zone 513 and Eastern Tucker (WV Zone 514). This should result in more accurate forecasting for the Canaan and surrounding high country as more attention should now be given to the high country in Western Tucker with this smaller high elevation breakdown of forecast zones. Additional surrounding county zone forecast changes occurring at the same time can be seen at: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/os/notification/scn15-43pbz_zones%20cor.htm * I am hopeful that this long overdue change for Tucker County and anticipated improvements in NWS forecast accuracy will allow Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman to retire! Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman

My weather witch bones say that this winter will be bitter cold and lots of snow. which will make happy skiers. as there will be enormous blustery, mounds of powder in WV. The cold will begin early and just as last year - there MAY WELL BE THANKSGIVING SNOW MAGIC at WG. If there is not snow on that day or near it I will be mightily surprise. Ullr and his woman will smile on Chip Chase and White Grass again this year. Happy snow farming and skiing to all. Our Weather Witch

Todd setting up winter snow stake system

There was wonderful heavy this morning at a wetland I frequently photograph. There is strong frost pocket (microclimate there). The temperature was 17F during the twilight period until just after sunrise. The temperature at nearby Davis was 23F. The surface of the lake was partially frozen. These crisp, frosty mornings are some of the most beautiful of the year. Enjoy, Joe

Farmer's Almanac story / snowflake right over WG!

Chip' is barefoot - shorts dancing in yellow shirt on right...Liz and Adam in foreground

Weather Bell * The official federal government NOAA/National Weather Service (NWS) winter weather forecast was issued yesterday. Strong El Nino's (warm surface waters) like the one we now have going on in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean west of South America provide some skill in making long range forecasts for North America. The NWS forecast for December, January, and February (the 3 winter months) calls for slightly higher odds for a wetter and milder winter than average over the Canaan. Whether the wet aspect of this forecast translates into some large snowfalls is uncertain, depending on whether cold air is in place at the time of the storms. You can see the NWS winter weather forecast at: NOAA: Strong El Niño sets the stage for 2015-2016 winter weather

Culture Kitchen with Mike Costello Wed night at Salud! A Do Not Miss Event following Yoga and two points for your pro party circuit series.* MENU: Smoked mountain trout and chestnut rillettes on clover sprout salad with gold beets and pickled green tomato relish * Three sisters: wood roasted acorn squash with charred corn salad and white bean purée * Elk meatloaf medallion with wood roasted heirloom carrots and cranberry mustard sauce * Woodland mushroom and autumn ramp stew with wild rice * Blue cornbread pudding with butternut squash ice cream and wild blueberry gastrique (it was yummy and a cultural overdose)

Jess Thorton * Frankie Kenneth About 4 years ago I read about the WV Mushroom Club foray on the Whitegrass website... Ron Ulle

Joe Henry chilly

Janet Chase Moore & Bruce * A tribute to Jimmy Gaydos: Fairbanks/Canaan boat builder



Todd and Lizzy Claw

Joe Henry

Note From Canaan Park and Steve! We are going to make every effort to open up the Tube Park and Ice rink for Thanksgiving (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), weather permitting, I’ll keep you updated. We are going to have our traditional Thanksgiving buffet (more details to follow) Thanksgiving Day. Oct.30 & 31 we will offer a Haunted House at the Bear Paw Lodge (more details to follow).

John and Patty in Montana

couple more from last weekend...Martin Radigan

Joe Henry

Elakala Falls 10.5.15 Blackwater Falls State Park. Vernon Patterson

Go off the Grid (Without the Long Haul): West Virginia...Huffington Post. Sent by Tim Sharp in northern Alaska

36th Annual Rye Hill Poetry Reading Oct 4

Chip/Adam Team Captains

WAY TO GO!! Prior to race day sponsor donations for Team Boulder Park totaled $5,590. More came in on race day --we’re still counting.
Race day awards to Tucker Boulder Park totaled a whopping $4,250:
$100 Oldest Participant LaVerna White (mom)
$100 5k Luck of the Draw Jay Gartenhaus
$250 3rd Fastest 5k Overall John Morgan Chase
$100 Male 20-29 1st place Adam Rossi
$100 Male 60-69 3rd place Chip Chase
$100 Proud to be Endowed
$1000 Best Effort - Tucker County Commission
$1000 McDonough Foundation

Tucker Boulder Park: 72 members * $360.00 entry fee * $5,710.00 donations * $4,150.00 earned race day * Total Raised $10,220.00
$1,500 1st Place Best Effort OVERALL (based on team size & support raised)...Also had the LARGEST TEAM – 72 members.* Total proceeds over $10,000! Diane Hinkle

Red Crick Martin

Joe Henry

Restore Red Spruce

West Virginia engineer proves to be a David to VW's Goliath

Heart Of The Highlands

WV Focus Mag

Patch Adams

This morning’s photo (9/29) captured at a CVSP overlook. It is one of the best locations in the valley to experience diverse fall color. This morning there was film of water on all the flora which enhanced the color saturation. Enjoy, Joe Henry

These guys are always working and making the experience of White Grass the magical and high point of everyone's Tucker County winter experience . It's like they never stop no matter what the season. Keith Strausbaugh

Wetland creation CVSP * Barn Dance

Vern Patterson/Olson Bog

Kimberly Community Quilt

Heart of the Highlands Trail System Stakeholder Meeting: :The Annual Stakeholder meeting for Heart of the Highlands Trail System will be Wednesday, September 30 at 6:00 p.m. at the National Youth Science Center in Davis, WV (previously the Canaan Valley Institute building). Anyone interested in trails in Tucker County is encouraged to attend.We have reached some major milestones and are seeking community support as we move forward.  Come celebrate our accomplishments and help ensure continued success with our public land partners and trail system development.For more information or to let us know you’ll be there, email: info@heartofthehighlandstrail.orgcall 304-866-4757 or message us at facebook.com/HeartOfTheHighlands

s Look forward to seeing you all and will be there when the snow flies. Paul Hess

So happy to be back at one of my favorite places in the world. Turned on and Whitegrass is working its magic. Skip Brown

last March at Stokely Creek, Ontario Canada. And a poem, inspired by the lonesome beaver trail at Stokely:

In the summer I built a sturdy dam
Any holes I plugged with mud
In the fall I built a hutch, warm and cozy
With two swim holes, one just in case
My pond has lots of sticks and twigs to eat
Still, I am a lonesome beaver --by Sean Kelly (Of course, I know there are no lonesome beavers in the Canaan Valley! Cheers from Pittsburgh)

crisp early fall morning Dolly Sods. 30F frost on the heath barren Sept 15. Joe

here is one to get the fires stoked over. Snow. This is a shot of Zero Gully on the North Face of Ben Nevis. Photo taken early Sept.and still has snow. Doug Milam

WG hat on the summit of Mt. Tallac in a Lake Tahoe, the tallest peak in the area. Grueling hike up, but unbelievably amazing views at the top. Devin and Mike

Great to see you at Lockn Festival. The music and comradery freed my soul. Can’t wait to free the heel. Chris Hoy

Stumptown Ales

Stumptown Ales in Davis

There's been a lot of talk in the national news recently about the strong-to-very strong El Nino now forecast to continue for the equatorial Pacific Ocean with high confidence for this fall and winter by many sources including the National Weather Service (NWS) Climate Prediction Center (CPC) (a record strong state is seen possible by some). High El Nino states at these levels impact worldwide weather patterns, including those over much of the U.S. and West Virginia. Given this strong El Nino forecast, I thought you might find it useful to know what impacts, if any, are seen on historical seasonal snowfall record in the Canaan Valley, WV high country. Dr. Christopher Vogel (Oak Ridge, TN Laboratories) and I reviewed 54 years of official National Weather Service published snowfall records for the Valley (1944-45 through 2001-2002 snowfall seasons), categorizing each season by ENSO states using NWS Climate Prediction Center (CPC) categories as follows;El Nino (warmer than avg. equatoral Pacific sea surface temperatures): weak, moderate, strong, very strong La Nina (cooler than avg. equatoral Pacific sea surface temperatures): weak, moderate, strong, and, Neutral ENSO: (little deviation from climatological average Pacific sea surface temperatures (SSTs) With that done, we then looked at snowfall totals and winter temperatures for each category to see what connections, if any, are seen. A brief summary of results of that assessment follows....Canaan Valley experiences slightly lower than average snowfall amounts (134 inches is avg.) and warmer than average temperatures during El Niño phases (what's forecast this winter) . In this limited analysis, Canaan Valley snowfall and temperature records exhibit a weak correlation to the ENSO phenomenon. During the La Niña phase, the least amount of snowfall was observed with 10% below average amounts. However, there is considerable variation in the snowfall totals within specific seasons. Some of the lowest snowfall amounts occurred during the neutral and El Niño phases, while some high amounts occurred during La Niña events. ENSO neutral states were seen to result in the highest average snowfall totals as a category.These results are NOT a forecast of snowfall amounts for the upcoming 2015-16 winter. They aer simply a historical climatological assessment of seasonal snowfall amounts versus ENSO states. With the small sample sizes for the moderate-and-strong ENSO categories, statistical significance of the results are low.One must understand there are many non-ENSO factors that also affect weather patterns and snowfall amounts in the local Canaan area. In addition to this event being one of the strongest ever predicted (only 2 other very strong ones have ever occurred in history), other wild cards that can influence local weather patterns include; fall Siberian snow cover extent, the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), overall world SST patterns, water temperatures over the Great Lakes, etc. How all these factors and others interact is unknown and subject to great variability. The results briefly summarized here will be published in more detail within several months in an upcoming issue of the"SOUTHEASTERN NATURALIST" magazine (Vol. 13; a peer-reviewed journal), under an article entitled "THE CLIMATE OF CANAAN VALLEY, WV". I will stay in touch as we approach the upcoming 2015-16 snow season. Mother Nature rules! Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman * (retired National Weather Service climatologist)

Asheville Fest City USA, Clint & Michelle love fest!

Hen of the Woods/Maitake

For those of you who live here: If you are fan of fall color, consider visiting the Canaan Loop Rd about 3 miles from RT 32. There is large bog there on the left hand side of FR13. The best time is before sunrise when the maples are side to back lit or just before sunset. Cloud skies make the experience better. This photo was captured yesterday (Sept. 1) and provides a good example peak fall color occurs in this frost pocket. The bog is surrounded with lots of red maples. The last two years the peak color of maples occurred two weeks or earlier than the previous 35 years I have been hiking and observing there. Enjoy the photo or even better visit this bog while the maples are still in peak condition. Best, Joe

and so....another season has begun!


Ride @ 5 by Todd

Bert & Robert Taylor Ollie on Sugarbush/Chip's grandson

Mad River Distillery * Ryder, Erin, and Alex, family in Vermont

Crystal Lake Camps Cory/Brew Skies

Kevin O Shea

Accu predicts Future / Aug. 13....brrrr!

Athens Bike Shop

Chip and Adam Chase are raising interest and money for the Boulder Park . Consider joining and helping at the Annual Sept. 26th Run For It!

It was great, thanks for the directions. We went upstream from the water plant - my gps said over 5 meandering miles but ended up near the entrance road which was as far as we could go. Crossed 6 active beaver dams. Thanks again for the tip. Bill Berlin

Great Mushroom Foray and the White Grass shirt was handy in the Alps. Sky Kershner

(Back from Iceland, Holland, Belgium, and France)...Big planes, big water, frozen world, rushing water. Old world, vivid history, two wheels, open road, open mouth, savor...everything!! Fun people, funny people. Friends. Mary Willis

Did you hear about the fungi that fell in love with an algae....they took a lichen to each other. Now their love is on the rocks...Tradd Cotter / Mushroom Mountain

We housed and welcomed this amazing man last month! Tradd Cotter is a microbiologist, professional mycologist, and organic gardener, who has been tissue culturing, collecting native fungi in the Southeast, and cultivating both commercially and experimentally for more than twenty-two years. In 1996, he founded Mushroom Mountain, which he owns and operates with his wife, Olga, to explore applications for mushrooms in various industries and currently maintains over 200 species of fungi for food production, mycoremediation of environmental pollutants, and natural alternatives to chemical pesticides. Recent Article

Crossed Paths with Elkins Musicians Erin and Seth and Blackwater Mojo in Europe * GarageMahal Lodge booking for winter already?

Augusta ....Since the snow melted and the last dish was washed, I've been looking forward to next winter. Cheers, Kurt * A wet summer to a canoeing mushroom picker is like a powder filled winter for a xc skier

Linny gliding with Laurie Carolyn Cavendish B&L Gallery

Stumptown Ales, Davis,WV!

Tucker Boulder Park

Vern Patterson, North Fork Blackwater

Joe Henry

Salud Cavers

I like whitewater when it's frozen and stuck to the sides of the hills or melted and filling the gullies. Chris Good

My Liz and Chloe Cunningham 1983 John McCuskey

Mountain Yoga, outside next to the Gorge

Check out these photos on the Ruth Glacier in the Alaska Range with former WGers Zack and Khalial who have moved to Anchorage. We stayed at the Don Sheldon Mountain House. The weather was awesome over memorial day week! Annums were an awesome all around ski for the glacier travel and skiing laps on the hill by the hut. The rest of the group had AT setups and had unhappy feet and lots of skinning dilemmas touring the flats. http://factum.biz/Fotos/20150526-AK/index.html John and Lisa

Summer trail construction and trail maintenance jobs are still available with Heart of the Highlands Trail System! No experience is necessary. Ability and willingness to work as a team performing physical labor in the great outdoors of Tucker County while learning sustainable trail building techniques is required. Minimum pay is $8.50/hour with an end of term performance bonus incentive. For more information or questions contact: info@heartofthehighlandstrail.org. * For application contact: recruiter@wvccc.com * Check out all job postings at http://www.wvccc.com/ * Julie Dzaack

Chip harpin'Black Lillies Gilbert Johnson/ Creative Images

Moving Our School Meet The Cheat

planning Euro trip to Iceland, Amsterdam, Ghent, and Paris!

Highland Market * Backbone Farm

Dan & Annalise's goodbye BBQ. As Dan said, "If it's not on the WG report page, it didn't happen!" Devin Hartnett

Athey Lutz Erin Chase

Ben Herrick Michael Doig

Corridor H new 4 miles. WV Shitake on npr

85 degrees but still a patch of white over the silo at Sugarbush! Todd

Hi Laurie, Thank you so much for the delicious dinner and cake for our wedding at Blackwater Falls. We had rave reviews and couldn't be happier with everything. If there is an online forum or anything that you use for advertising, we'd be happy to post a positive comment or review. Best, Rachel & Travis

WV Nature Conservancy

Charm Farm CSA * Nellie Rose

gifted WG art by Bex and Joe Randolph

americans on the moon (rocks) by Todd * WV Rocks

Jivaka Wellness Center * Art Spring

Bewildered Hippy beer by Todd Eardensohn * Local Square Dances

Backbone WVNPR Randall Reed Farm Boss Extraordinare

Matthew Goff about to get married with Canaan adopta-family

Mart headed back to Kenya after Reforestation work in WV . thanks Dave Saville

Mar Star & Olivia

Corridor H project yields $74k in water pollution fines * DOH looks at Corridor H funding proposal

John Regan Colo May Freshies

Hardcore Cornography. It's kinda like powder skiing only it's over the terrain not always down the slope - But corn...corn is poetry. Of course, like all good things it's nearly entirely ignored by The World. Corn is snow that has thawed and frozen a few times. The crystals become big, round and juicy. They sparkle in the sun. And they can take the heat. Corn is strong. On sunny, warm, late winter days it can be 50 degrees in the corn and your skis are still lovin' it. It's not sticky. As long as it freezes at night corn can last for weeks. See more at: http://outyourbackdoor.com/newarticle.php?id=2180#sthash.So85ZALC.dpuf

Joe Henry/dry fork cheat

Earl “Skip” Taliaferro considers himself an “amateur mycologist” — which means he likes roaming the woods in search of wild mushrooms. He is so well-known, he has taught classes about mushrooms across the state for a decade. Wednesday night, he forages his way onto reality TV. Taliaferro, who lives in Roanoke County, will be featured on the National Geographic Channel’s “Filthy Riches” as part of a segment where he joins two other people in search of wild mushrooms in the Canaan Valley of West Virginia. He was invited by his friend Chris Matherly, one of the main people featured on the show. Taliaferro, Matherly and Levena Holmes were filmed searching for chaga, a mushroom that grows on birch trees. “We spent five days working on it,” Taliaferro said, “but I don’t know how much I’ll be in it. Chris has been a friend for a long time and he lives off mushrooming, which basically means he lives out of his van.” The show airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. at the National Geographic Channel.

Ex Canaanite Jim Gaydos has died Fox, AK * Suspect captured

Ashram Rockin' it with Chip & pups by Doug Milam

Between Poles by Mark

80lbs of Chaga filmed nearby WG last summer

Is there an onion snow out there hiding? * I think it was the best winter I can remember. Kia * Looks like spring is over winter around the corner. Michael Whaley

25th Annual Smoke Hole 2015...21 boats, around 30 campers, perfect easy river level, only one short swim we know of, cold saturday to blazin' sun sunday. Put this fine canoe run on your radar! Eagles Nest Outfitters

soaking in southern Spain...Laurie, Janet, & Kate

Andy "Fire" Stump

Carter skiing thumbs up by Chad and Heather

Patch Adams

A recent report said that backcountry participation is up 25%, with 6.3 million skiers and riders. Why do you think that is?....cause WG is around! * Amen brother. Thanks for the mega vibe. You are big medicine. Jerry * Check WG whenever I need a lift. Pat Norton (we don't have any!)

Chip and his daughter Erin with some of the grand kids in green & white Vermont

I remember fencing with my dad when I was young.  I tried to pound in a staple and, as they often do, it went flying.  “Those are the same as nickels,” he said, and made me go find it. Dave Saville

Andy Stump

WEST STILL DRY; VERMONT CLAIMS TITLE AS SNOWIEST STATE It’s not just California, although that state has taken the brunt of the snow dearth this year. Colorado’s overall snowpack is also down. According to the Natural Resources Conservation Service, this is the third worst snowpack in 30 years for this time in April. “Drought’s grip on California grabs all the headlines. But from Texas to Arizona to Colorado, the entire West is under siege by changing weather patterns that have shrunk snowpacks, raised temperatures, spurred evaporation and reduced reservoirs to record lows,” a story in Monday’s New York Times reported. The snowpack in Colorado is down to 69% of normal. It fell from 87% of normal one month ago, the federal agency said. In addition to the dry conditions, spring temperatures are higher than normal, so the snowpack is disappearing earlier than usual. At the other end of the spectrum, Vermont is the undisputed snowfall champ this season, according to the Vermont Ski Areas Association.  Jay Peak topped the chart with 357 total inches as of April 13, far outpacing western resorts in accumulated snow. It plans to stay open until May. Killington Resort, supplemented its nearly 200 inches of natural snow with efficient snowmaking, resulting in snowpack of up to 30 feet - enough to plan to keep the mountain open until June. The US National Weather Service snow stake at the top of Mount Mansfield, home of Stowe Mountain Resort, read seven and a half feet as of April 9, a record amount for the season and far above the seasonal average.

Joe Henry

$55-$72 per month ski area electric Chip/Adam Team Captains

May 22-24 Art Spring Chip teaches wild mushroom workshop

What do you think we've been doin'? sent by Harley Cahen

Todd april 2013

John WG Patroller and Aira Soon to be Climber Parents by Gabe Augusta

Film Festival 4/25 in Thomas * Annual Smokehole Canoe 4/25-26

...reporting in from the Peer Gynt trail in Norway - a fabulous five day trip with favorable weather and lots of nice people. This mountain pass was crowded with dogs, kids and families enjoying the snow on Easter weekend. Regards! John and Lisa Guide

Gisela sends warm tropical greetings from India!

John Regan Maine w/ Matt

Joe Henry Ryan Gaugot Robbie's work commute

I wanted to make you aware of 2 upcoming photography workshops that I'm co-leading, in an effort to spread the word. If you know anyone who is an intermediate kind of photographer wanting to learn, see lots of beautiful places, meet other photographer types, have fun and explore, this is something that might interests them. Info at this link: Workshop A professional landscape photographer who leads workshops and sells prints. Thanks for helping spread the word! Martin * Salamander and 3 Mile Article in Refuge Update. Casey

7th Annual! Join Chip for the Nature Ride Poster by Rebecca Wudarski * hi friends, hope this email is finding you in full spring swing (sort of). Mark your calendars! Friday, May 22 Friday, September 4 Thanks,  Sheena Williams 304-940-3218

Natty Nord where Robbie's Rad meets Chippie Care Free by Mark Anderson

sent by George Finly / Crested Butte

International Potluck where every flavour on the planet was well represented...love my pickled herring from Sweden. Go Mtn Laurel Learning Coop

Loved today. Great xcing with you. Lesley Suppes * Thanks for another great season. Avery and I last skied two weekends ago and had a wonderful time. I so much appreciate the welcoming atmosphere for everyone, including the kiddos, at Whitegrass. Cheers, Joel * It's been great 2015 Season! The Crystal Lake Staff and the STEP AmeriCorps Service Members are deeply appreciative of all your support as we re-organized and set the ground work for the revitaliztion of the Crystal Lake Ski Center this season. We could not have accomplished as much as we did without the help of our Ambassadors who gave many hours of service, our Season Pass holders, and you who have joined us on the mountain for memorable skiing adventures. The stories that were shared, many from over 30 years ago, confirmed why Crystal Lake Ski Center needs to live on. Please know we are off to a great beginning to preserve the Ski Center. With your continued support we will ensure the Ski Center will be here for us and future generations! Additional note: If you are intersted in renting a cabin or coming up for biking, hiking or canoeing please contact the Crystal Lake Camp Director BJ Thompson at BJ@crystallakecamps.com.

Thought you'd appreciate these pictures from our adventure around National Nordic/The Pipeline on Saturday afternoon! We took the Canaan lift up and had an amazing day touring around the area, which we somehow hadn't yet explored until now! There are still definitely still a few weeks' worth of skiing left up there-- in fact, we saw 15 inches of snow at the National Nordic stake (which we think is the 4,300 ft. stake?). We also just wanted to say THANK YOU for the awesomeness of White Grass and getting us addicted to cross country skiing. We've been escaping the DC insanity at WG for two seasons now and it's become our home away from home. We'll be coming back until the last flake melts (and probably even after because we'll be in denial)! Cheers to the endless winter, Brea and Alex

Thanks for a great weekend, it was just what the Dr ordered. Super great skiing, I love the long days, die hard snow, corn powder, and all of your friends. Your collective hospitality is unmatched. Thanks again for all, see you in the autumn for glades clearing etc! Matt Steiman / Dickinson College Farm

Mt. Galena, CO Charlie Waters Matt 3/21

Endless Winter Chip - Glad to see winter is hanging on at Whitegrass. We followed the snow to the Adirondacks to close our season with a week of great skiing, on piste and off, in the High Peaks. Can't wait to return to Whitegrass next season. - Adam I.

Sue Haywood on to cycling...

Chaga Alaska sent by Andy N. Maggie

It meant so much to me to be able to eek out some tracks with you during these final weeks of the season. It is an especially beautiful time of year catching the final snow on top of blankets of moss! Looking forward to pruning the glades next fall! Johnny

Heather Hansman * Steve Lloyd @ WG 3/11 for Powder Mag and Ski WV article

Mad River Glen

WG at its Finest Gary Guzy

Jocelyn Gaugot

Olivia had a blast. Joe Sizemore

Bill Berlin Mar 19 @ WG Fun Raiser

Kevin Keane Had a blast meditating up on the hill. Andrew Dickson

Finally made it to White Grass this year and up to Bald Knob on Saturday - came down Powderline and 3 mile like the old woman I am - tired and slow - but happy! Thanks for keeping things just the same ! Food, drink, staff all great as usual. All the best, Sallie and Hugh McElrath

Celebrating Sally's birthday! Valerie Kramer * Girl's get-away weekend. Super Day! Kelly Kruper

Eileen Lammie Powell's meet the Judy girls. Chico

Paul Sullivan Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Eggplant dish served last Saturday night. As a long time vegan, good creative and taste dishes like this are few and far between and very much appreciated. I detected perhaps some cardamom and lemon, perhaps you would share the rest of the ingredients. Rich in Cincinnati.

Tony gave Wren a few helpful tips while we were skiing by the lodge - mostly how to get up after falling down. Very important! She got the hang of it and we headed out 3 mile for a fun adventure. The tree skiing was divine on Saturday. There was still plenty of powder left for us out-of-towners. Chris

Sorry we didn't make it out to WG this year to see the gang and enjoy all that nice POW. Spring is definitely here and its time to shed some clothes and enjoy the last of the snow. We hope to see you at the Smokehole.The Goos. * My wife and my 8 month daughter and our dog had a blast both days! Dinner there Friday night, lunch, snacks, coffee and good beer on Sat and Sun days - we XC'd on Sat and then snowshoe on Sun! Missing it already and can't wait to get back! Best, Mike Bur

Daniel Davidoff We spent a couple of days at your place last week. Had a blast! What a wonderful place. I attached a picture of some tracks I found on cabin mountain trail. Do you know what they are? Thanks, Kevin

Jim Dunham with long time WGer Bob Livingston 4300' 24" 3/9/15

electric....Thanks Man, Still glowing from the Mad River Glen Mecca. Chip skiing 3/8 by Geo Bell

Laura Bray * Steve Powers

The smartest thing we did this winter was purchase a season pass and new XC skis at White Grass. Thank you Chip Chase and the entire White Grass team for another awesome weekend and, most of all, for sharing your very special place with all of us!!! Margaret and Herbert... No, no in reverse....we love our skiers more than you will ever know...

Jess Daddio * Great, steep, cross country skiing. Good food and wonderful staff. Friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Plenty of rentals available. Live music on weekends. Rebecca Rozin * Amazing to wake up in Winchester on a normal winter day with no snow in sight, drive just an hour and forty-five minutes and be in a winter wonderland. You can go from bored in town to skiing in Scandinavia in less time than it takes to watch a movie. If you don't love gliding through the snow covered trails at White Grass, immediately seek medical help - you may have a serious condition. Jess V. Winchester,VA

VERMONT CHARGES PRIVATE SKI CLUB WITH PERMIT VIOLATIONS : Vermont is charging an exclusive private ski resort with a series of permit violations, according to a report on Vermont Public Radio. The state attorney general’s office says the Hermitage Inn and Club failed to apply for Act 250 land use and water quality permits before starting construction projects. It also alleges the business failed to comply with the conditions of existing permits. In a lawsuit filed in Windham Superior Court, the state says the Hermitage altered a dam and disturbed a "significant" wetland without approval. The suit also claims the resort began building a wind turbine on the summit of Haystack Mountain without the required land use permit. The resort owns 1,400 acres of land in West Dover and Wilmington, including the Haystack Mountain ski area and golf course. The membership-only club features year-round recreation. According to the resort’s website, membership fees range from $25,000 to $75,000. The state is charging the Hermitage with 15 counts of violating land use and water quality regulations between 2011 and 2014. According to the lawsuit, in late 2012 a court ordered the Hermitage to stop any unauthorized work and get the necessary permits, but the state alleges the violations continued. Such violations are usually handled by state agencies, but the scope and the duration of the problems warranted the Attorney General’s involvement. The complaint says, ultimately, the Hermitage Inn took the necessary remediation steps and addressed concerns raised during 2012 construction. However, the state contends the company then undertook new unauthorized work, including converting a snow making pond into a recreational area, clearing land, constructing a parking lot and erecting a building.

Gabe Dewitt Buy replacement skis sooner

Jesse Von Fange Chris Hoy

I usually go to Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont. I was at WG 10 years ago and the improvements are astounding...grooming as good as Trapp and the fees are less. Overheard

HQ for all sorts of indie outdoor cultural action! I'd love to come visit you folks someday. I haven't explored SE USA nearly enough. Thanks for being there! -- Jeff Potter, S.E. Michigan

Matt Steiman * Sent by Chris Hong * Karen Oleksak Morning Ski

Bob Livingston Forest citizen awaiting better conditions

Dave in VT

XC SKIER/ Mandy Sullivan

Dave Saville

Bald Knob / Until we get back over to you all, I'm remembering some special moments at White Grass. We're having a "super sparkly snow day" here. Hope this coastal storm gave you all some fluff too! Betty...www.gatewoodgraphics.com

Nothing finer than a February weekend in Canaan! Our friends loved White Grass, and we took their son on his first epic ski - 9 miles and 1,000 vertical. He thought we should just come back the next day and explore some more! Enjoy the photos and the snow. Chris and Tom Hong

Sully / Chip's Run

Eileen Lammie, our local vet in Norway with WG skis! * Johnny and his Sunday Yoga in the Yurt by Chloe * Simon Putt chicadee nation

Chloe Rain We had a magical day on Sunday! Thanks for running such an awesome place. WG4EVR!! Sean Joyner

Jay's 60th by Nancy Mammarella

Rick Watson * While some official sub-zero readings occurred in the immediate DC suburbs this cold Tuesday, February 24,2015 morning, Canaan Valley, WV, the highest valley floor in eastern North America, only 125 air miles due west of Washington Regan National Airport (DCA) hit an official -20 F air temperature (not wind chill) (preliminary data).  Some other regional offical NWS low ambient temperature readings are shown below: Glady, WV (2,840 ft.):  -21 F * Canaan Valley, WV (3,250 ft.):  -20 F Bayard, WV (2,375 ft.):  -17 F Bob Leffler

Thank you thank you thank you.  What you've created at WG over the years is truly magical.  I'm priviledged to be a part of it from time to time!  Thanks for the hospitality at the end of the day yesterday, the great tasty beer, sharing the rice cakes, the fun music discussion, and the tour of the grooming equipment!  Sam Lindblom C'ville, VA

NATO Todd Mr. James Bond was recently spotted telly skiing the freshies on D & E hill. He was previously known to only alpine, so apparently he has joined the ranks of the free heels, reportedly on Evo skis. Andy Stump ....skiing the blizzard was like a snow globe, well shaken Andy "James Bond" Stump

Bill Fisher...thanks for plowing the lots all night for the fun of it and parking cars all mornin' and puttin' gas in the truck

Skip Brown

Bob Livingston Rick Watson

the future for winter lovers is bright

Mike and Lester Birkie done! * It's not White Grass but there is plenty of white on the grass at Leesburg's "snow farm" where cows graze in the summer and folks are invited to sled in the winter. Your Leesburg area season-passers will know exactly where this is. Regards, John Piedmont

Brenda Nils Larsen

Kurt Canaan Hgts I hear it's snowing!!!! And snowing and snowing!! I'm so happy for WG...I would say that I hope you are all skiing your hearts out, but I have no doubt that that is already occurring. Anchorage is less-than-snowy..in fact, it was 48 degrees here today!! It appears that we have swapped climate zones. Andy

Bob Livingston

BB Biathlon Results Feb 22, 2015

Kids Hits Time Age
1. Jac Compton 8 5:16 10
1. Andre Thorton 8 5:16 13
2. Isabelle Judy 8 6:28 10
3. Martin Moyland 8 7:18
4. Aidan Riggle 9 8:26 9
5. Avah Behrens-Wik 6 9:12 7
6. Allison Judy 8 9:27 7
7. Mason Powell 7 9:36 8
8. Adelaide McCann 6 10:30 7
9. Ethan Riggle 7 11:13 7
10. Saxon Joyner 7 11:55 8
11. Delaney Stull 1 14:22 5
12. Arden Gaujot 5 16:13 6
13. Cyrus Pott 8 19:02 6
14. Estoria Chase 1 29:59 4

1. John Gould 9 5:05
2. Ian Brown 9 5:19
3. Skip Brown 8 5:54
4. Mac Thorton 9 6:19
5. Jon Schaffer 9 6:45
6. Patrick McCann 8 7:03
7. Jon Fiske 9 7:05
8. Sean Joyner 9 7:23
9. Colleen Compton 8 7:40
10. Kat Horska 7 8:54
11. Nazarona Labo 6 9:07
12. Bahskar Purkayastha 9 10:08
13. Omar Mukhtar 8 10:12
14. Nina 9 10:59
15. Nabs 9 12:09
16. Katy Schaffer 8 12:28
17. Emily Pott 9 19:41

I saw a website that you could look-up US snowfall totals for 2015. Canaan Valley comes in at 18....Craig Offutt

Rank Place Snow State
1 Copenhagen, Lewis County 256.2 NY
2 Mt Washington 235.2 NH
3 Redfield 7.9 Nnw 227.7 NY
4 Climax 219.6 CO
5 Attica 7 Sw 214.7 NY
6 Perrysburg 208.8 NY
7 Colden 1W 204.7 NY
8 Fulton 195.2 NY
9 Herman 186.4 MI
10 Highmarket 168.8 NY
11 Palermo 2 Sse 163.1 NY
12 Pulaski 1 N 156.4 NY
13 Marquette County Area 156.3 MI
13 Marquette Wso Ap 156.3 MI
15 Pinkham Notch 154.8 NH
16 Sault Ste Marie Sanderson Fld 154.3 MI
16 Sault Ste Marie Area 154.3 MI
18 Canaan Valley 2 144.5 WV
19 Story 0.8 W 143.9 WY
20 Blue Hill 143.4 MA
20 Milton Area 143.4 MA
22 Batavia 142.6 NY
23 Red Lodge 142.2 MT

Heading out to Colorado with Tema sans kiddos. Looking forward to playing in the big mountains. Won't be back until March. Here's a pic from this morning at a Top Secret Turn Farm in the VA suburbs of DC. Just me my dog and a hillside of snow. Had my fill of Cage-Free, Free-Range turns. Hasta pronto amigo, Andrew

You were right - no bad weather only bad clothes. We had the right gear and a great day - see son James and our fresh trax in Sawmill Bowl. Bill Berlin * So good, so happy, and so lucky to have ski days like today. Stro * Yesterday was the best day ever. The mountain was dipped in white, fluffy butter, and I flowed through, and rolled in the replenishing pleasure garden all day. Spending the day in the woods with my son and my friends was special and makes me grateful to someone, for something………...the list is long. Chris Hoy

City parks brace for Nordic invasion by followers of the Dolly Sods Lama Film at 11 Mike and Plum, Richmond,VA

We followed zigzag tracks up to Weiss knob left by two back-country skiers. we passed a couple that was camping, and an ascent skier on the glide back down. this is Evelyn at Weiss Knob, subzero temps frosted hair -thanks for great Valentine weekend! Stephanie

drew that peace sign on the rock outcrop at the end of that short trail off Stone Coal Flats Walter Haydel John Little We enjoy the beauty of frozen waterfalls in slanted winter light @ WG.

Paul Sullivan

lenticular clouds Martin

My mom skiing in Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park. Samantha Lammie

Mary Ann started the WG cafe in '81, skied at the origianl Virginia WG in '79. She said skiing again was like riding a bike.

Harley Cahen... Jamie Mark Head


sent by Albert Green 2/11/15 * " Thanks for the awesome vibe, as usual! Remember--wax dem skis! Brett

Thanks!! I"m going out on a limb and saying this was by far the best fundraiser in the history of the world. Top it off with a bb biathlon and the day doesn't get any better. It was possibly our favorite weekend of the winter - three days in a row at WG, including a day with Randy.Both of my girls are so excited about bb biathlons now. We can't wait until next year! Hugs to you and Laurie and the WG gang for hosting us.Vicki

We have spring skiing every week of the year in WV and that is the beautiful thing about 160 " snow and 100 skiable days/year so close to 32. Glad we are not in New England. There are zero white grasses up there...chip

Jenny Moore learning to fly...Thank everyone at WG for making the weekend great. Trails were the best, weather the best, staff the best and skiers the best. Took Jenny's boyfriend xc for first time. He had a blast. Kevin Moore (Poppa)

Well known Bread and Puppet Theatre prolific printmaker and puppeteer Peter Schumann, I met him by his house, strong character that still rides tall stilts in his 90's. There is also a Wind one at WG. He lives in Glover, VT up north and has a huge barn that houses his many old political puppet shows and one goes in for free with no one there and leaves a donation. Kinda like WG you use the honesty policy and everyone trusts you and so you take up the challenge. The festival they put on each year got so big that it stopped and was reputed to be so wild that if you ran down the fields nude on one would notice. No that is little different than wg, too cold for such antics yet I think a cool idea we should think about doing...the naked part that is. chip

The skinny on skins Pittsburgh Post...Chip occasionally zigzagged to the left or right to pick up small branches. Larry Walsh

Sue Haywood I think I have a new love in my life. Cross Country Skiing. For 35 years I have ridden the lifts to ski down hills (and not so well btw). This winter I am trying something new and I am loving it!! Makes me feel like I do when I practice Yoga which is my next best love. Suzanne

Thank you to everyone at Whitegrass for a fantastic week of skiing, eating, drinking, laughing! The Onion Tart was superb last night. And the wine went down easy of course. Love ya! See you soon. Clythie * Seen the OLD TOWN CRIER edition? Whitegrass featured. Ron Ulle * I thought you would enjoy seeing the finished product we were working on about Red Spruce and the TNC. Mike

3 mile little mouse mascot. Richard Owens. * Life is short. Spend it with those who remind you what it means to live. Jess Daddio

Jess Daddio/Blue Ridge Outdoors Mark Fulton


I just want to thank you again for all that you and Whitegrass do. Here's a photo of my home away from home last weekend up on the backside of Harmon, which saw weather that ran the gamut. Best regards, Jon D.

Chip always picks up * Sticks fall every second * Chip still picks up stix * by George Bell Snowshoe,WV

BB Biathlon Saturday February 7, 2015
Name age hits time
1. Iris Dubansky 8 9 6:33
2. Ava Stallmeyer 10 7 6:35
3. Max Stallmeyer 8 9 6:43
4. Mia Wheedleton 9 8 9:48
5. Isabelle Judy 10 8 9:52
6. Avah Behrens-Wik 7 3 10:11
7. Grace Coleman 10 2 10:30
8. Allison Judy 7 1 10:43
9. Sage Freed 11 3 10:58
10. Ellie Williams 7 1 11:57
11. Tess Dubansky 5 1 17:07
12. Matt Freed 12 6 19:06

BB Biathlon Sunday, February 8, 2015
Name age hits time
1. Iris Dubansky 8 8 5:58
2. Isabelle Judy 10 7 6:04
3. Colt Coffman 8 7 6:56
4. Emma Ujvagi 7 0 7:42
5. Allison Judy 7 2 8:04
6. Sage Freed 11 5 8:20
7. Zanna Logar 7 5 8:23
8. Mason Powell 8 3 8:35
9. Delany Stull 5 2 9:33
10. Avah Behrens-Wik 7 3 10:33
11. Matt Freed 12 6 10:46
12. Adelaide McCann 7 4 10:54
13. Nash Coffman 6 3 11:50
14. Raina Logar 5 1 12:30
15. Arden Gaujot 6 0 13:05
16. Nate Powell 5 2 13:51
17. Sebastian Crawford 5 1 14:14
18. Estoria 4 5 21:02
19. Andrew Wilkins 5 2 25:39

Trail fairies help, there is a branch falling every moment...otherwise report all needed attention to the Complaints Dept at WG (doesn'tmatterwhatyousay.org)

hope the blizzards are raging. Marc


Terry Peterson has skied here since '81 and still getting inspired...Photo: Andrew Hershey, Jacket: Cloud Veil, Pants: REI, Pack: 1994 Lowe Alpine 40 (with duct tape) Skis: Madshus Epoch 165, Boots: Fischer NNN BC, Hair by "Hat Head"; Hat: Sauce Wear (check them out, cool company) Blue skies, white fluffies and sunshine: Mother Nature! * Thanks in large part to thousands of annual skier visits to the trail system at White Grass, winter is the busiest season for visitors to Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Rick Steelhammer / Chas. Gazette

Working at the Trapp Family Lodge, Betty and I occasionally skied with the late Ned Gillette. He had a famously wry sense of humor. One evening as I was doing my sweep from the Slayton Pasture Cabin, wearing green wool pants, an olive green LL Bean parka and probably a green hat, I met Ned coming up the trail. His greeting was "My God! It's the Finnish Army!." The skin-tight one-piece spandex ski outfits that were de riguer among the Trapp instructors, he called "pimp suits." His best ski advice was one word: you should "ooze." I never step into my bindings without thinking of that word. Mark Gatewood

New Sled Run at Blackwater WV Northern Flying Squirrel

XC at Whitegrass breaks down the barriers. It doesn't matter what you do for a living, what you drive or what gear you have, in fact it doesn't even matter how good a skier you are, the folks at Whitegrass make you feel like family! Mark Smith, Bryson City, NC * It comes right from the heart of one nordic skier to another Mark. The finest group of humans that I know and again if you want a cool business put cross country skiing in front of your name. The ultimate filter. chip

Whitegrass RULES in more ways than one... the food, the trails, the atmosphere, the snow farm to skate ski, the staff (Zach! knew him since before he could drive a car). Such a cool, cool place. Glad you found it. You'll have to take a skate ski lesson from Sue Haywood the next time you go... you'll be hooked on skate skiing, for sure. Jill Weist * Best thing about winter is that you can always put on more clothes...

I was just thinking how you are learning to ski exactly how the rest of us learned...by following the Chases, skiing at night, sipping moonshine, too many tumbles to count, skiing in the yuck and skiing in the fluff. Great writing Jess and great skiing! Sue Haywood (Facebook)

Andy & Jess

Glad there is some snow worth skiing on there.Wish I could be in two places at once and get some positive vibes you guys have there. It's like medicine. Keep having fun! Jamie in Arabia

Vicki shoots posse 1/28...been skiing with this crew combined years around 125! chip

We’ll try to get out there soon and strike while the iron is cold. Desmond * WG always under promises and over delivers * Call you Moses cause you have freed my heels Calder

Vern Patterson...no wonder Mike never showed up to work...heading out to wv and 8 hours of White Grass should feed the soul for the rest of the season. Dan Coogan, Ft Collins, CO * I hope snow is falling on Chip Chase up at Whitegrass Touring Center. Thanks to the crew, and to the patrons there, for the warm welcome and hospitality Sat night. This place is a gem and should be experienced by all. Let it snow. John Merrill

Mar &Olivia Betty Gatewood Freeland Falls

 Some things I learned this weekend:
--getting away from it all with a group of best girl friends is a requirement and shall be done on a regular basis
--sharing a table with a complete stranger can lead to very interesting, thought-provoking conversation and a chance of having a poem written about you
--I can still dance until 2 a.m. (at least the first night)
--I am rather good at twerking
--do NOT spend the night twerking the night before you cross country ski
--cross country skiing, while more difficult than I thought would be, is way fun!
--I wish to become more earthy/crunchy
--I shall cross country ski again!
--it hurts when you fall when learning to cross country ski
--I cannot stay up dancing until 2 a.m. after cross country skiing all day
--walking is made more difficult the day after cross country skiing
--taking a snowshoe hike at White Grass with camera in hand is a beautiful way to spend a Sunday morning
--I have the BEST circle of girlfriends a person could ask for!!! Shana Nine (1/25/15)

cartoon sent by the notorious Dave Saville

Tucker County High School Goes X-Country Skiing by Charlie Waters * I shared this Post article with my friends saying that at my age (50+) I may actually be considered cool! We've been heading to White Grass since before our teens could get up on skis--they started in pulk sleds--and now we all own our our skis. We've never gone anywhere else. Why would we?! Hoping to make our annual visit later this month so Mother Nature better cooperate with some more snow in the Valley. The Sawyer Family

Thanks for the great pics! Glad to share the super vibe you all generate! * You all are the total reason this whole thing is happening! chip * I am : A reflection of you and the world's light. Kent Baake

Big shout out to Chip Chase and Laurie Little and the entire Crew at White Grass XC Ski Area. Always so happy to be there! I strongly recommend the kids ski gear program for the cost of one set of gear, your kiddo can upgrade year after year. Best food ever! The Polinski Famille Erika, Adam and Daniel ala Morgantown...home of WVU I beg your pardon...chip.

Altai Skiers of Asia * Mark Vieno local hero Cooper cut the course

Headed your way soon now that it's snowing again.  I've been doing a website of WV terrain trail maps, mostly for Mountain Biking for a while. They can be downloaded for phone apps and Garmin GPS units, or printed. Your paper map is probably still better but maybe some might enjoy having a Whitegrass map on their phone or GPS. It's all free and will stay that way. Feel free to link it on your site if you like. Whitegrass is at the bottom. It's alphabetic.wvtrails.siterubix.com Thanks! IB

Special Olympians Thanks again for another great WV/VA Special Olympics Cross Country Games. You guys are the best. Let's all do everything we can to do this next year. Gary & Terry Stone

February owes WG 100" at least for sure. Jamie Mulligan * Thought we'd come up and ski the last of the "thin snow" cover. Bill Whitzeman * Where can I find the White Grass app for my Google Glasses in case we're stuck in DC ? Mark Wenzler * WV MAG

i am in awe of being able to ski in my back yard like I do every day of the week and twice on sunday, and sometimes twice monday and the rest of the week! always evaluating and tweaking things to make it even better is half the fun too. It is pretty easy to be high on life when the snow is good! Todd (Facebook)

Joey's Bike Shop, Elkins WV P Sully Bert

Betty Gatewood just test drove our most favorite ski ever and got a case of the "I just gotta haves". One more pair of Rossi Evo Trails out there taking control of winter. Mark and her are skiing out from the GarageMahal this week, never been to the Nat'l Nordic...yet. White Grass on a good day picture, thanks!

Kids Ski Program buy once trade free for life!


32nd Annual Mountain State Marathon Results Jan 25
1st place- Ahna Valach Mingo, WV 18:44

Men’s 25K Skate
1st place- Sheldon Degenhardt Marriottsville, MD 1:27.23
2nd place- Don Nichter Carlise, PA 1:39.22

Men’s 25K Classic
1st place- Jan Merka Clarksville, MD 1:56.00
2nd place- Sean Kelly Pittsburgh, PA 1:58.42
3rd place- Mike Miller Phillipi, WV 2:08.38
4th place- Lester Lind Phillipi, WV 2:08. 52
5th place- Lewis Hart Wheeling, WV 4:12.23

Men’s 10K Skate
1st place- Adam Chase Davis, WV 39.30
2nd place- Chip Chase Davis, WV 44.36
3rd place- Mikey Valach Mingo, WV 55.15
4th place- Mark Anderson Thomas, WV 1:13.21

Men’s 10K Classic
1st place- Chuck Moeser Sterling, VA 44.55
2nd place- Dan Eckel Washington, D.C 57.56
3rd place- Willis Spaulding Charlottesville, VA 1:06.41

Women’s 10K Skate
1st place- Sue Haywood Davis, WV 40:09
2nd place- Charlie Waters Davis, WV 48.55

Women’s 10k Classic
1st place- Anne Jones Thomas, WV 1:22.45
2nd place- Karen Jacobson, Dry Fork, WV 1:23.02
3rd place- Clare Anderson Thomas, WV 1:27.23

We are sending extra racers again to the Marine Corp Marathon since they only get 30,000 entries. After all we have built this race for 3 decades in the most nordic area on the planet.

Adam Chase skier/groomer/climber snaps by Zach Adams

Vern Patterson

From Russia With Love A bit of White Grass was seen today in Sochi Russia at the Olympic cross country ski area.   Nothing beats a good day up to Bald Knob and a great bowl of soup at the cafe.  I am attaching two photos but will share others next weekend when I'm back there in Canaan with my uphill skiing friends. Kathleen Black * Eric Erbe

Joel, Marty, Sue

This man is a high paid actor Tammi Stauffer 1/14

Thanks for the great trails 1/12. Harrison County Special Olympics owned WG! Gary Abbate Gabe shoots Ski Hash

Not quite as good as the graphic in the men’s head, but similar idea. Have a great season! Dan Shewbridge

Shelly Parsons * Vicki Women's XC

Snow Yah! sent by Harley Cahen

Davis is in this wonderful article and makes you wanna go all the places there. by Jess Daddio

Ruthie East West ad queen...


Did a couple laps in the neighborhood cemetery, my typical xc training area, in prep for some skiing on real trails at White Grass - hopefully this weekend! Its looking good on the website. Bill Berlin

It was great to see you over the Holiday. The family had a blast at the Café for dinner on New Year’s and the food and music was fantastic. Tell the folks in the kitchen thanks too for making our son a grilled cheese, it was perfect! I hope the weather turns for you guys this week, and that our next trip up to visit mom and dad is a little snowier! Best wishes for a snowy 2015! Adam and Natalie Ballash...along with Park, Caroline, Andy and Barbara.

...get some of this in the coming week!  Gerrit and I in the Chinook at Le Massif, Quebec. Bill Fischer * Tell the girls to please glue the Chai cookie jar to the counter. Next time I come up, I'm takin' the whole thing.They've been warned! Tele Bruce

Except the conditions and rejoice Rich Spence

Liam Black and new friend atop Baldy T'Day 2014 by Kathleen Black True Love

I thought you'd like this in The New Year: a Lithuanian chimney sweep caught from below in a terrific shot by my German friend Ulrich on vacation. Is this not one cool picture? Looks like Ichabod Crane! Ulrich was a champion chess player who escaped East Germany in the mid 60s during a chess competition in Scandinavia. He became a chemist, is an expert on Hieronymus Bosch, and a hiker who knows the natural world. He'd love West Virginia and you'd love to meet him for a walk in the woods of the Upper Sauerland, and crash at his place! And if I can ever get you together with Dirk Lorenzen, another German in Tasmania and first mate of the sailing ship on which I doctored last year, you're going to meet him too! Servus, Mark Head

Long, long time no see. We’re often thinking about you and missing Whitegrass and hope that winter finally turns on for you. Soon. There’s been a ton of of great paddling here on the Potomac lately but I’d rather be surfing snow. Happy New Year and best wishes to you all. - SKIP www.skipbrownphotography.com

Start Um Young Jessica

Sue and me up on Bald Knob. Not the real Bald Knob, but some other Bald Knob outside Aspen, CO, near the McNamara Hut where we spent New Year's. Flying the Whitegrass flag for you all! Matthew Wikswo

Chip and Co,We rang in the New Year here in Pinkham Notch, NH at the foot of Mt. Washington. Big mountains and fast snow in every direction but it still pales in comparison to good ol' Whitegrass. Will ski you soon. Salud, Andrew Gault and Fam

PSIA Level 1 Nordic Skiing and Teaching Clinic, February 6th, Friday and Saturday the 7th. 9am to 4pm each day. Come to improve your skiing and learn how to teach skiing in a fun and exciting manner. Randy French will be share his secrets of the trade on both how to ski easier as well as how to engage your skiing students. Both classic and skate skiing will be covered. For details go to http://www.psia-e.org/ev/schedule/. Cost is $115 plus annual dues. Call the PSIA office to register at 518-452-6095 before January 15th. * Single Day Skiing Improvement Clinic- Friday, February 6th 9:00am to 4:00pm. Join Randy French to have more fun on your skis. Add some zip to your skiing and smooth out those parallel and tele turns. Rock and roll on skate skis. $45 payable the day of the clinic.

Dear Chip and Laurie, We relocated to Bozeman, MT this fall and never had a chance to say goodbye to you. (I took a new job starting up the Montana Healthcare Foundation, and I'm working communities and Tribes around the state on health-related projects). Even though we’re now surrounded by mountains and snow (well, a little bit of snow—it’s been pretty warm and dry here as well), we have been missing you and Whitegrass. There’s places to ski in every direction, but no Whitegrass!! Emma joined the kids’ Nordic team and is having fun, and it’s great to have new mountains to explore. Thanks so much for your friendship and for sharing the magic of Whitegrass with us over the last five years—you were an oasis for us in our transition from Alaska to DC. We’d love to stay in touch, and if you ever come out in this direction, you have a place to stay in Bozeman! Love, Aaron, Jana, Emma, and Violet

Took our Whitegrass gear on a road trip for the holidays. Visiting family and skiing... Looking forward to getting back and WV skiing! Alicia Rowe

Summit with a view...Lesley

The woods on top of Breakfast Bowl. A great hike.(12/26) Tom

Douglas Falls rocks WG For Wintry Weather, An Especially Cold And Snowy Tale * Snowshoe, WV Webcam

Merry Christmas, Chip, Laurie, Cory & Estoria, Adam, Morgan, & the Pup & the Kitties (especially that little plump grey lover ) We're sending you lots of love from the Hollow. Having the most wonderful Christmas eva (good to be home), and making ready for snow. xoxo, With Love from the Cunninghams

John Tidd

'Shroom Burger * Peter: Did you know that fungi are not plants? Totally different form of life. It's like eating an alien. A really, really tasty alien.... Miles: I'd ask for seconds, but my stomach doesn't have that mushroom.

another great day at WG Anne Jones

Sue Haywood Tip Top / Thomas

White Grasser Matt Marcus Mtn Bike Pioneer Maple Syrup Producers See Bright Future Page 3/ skier John Dalen

NPR BEST SONGS OF THE YEAR....Cheeseball Norwegian disco king goes heartfelt with the help of erstwhile Roxy Music crooner. There’s a rumor I’m starting that Hollywood is considering a remake of Top Gun just so they can use this song in place of “Take My Breath Away.” Jacob Ganz This is THE place to put your computer, then go back to your life and LISTEN and LEARN...thanks Bob Boilen and team...my stand outs so far Sam Smith, Jon Sebastian, Sunny Sweeney (sounds like Love's It!), Drive-By Truckers, Damien Rice, Afterhours, Kölsch feat. Gregor Schwellenbach, and Chris Staples A tear-jerker ode to fatherhood that leaves you feeling grateful for every precious moment of your stupid little life. Michael Jackson King of Pop’s posthumous album Xscape, Lost In The Trees, Latvian Radio Choir, Sharon Van Etten, Doug Seegers, Sufjan Stevens, Parker Millsap, Gabriel Kahane, Sinkane, David Nail, Son Little, The War On Drugs, Future Islands, Clean Bandit , Hozier, Real Estate, Spoon, Temples, Death Vessel, Floating Points, Noura Mint Seymali, Joyce DiDonato, Jeff Ballard Trio and just gettin' started and this is SO FUN and exactly what technology and ear drums are for.

Gisela * Snow Snow come to stay, you can melt some day in May! Dave Crossley

NEW! Experience Tucker County A High Mountain Experience produced by Jessica Scowcroft

In the Dec. issue we are there! Thanks Sheila McEntee

It's always skiable at White Grass.. Bill Berlin

Timberline Ski Area and Canaan Skiing! Barry Tuttle

With old well worn skis that you have already abused for seasons you can adventure the entire mountain in search of deeper snows that do not exist. Café, shop, and trails are open all weekend! Merry Christmas.

Joe Henry

soon to cross the 2000 mark for Friends Of White Grass...raise your hand if you ski. * The album, being produced by Dylan under his pseudonym Jack Frost, has 10 songs made famous by Sinatra. * US Snow Cover 128 inches at Red River Pass, NM * Saw this article and thought of White Grass:"the art of creating intimacy: a sense of comradeship, conviviality and contentment" * Hope to make it up there a bunch this winter! Eva / Salud

We generated a station wagon full of canned goods and food for the local Food Bank and included a $275 check. Lots of beer was poured for free or heavily discounted. Thanks to all the generous giving people! Not only a rockin good time plus a bunch of gifts to local people that could use it...YES!!...and just in on the nat'l headlines..."The album, being produced by Dylan under his pseudonym Jack Frost, has 10 songs made famous by Sinatra." I'm flattered Bob is such a fan.

B'water by Mr. Dave

appreciate all of you for braving the weather JFC night and to Bill Fisher, Susie Chobe, Kevin Moore, and the staff for doing a bunch of the work, before, during and after....

SOLD AT WG for the Friends of the 500th

20 pieces of my Fine Art Landscape Photography will be on display in the Maxwell Room at the Randolph County Community Arts Center during December, January & February. The Arts Center is located in a beautiful old stone church at the corner of Park Street & Randolph Avenue in Elkins, WV. (this is several streets past the court house on route 33, traveling west) Any questions, call Maryann Honcharik at 304-866-8731

Lots of Great Jack Frost pictures on the Friends Facebook Page by Chloe Cunningham! (She will be working with us this winter...explore deeply)

Getting Your 'Shine On Is Becoming Increasingly Legal by Andrew Yeager...sent by Tim Sharp my Alaska buddy in that we poured 2 gallons of local at the JFC shotski sessions, me one too many.

Jess Daddio / Blue Ridge Outdoors Washingtonian sent by Claudia

Chip Chase I went over to Timberline year after year and finally convinced Kim and Glenn Plake to check out WG. We knew they dug small ski areas and my boys had skied with him a few times on one ski. They arrived and after a few minutes in the lodge she whispered to her husband..." I really love this place...." Glen wanted to see all the snowmobiles and 4 wheelers while Laurie served her some cafe soup. We run into each other all over the place and at the Vegas Ski Show I offered him some WV moonshine and he so kindly reminded me he was clean on that stuff. One of his favorites and he aired it on his ski show was the FreakyStylie WG movie where the kids were flipping on lightweight skinny skis and I did the soundtrack buzzing in my terrible offense-a-phone voice. Glenn and Kim are down home, easy to get to know , rock stars, and the best ambassors for skiing American could possible have. One day they'll attend a Jack Frost Party and see what a pre season annual shindig will do for your business.

BIATHLON CLUB OFFERS $10 MILLION FOR NORDIC AREAS : A fledgling biathlon club in Bozeman, MT, has made a bold $10 million bid to buy two nordic ski areas at the base of Bridger Bowl Ski Area, according to published reports. In a press release last week, the nonprofit Bridger Biathlon Club announced its move to purchase the 259-acre Crosscut Ranch and the 276-acre Bohart Ranch Cross-Country Ski Center. The price may seem high for a group that just formed a year ago, yet before the Crosscut Ranch sold at auction in March for $4.1 million to Jackson Financial Group of Chicago, it had been listed at $16 million. The Bohart Ranch ski center has been owned and operated by Jean MacInnes and her son, Chris Myers, since 1988. MacInnes said the biathlon club’s purchase price for the properties is not being disclosed. The $10 million price also includes money for operating capital, which could be used to build more trails, a lodge and improve existing trails, said Katie Smith, whose Lone Peak PR firm has been hired to market the club. Eric Love, who co-founded BBC with Jim Sites, said he will be working to understand what development rights would come with the property. But first, the biathlon club wants to reach out to the Bozeman community for suggestions on how the area could be used and preserved. Disc golf is already popular at Bohart Ranch in the summer, she noted, and mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding trails are other possibilities. "We don't want a 500-acre asset operating only six months of the year," said BBC board member Brian Wadsworth, also a former U.S. biathlete.

Kirstin Walcott Corris Jennifer Moran / t'day 2014

Dr. Johnson breakfast bowl * Was I the only one who got the memo? Today was White Friday at Whitegrass. LOTS of White Stuff, FEW people out there enjoying it. No lines at all!! $20 day use fee and $5 chili were the deals of the day! David Wray....Chip, thank you for doing what you do! I was able to help someone out of a ditch, ski soft groomed trails, ski deep powder, have a great lunch, and most importantly, make some new friends and ski with some old ones. That wouldn't be possible if it weren't for you guys!!!! Dave

dave markgraf 11/28/14

WEST VIRGINIA SKI SEASON GETS UNDERWAY THIS WEEK : Charleston, WV – Skiers and snowboarders will be heading to the mountains of West Virginia this week as the first downhill area will be opening for the 2014/2015 season. Snowshoe Mountain is planning to open tomorrow, November 26. For the other alpine areas in the state, Winterplace is planning to open this Friday, November 28 and be open through Sunday, November 30 and officially open full time Friday, December 12 along with Timberline on that day. Canaan Valley will be opening this Saturday, November 29 and Oglebay when weather permits. The natural snow that fell earlier this month allowed one of the state's Nordic areas, White Grass Touring Center, to begin providing cross-country skiing and snowshoeing last week. Along with the natural snow in the mountains, temperatures in the higher elevations have been cold enough for snowmaking operations to take place, allowing all of the resorts to provide excellent season opening conditions. The snowmakers at all of the state's ski resorts can produce manmade snow whenever temperatures permit, allowing the industry's unsung heroes to cover the slopes for skiers and snowboarders. When snowmaking conditions are at their best (in the low teens), over 20,000 tons of snow is being produced in West Virginia per hour, enough snow to cover 20 football fields with a foot of snow each hour The mountain state's resorts annually attract over 800,000 skier visits, and last year that figure was reached. "It's great to open for the season, all of the resorts are ready for the skiers and snowboarders," says Terry Pfeiffer, President of the West Virginia Ski Areas Association and President of Winterplace. The top states providing skiers and snowboarders visiting West Virginia slopes are Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and Florida. The ski and snowboard season traditionally, weather permitting, continues from Thanksgiving through early April. The five-month long ski season in West Virginia has an estimated economic impact of over $250 million and 5,000 jobs at the resorts and other related companies. For more information on skiing and snowboarding in West Virginia go on-line at www.goskiwv.com. Joe Stevens Media/Satellite Services

WG is mentioned in Washingtonian Mag Dec Issue ...thanks, Gabrielle Czaja * The skis are at the foot of my bed and each day I wake up I know I am one day closer to wearing them. Bij Sarlati

Found this while researching some Edsbyn wooden racing skis. Mike Gallagher . Cheers to all of the WG family! David Crossley up in Vermont

Dave Miller

Hope that is me in 22 years. Jason, that will put you at about our age! See you this week. Jeff

Glad to hear Whitegrass had some skiing this weekend. Wyndy and I were in Vermont and took a side trip to Craftsbury Outdoor Center. Can't wait to ski Whitegrass Adam Issenberg

STRATTON PLANS ICE CASTLE WONDERLAND: Attracting new visitors to resorts is the name of the game, and having a unique attraction can tip the scales for those planning a winter vacation. Starting Dec. 26, Ice Castles, LLC will bring a one-of-a-kind experience to Stratton Mountain, VT. It will unveil a spectacular icy forest in the Stratton Sun Bowl. The frozen wonderland spans two acres and features giant archways, winding mazes, ice thrones, waterfalls and tunnels - crafted by hand using only icicles and water. The Ice Castle, surrounded by a 30-ft tall canopy of evergreens, is made of millions of icicles that sparkle a glacial blue by day and glow multi-colored at night with the help of thousands of LED lights embedded in the ice. Ice Castles are the brainchild of ice artist Brent Christensen. He is returning to New England after last year's successful Ice Castle exhibit in Lincoln, NH, where he will again build one of the region's two Ice Castles. The Ice Castle will begin construction in late November and is expected to be open to the public Dec. 26 through March 2015, weather permitting; admission will be charged.
SMALL PENNSYLVANIA SKI AREA WON'T OPEN THIS SEASON: Ski Denton, PA, won't be open this season, according to published reports. At the end of October, Steve Haskins, who operates the ski/snowboard/snowtubing area at Denton Hill State Park, posted the following on its website: "On the heels of the worst two winters that the ski industry has ever seen, and last season's extreme cold weather, which resulted in double the utility costs, Ski Denton is not able, financially, to open Denton Hill State Park for the 2014-2015 ski season. Laura [Haskins] and I put forth a tremendous effort and wish to thank all of our current supporters and past patrons." Swain Resort, NY and Ski Sawmill, PA, offered a special deal to any previous Ski Denton season passholders until Nov. 15. And Ski Denton said it would return any season pass money paid for this upcoming season. Chris Novak, the press secretary for the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, said the agency "is finalizing plans for a contractor to do a feasibility study on the ski area at Denton Hill." Novak said the study would focus on "the rehabilitation of the existing infrastructure and the viability of ski operations at Denton Hill, including options for alternative activities at the park outside of the ski season that could be operated by a concessionaire."

I hope all's well. Another Guardian article you might be interested in - And a shot of me hanging with Chief Charles Lukombo and his wife at Mpioka. A very cool guy and a natty dresser! Best to Laurie and the rest of the team. Thomas Yocum * Doesn't look like I will be at jackfrost this time but we are there in spirit. Bill and Cathy

Betty Stonecoal Flats Cranberries www.gatewoodgraphics.com * November 21, Friday Morning 8:30-9:30AM $10.00 * Wake up to Yoga! A mindful, soft flow with breath awareness to promote mobility and healing in the body. Excellent for developing flexibility, core strength, balance, muscular strength and stress reduction. Find release from stiff muscles in your back, neck, shoulders and legs. A therapeutic, yet invigorating class for those who are new to yoga, athletes, or for those searching for a relaxing Yoga experience while exploring the details of breath and alignment. Good for all levels. * November 21, Friday Flow (happy hour) 5:00-6:00PM $10.00 * This energetic vinyasa flow yoga class uses a flowing series of postures to create heat within the body and to increase strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance. Arm strength and core strength included. Expect to have a lot of fun! Previous vinyasa flow experience is highly recommended. * November 23 Soulful Sunday Morning 9:00AM-10:15 (75minutes) $12.00 * Wake up to Yoga! Primarily vinyasa flow based, this 75-minute class is designed to stretch and tone the body, mind, and spirit. Breath is synchronized with movement through a variety of poses that develop balance, flexibility, and strength. The first 15 minutes is spent warming the body up and preparing the muscles for lengthening and strengthening. The last 20minutes are spent in seated Yin style poses designed to release and open deep connective tissues. Any questions please call or text Anne Farmer 304-614-3478 or email mountainyogawv@gmail.com Mtn Yoga

Winner of the Refuge Photo Contest Two Years Ago * Super Storm Sandy WG Style/ West By Ullr WV

Steve Dekker · Top Commenter · University of Georgia : The Siberian and North American Snow Cover Area for this early in the winter is setting new records and suggests that North America, Europe and Asia may suffer through another brutal winter. The Arctic is also the coldest it's been for this time of year in over a decade, which also tends to show this winter could be one for the record books... A 35-yr record sized Antarctic Ice Extent was set a few months ago, the complete lack of global warming trend for 18+ years, etc., all seem to indicate that the CAGW hypothesis is NOT the "settled science" it's claimed to be. The weakest solar cycle since 1906 peaked earlier this year so it's all downhill from here until 2020. The next solar cycle should start from 2020 and is expected by many astrophysicists to be the weakest since 1715... The Pacific started its 30-yr cool cycle in 2005, and the Atlantic will enter its 30-yr cool cycle from around 2020... All these climatic factors tend to show that global temps should fall and that's what's happening....

The White Hurricane of 1913 was one of the most influential storms in American history. It paved the way for modern weather forecasting. It's estimated that at least 2 feet of snow fell on Canaan Valley, WV. Today, on my birthday, I pay my respects to those who perished on the Great Lakes in Nov 1913. If a White Hurricane does ever occur again, hopefully I'll be luck enough to witness it first hand, while hoping and praying for everyone's safety. Tom Breach

The Sutton boys had a great time and can't wait to make a return trip to the WG paradise. * Thanks to the the Potomac AppalachianTrail Club helpers this weekend as well. Kevin Moore is going nuts leading the way and THANKS TO EVERYONE. We have a mission.

Thank you guys for coming to Annie's Party. She was so surprised and was amazed how many of you came.Your Good Friend Bobby My first snow of the season today on I-90 in South Dakota. Hope it is heading your way. Doug


It was over 60 degrees in Delaware today, but I just had to have White Grass' Chili. Guess what I got in the mail today? My Wonderful West Virginia Magazine. I didn't have a chance to read it during the day so when I sat down at the table to eat my WG Chili, I saw your article. I thought it was beautifully written and reading it transported me to White Grass. Coincidence? Or an omen that I need to get out of here and back to the mountains. Hope to see you soon! Cece


First xc 11/2/14 WG Cafe Maple Vinaigrette Salad Dressing @ Highland Market, Canaan Trading, and WG

Simply Grand for Stro & he is back in Canaan

IT'S NOVEMBER, WHEN IS YOUR SKI AREA OPENING? It's still early, but the past few days have seen a number of ski area openings. It's not all that unusual, except that the first ski area to open in the East was in North Carolina. Whether that portends more storms on the East Coast tracking to the south is yet to be seen. California, still suffering from draught conditions, also got snow, building excitement for the coming season. But then, we are all optimists in November. On Sunday, North Carolina's Sugar Mountain realized the second earliest opening in its 38-year history, thanks to an arctic blast that dropped eight to 10 inches of natural snow on the mountain. Cataloochee Ski Area, NC celebrated its third earliest opening and its 54th season of skiing and riding. Maine's Sunday River held a one day opening of its Locke Mountain Triple chair on Nov. 3. The chair accesses advanced terrain on the upper mountain. The area suspended operations until next weekend. The weekend Northeaster brought cold temperatures to Maine's Western mountains allowing Sunday River to open for skiing and snowboarding on Nov. 3. The area also plans to suspend operations until the following weekend. Killington Resort, VT took a similar, "private screening" approach, reserving its Nov. 3 opening to passholders. The area opened to the general public on Tuesday and resort officials say they "expect to remain open daily for the duration of the 'Longest Season in the East' as conditions permit. In Wisconsin, Trollhaugen opened for the weekend with one chairlift and a rope tow servicing an 18-inch base. Wild Mountain, MN, was also reported open. Snow and cold temperatures have ski areas making snow as fast as they can, from Northstar, CA, to Sugarbush, VT. Weather this time of year can be unpredictable, however, and warmer than normal temperatures are expected in the West in the near future, while the East is predicted to be cold.

here we go again...good to see the whitegrass circulatory system beating back to life! Same same here. Dickie @ Mad River Glen, Vt. * Joe Henry * 2013-14 SKIABLE DAYS: 110 * Open With 50 Km 71 * SNOW: 177" * Opened Nov 28 and Closed April 1

Thanks for the best retirement party; friends, old customers, chim chimery songs, shine, wine, and food prepared with skilled and loving hands. Heard you get busier than ever now.

Clare Anderson at the Retirement Party Gala * Todd catches the final blow out! * Sadie and Avah big part of the gathering. * thanks everyone for making it so much fun to hang up the brushes and hat.

Vicki is glad to be back from big mountains and sun * Chase boys Zombie Walkin' Thomas

22"in Mtn. Le Conte, TN Spookie Davis by Sheena * Saving Harman WV School

Hey Chip - look at all of us WG'ers all fancied up! We had a great time this weekend celebrating Lisa & John's wedding in Richmond, VA. I don't think anyone quite knew what to make of each other without our gear on. So thankful for this wonderful friendship, all because of White Grass - the lovebirds even got engaged on Bald Knob! Can't wait for another great winter. See you soon, maybe this weekend. Devin & Mike

Pumpkin Party at Maggie and Atheys...official fall now!

Our Nordic Patrol is there when the times get tough, thanks to Joel, Jeff, and Paul in these early season training times

Kinshasa / Guardian Tom Yocum Mike Sayre wuz in the Tropics this fall

"It is a kind of nowhere, famous for nothing at all and has an appeal because of just that. Tensions disappear along old roads like this." Robert Persig from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (1974)

Chip messin' up the Black Lillies & Morgan 35th Annual Rye Hill Poetry Reading

COUNTRY'S NEWEST XC AREA OPENING IN SUGAR HILL, NH The 640-acre Ski Hearth Farm, formerly owned by ski pioneer Sel Hannah and then Olympic gold medalist Bode Miller, is now owned by Davis Mangold. Thom Perkins of Jackson is helping to develop the project and he said the terrain is magnificent. He said Ski Hearth Farm has the advantage of being northern New Hampshire's easiest accessed full service cross-country ski area, only two miles from the interstate highway.Twenty-three kilometers of trails for all abilities were designed by the internationally renowned trail design firm Morton Trails. An additional five kilometers of trails are designated specifically for snowshoeing. Nearly $750,000 has been invested in the start-up including designing and building the trails, modifications to the base facility, grooming operations, and upgrading the ski rental fleet,and equipment. The farm will continue to operate in the summer and fall to produce a wide variety of organic vegetables.Ski Hearth Farm is partnering with local lodging establishments including the Sugar Hill Inn for Ski and Stay packages. It is scheduled to open for the season on December 26

Joe Henry

Thanks for the Snake Hill shout-out in your latest WG mailing. Glad you liked the skiing on water cartoon. I don't know if you have heard the sad news yet: Jamie Shumway died Saturday night. Here's the note that Betsy sent out Sunday morning: While some of you may have heard, just wanted to let the rest of you know that Jamie's struggles with ALS have ended. He died last night sitting in his chair in the kitchen, at home where he wanted to be. Wesley and I will need some time to adapt the emptiness in the house, but we are relieved to know that Jamie isn't struggling anymore. The last couple months were harder, and this past week even more so. Sorry for using modern technology to share this news, but we are feeling drained. Thanks for all the support offered to us over the years as we all tried to adapt to life with this disease. --Betsy and WesleyI had a lot of great times with Jamie at Whitegrass, and I know that you and the rest of the Whitegrass community did a lot to enrich his life. Betsy's planning a memorial some time soon, but there's been no date set yet. See you when the snow falls. Looking forward to it as always. - Strat

Absolutely loved the Fall pix on the website--my favorite time of year! We are on vacation until Sunday--1st day of week is Sunday here. Some staff took me to lunch and made me a cake--very nice. Went to Haql near the border with Jordan for last two days for diving. Here's a pic with me in my Orioles shirt with the Gulf of Acaba behind me and Egypt across the water (Sinai Peninsula) and one of me blowing out candles--see how few there are! Miss you guys too and will keep up with the site. Take care Grandpa! Jamie Mulligan

Nice to run into you and Chloe Saturday. Stunning light rays coming thru the clouds. Happy fall. Martin Radigan

Chloe Cunningham

Poolesville, Md High School Global Ecology hike & AmeriCorps

Time to Buy Your Season Pass to Ski at Crystal Lake :As the leaves start to fall, if you're like me, you are thinking of snowfall. So it is a very appropriate time for us to give all our skier friends an update of all the great things which happened this summer at Crystal Lake. First and foremost, Dottie graciously transferred the skiing operation over to Crystal Lake Camps and the Camps accepted the transfer. This means skiers can continue to ski at Crystal Lake for years to come. But we haven't skied out of the proverbial woods yet and need your assistance. A committee of the board of Crystal Lake Camps has been formed. It includes skiers like ourselves to make the operation run smoothly. STEP, our local Community Action Agency, has offered assistance including an AmeriCorps participant to help in the ski shop, coordinate us volunteers, and let skiers know right away when the trails are open. Everyone is working tirelessly to get ready for the upcoming season. Please recognize that we cannot be a financial burden to the Camp. Skiers must contribute so we can continue to pursue our wonderful sport at this beautiful location. To repeat: we need your help! If you have ever considered a season pass, this is THE season to purchase one. It is not just a pass to ski this year, but also a contribution which will help skiing continue here for years to come. This transition leaves us in need of early season cash flow and we are counting on skiers (including you) to buy a season pass now so we can put our plans in action. Also, if you purchase this month you receive a nice discount. Please buy yours today. Thanks and we hope to see you on the ski trails. Joe Smith and Michael Gross for the Crystal Lake Ski Center

Gore Mtn North Creek, NY 1940 Chip's Grand Dad, John Dewell

Adam grew up in the close-knit community of Canaan Valley, WV. At the age of seventeen, he caught the climbing bug, scaling nearby Seneca Rocks and bouldering his way through the Dolly Sods Wilderness. When he enrolled at West Virginia University (majoring in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism), Adam continued climbing at Coopers Rock State Forest and at the university's indoor wall. In 2008, Adam moved to Boulder, CO and climbed extensively in the Front Range of the Rockies. More recently, he returned to West Virginia and worked as a climbing guide at the Nelson Rocks Via Ferrata. He currently resides in Davis, WV. Boulder Park,Davis,WV * Whitegrassers Ran For It on Team Boulder Park 9/27 & thanks for Supporting us! Our team earned $4200 behind Mtntop Readers @ $4800 with over $175,000 overall for the community! 39 team members, and all tolled we raised $17,453 for the Project. Way To Go Doug and Carol Milam for their generous gift as well as so many others. The first boulder should be going up next summer!

Wild Acres,NC / NAMA Hit 15 degrees last night but am upriver w/ Therese getting in one more week before freeze up. Northern lights last night. The music field seemed especially weak this year but no doubt we saw some good ones, just not up to what I have come to expect. Every wave I have ever ridden plays out eventually, but Nashville has been a very good ride. No regrets but timing is everything. Da goils and I will hit San Francisco on the third and be there for a week or so... You forgot your goody bag from the AMA's. Laurie will be much more impressed by your trip when you have the "Visit Meridian, Mississippi" beer coasters prominently displayed in the house. I'll mail it to you. Thanks again to Doug and Carol. Tell them Northern Hospitality exists if they come to AK. Good part was hanging out with an old friend, though I thought we would have ridden a little harder... Nashville got off lucky this time...Next time Brother Chase.... Say hi to Laurie and all those that need saying hello to...Happy Trails Tim Fairbanks, AK

Hiya Chip and Laurie!!!! My gosh it is beginning to look like fall and smell like winter up here, and I'll bet that the same is true in Canaan! How are you all doing?! What all have spring and summer brought your way? I am still living in Anchorage, the strip-mall-to-mountain city. Alaska is so very jaw-droppingly gorgeous (minus the malls) and I have thoroughly enjoyed running up these ridge lines under the midnight sun. Days are becoming shorter now, and rainier, and it seems like everyone is gearing up for winter. There are so very many cross-country skiing trails in Anchorage, it is incredible. I am living right by one of the commuting trails at the moment, and I might well be able to ski to work every day once the snow flies! Not that I could not do that in the valley as well. I finished my summer job leading trips for kiddos in the Chugach/Talkeetnas - it was much fun and a good way to learn about this place from folks who know it well. I am now working at a bakery (Laurie, I can now talk so much more informatively about baked goods! Also, I might have met someone who will let me ride her horse...how is Shaheen?! Still hanging out with Cyggy?) and will start Nordic coaching for one of the high schools in November. There are so many people who cross-country ski here...young and old...I'm intimidated by all these Olympic-bound 11-year-olds! I do know that I will learn a lot this winter from this place. But, I do think often of the hills and hollows of West Virginia. This is the most magical time of year there...I hope that you all have been well! I hope you have gotten to hike, harvest, boat, beach, bike, and do all the other things that bring you joy in these past months...Today Adele came on the radio at work and my mind teleported for a bit (as I think it always will) to White Grass. Anyways, send me an update and spread my best wishes. Janet tells me that you all are running in Run For It in a couple of weekends! Have fun!! Good luck!! Andy, Anchorage, AK

Seeing you with bells on with is different! Here is the picture of you coming in to the bump shack with something else on. Think Snow! Scott R. Kersjes * Jamie always a Ravens fan warming up in the desert * Ricky Krogh Domension it...Saluda,VA

Blue Ridge Outdoors * Canaan, Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Upcoming Winter Good Morning, Heart of the Highlands will be working on maintenance upgrades on Plantation Trail in the Canaan Mountain Area this week and next. Wednesdays, August 20 and 27 are days that we could use some helping hands between 8:00 and 4:00. You'd be working with Zach Adams, our Trail Crew Leader. We'll be installing rolling grade dips, hardening tread, restoring existing turnpike, cleaning and building rock culverts... Boots, food, water and the willingness to have fun while working hard and learning the art & science of trail building are all you'll need. We've got tools, gloves and safety gear. Please share with others and RSVP if you are interested, available, have questions... We'll set you up with the necessary details when we hear from you. Thanks! Julie Dzaack * Project Administrator * Heart of the Highlands Trail System * Connecting Trails on Public Lands in Tucker County, West Virginia PO Box 274 * Davis, WV 26260 * 304-866-4757 * info@heartofthehighlandstrail.org * www.heartofthehighlandstrail.org * facebook.com/HeartOfTheHighlands

Splash Dam along Blackwater on Thompson Farm * We helped find chaga for the Filthy Riches Nat Geo TV

Zach calls us "homey"

Just want to say that I have enjoyed taking my girls 9 and 11 out to Whitegrass for XC skiing the past month. With Whitegrass you have created a scene of serenity, an ambiance of friendliness, and a space for young people to appreciate nature and simplicity. Thank you! My daugther Mia Kristensen from yesterday, feeding the Black-capped Chickadee on the 3-mile run. All the best, Peter

Planet White Grass Marc Shaffer good times !! P Sully

Archives...Cheat Canyon Protected * WV Rivers * Skijorers Aren't Horsing Around * Skis Older Than Wheel * Vermont Snowflakes * Creed Calhoun * White Room Gallery, Thomas, WV * TipTop Coffee article * New Canaan Lodge* Davis Doc Wins Iditarod Foot Race * Fat Bike/XC in VT * WG cafe catering * If you think being a musician is hard, try xc skiing * Who's ready to ski? Brrrr, it was chilly this morning. Zach Adams * Hangin' out with Clint * WG You Tube * I used to be Snow White, but I drifted. Mae West * Reasons XC Ski * Canaan Valley Programs Teach Life Skills by Anna Patrick * Appalachian Fungi season / WV club * Jimi Snyder * Mtn Laurel School * The Snow Industry Letter * Elk River * Day In The Life * Seneca Guides * Seneca Climb * Snow Bikes * Tom Pauley/Cheat Mtn Salamander * Bike Trials Return To Canaan * Race Canaan.com * Canaan Park has new concessionaire * Chaga * Chip Clip * WG Vimeo WANTED: Snow that is extra laying around, plowed up, or unused...discarded snow of any type ...we gladly accept at our wholesale winter warehouse in Canaan Valley * whenever it snows my truck automatically drives to WG Robbie * I have been to the mountain and have experienced snow vana. Andy Stump * Nature Valley & CCSAA sponsor us * WG Stoke by Todd * WG Movie by Colleen Laffey * Freaky Style WG * Chase Boys XC Trick Park * Morgan Flippin' Out * Early WV Ski Pics * Can't believe people hibernate in winter Steve Waugeman * Chip has FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) Erin Chase * We wouldn't want the season to end too abruptly. Michelle * Best Little-Known Spots for XC * Feel like I'm cheatin' the weather. Paul Golder * New Trail Map * 25 km Race Results * Close to Home * Mtn Yoga * You musta thrown an extra special Jack Frost Celebration this year. Chris Stout * need to invest in new xc gear once every 3 decades * Snowshoe Results * E May music * Lifestyle XC Skiing * Chase Kids * Forest Farewell * Local Micro Brew * How West Reinvented * XC Canaan Land Milk & Honey * Athey blowin up WG by Todd * Best In Skiing Wash Post * In the High Country Joel Wolpert * Four bid Canaan Resort * Morgan tapped the trees * Rediscover Canaan * The Great Lakes frozen * Ginzugroom' softer simpler greener footprint than PB * You and the team remain awesome after all these years!! Marty Huppert * We've been having a great winter here in PA, but nothing beats the ski experience of WG. Elaine Feiss * Altai Skis @ WG * WV Shake * Canaan Child Care....email * Jonathan Jessup * Eagles Range Larger * Corridor H Up Allegheny * Things change. Back in the early 1980's you could go to WG and see the trees through the people.* This is more like Norway than Norway Ketil * The Willows Guest Rooms B&B Parsons * I take the Polar Vortex and squeeze it into a bottle and open it up in July and it makes me cool. Carl * Franferd Farm Foods * Kikkan Randall AK wintermoon * Nordicskater.com * Outdoor Josh.com * US Ski Team * WV Highlands Voice Feb Newsletter * Pete Seeger * Chaga * Friends Oil Creek State Park, PA* Andrey XC race @ WG * WG is YOUR home ski area, thanks for your support, without you we are history...* Davis House share * Marcus & Emma will return for another WG Sushi feast * The difference between Norway and WV is that the rednecks ski in Norway Huntley * Ski Logic Tele Skis @ WG * Old poem about ghost and snow sent by French Creek Tom* Davis Chiro Clinic * Athens Bike Shop, OH * Shenandoah Bike Shop,VA * It's a magical world out there Hobbes, let's go exploring Walter * Tip Top Backcountry Films Feb 15 * Chaga * Want a cool business... put xc skiing in front of your name Chip * East West * it's carpe diem when it comes to skiin'...'round here. MB * When the conditions are marginal there is good skiing @ WG Jeff Melnick * Timberline Web Cam * Little snow, lotta fun. WG motto * April WG / Late March / Mad Pow Disease / Sweet WG Soulful by Todd * 150 Reasons Love WV * Go Ski WV * East West * Rediscover Canaan Valley * WG Fosters Region's XC Community * Chip xc Norway 4/14 * New River opens to Bikes WG on PAXC * Easement Protects Randolph County 'Land Bridge' * WV Birthplace Rivers Utube * Nelson Rocks, WV * Cheat MTn Salamander * Weiss Knob Ski Area * Chipper Chase * Snow In Tug Hill, NY sent by Barry S * Speed Up Corridor H * WV Splendor Calendar * Lake Effect Dan Sakura * Highlands VoiceDEC * WV Highlands Conservancy VOICENOV * Colder Winter Farmer's Almanac * PATC helps us! * LATEST FWS WG XC Trail Map * Red Wing Roots Fest * Birthplace Of Rivers * Birthplace Utube * local East West Printing * Wildfire crews home cooked * Maryland Eyes Expanding Wildlands * Latest Smoke Hole Fire * I'm already havin' ski dreams Jeff C * I'm coming on Jan 4 and you will have snow, I have already paid my money. * You're actually skiing, not in control all the time * Local Dance Trail * Jacob Lutz * Trail Side Lodge @ WG year around * XC Ski Book/Mtneer Press * White Room * Local Author Elisa Carbone * Universal Klister * Tucker Facebook * Thomas Popping / Wash Post * Wildflower collections * Boogie-Woogie Aphid * Tyler Elliott Poet * WVU Environmental Research Center * Dolly Sods Pittsburgh * Birch, Walnut, Hickory Syrup alternatives * THe Loft in Davis * Joy's New Cooper House * WAG weather,inc * Photamerica in WV, got interviewed 9/23 * why donchya burn some skis tonight? josh tompkins * Chanterelle Encounter * Seneca House * Mon Forest Grows * Worst Weather Cities / Elkins * WV Island Nat'l Refuge * WV Mammals Sods Porcupine * Leaf Peepers Festival Vic Moore * Ramps In Decline Nils Powder Creek, BC * Geo Opus Hut, CO * Geo Powder Creek * Thomas Zombie Walk * That's hard coming over the top for a downhill skier and I could not find the front of my boot...The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness. Rinpoche

Grass Is Always Whiter On The Other Side- joannie * Joyce said you must be fortunate to know so many desperate skiers * Humans were never meant to hibernate * I used the wet spots for climbing skins David Lysy * this is the most thoughtful place from the bird feeders, the shelters, prayer flags, nature posters...the whole thing * Black wooly worms do not lie! Paul * mid atlantic inferiority complex is getting snowed over * anybody can ski when the weather is nice...Dave Markgraf * Loving the wv island of march paradise * I don't know what you're doing in 20 years yet I want to either volunteer or work here * when you go from snowboarding to xc skiing you increase your edge factor by 400% Jamie * Hope you survive this winter. It has to have been about a three month buzzz zzzzz zzzzz. Ged Smith * WG IS AN ICON BOTH OF BLISSFUL NOSTALGIA AND BRIGHT POSSIBILITY Greg Dailey * You'll look up and wonder why you were cutting so high this spring Micky * We have a new annual vacation...WG Chris * short people make snow deeper Brent * there's glide out there...it's just real slow Tony Barnes * Best public place on the planet Cory B * started out alone and was immediatly skiing with eight friends Mark Anderson * never seen so many people with smiles on their faces Jon Thompson * White Grass Ski It If You Want Tony Barnes * need to move WG closer to Michigan it's a brutal drive Dave from Detriot * Lady's Man at Wg...Another day, another foot of snow, another shot of Morgan Chase with a couple of lovelys. Jon Yoder * no friends on powder day unless they have your sandwiches Adam Chase * I was here 50" ago Curtis * I've been snowboarding for a few years....will you have me back? Will * Hey - you stole all of our snow!!!...Congratulations. Must be great there, say hi to Dickie for me. Steve Hindman, Stevens Pass,WA * I wanna go down without goin' up Aaron * the most fun ever had without a motor Robbie * WG is like a secret fishin' hole, only tell the good good friends. Tom and Julie * Stonecaol Flats looked like an early episode of Star Trek Jamie Mulligan * Don't hit as many trees goin' up Jamie Chenowith * Saw Lester come up Falls Overlook with the big groomer and thought I was at Canaan Brad Moore * This is one of the most therapeutic places in the world Nelson * Of course there's no control, its nordic skiing Ryan * It's a rain shadow on all four sides...Tom Breach * The most legal fun you can have Jeff Hazel * Maybe we won't see the ground 'til April Ed Rader * My annual winter testament of faith is getting my WG season pass Carl * Skiing in the snow is way better than riding in the rain Joey Riddle * If tele made sense they'd do it in Europe * Next time the skiing is this good just put a big star with fireworks on the web page Tom * The only problem is that the webcam is showing me all the great snow that I am missing. It makes me sad to be sitting here in my office watching those flags whip around in the snowy wind. We'll be making a run for the mountains very soon marc * This year we offered ULLR a pair of skis that belonged to a friend we lost a while back to cancer. He was a fanatic skier and absolutely would have approved. ULLR must have liked them- 30' plus in the PA Laurel Highlands in the last 8 days and its still bombing! Steve Waugaman * I've got a Whitegrass hangover.......only problem is......I know the only cure is to come back for more!!!!!Love and miss you guys! ter * I remember you from a visit in the early 80's and I was very pleased that White Grass had the same character two decades later. Jim Barnes * Enjoy The SNow...What the hell am I doing in the office….counting the hours until I get up there! Paul S. Magness *Andrew from Brisbane, Australia said....Chip, you've converted me to an uphill skier * what happened to the snowfarm...did it disappear? Robert J. * looks like fairyland out there * WG is always good, just usually not this good * if it wasn't for televised sports the rivers and trails would be far too crowded * no one cares if you tele mad river glen sticker * I love Canaan...I bought a Subaru Matthew Goff * Heading out there this weekend, and the next, and the next, and the next....as long as you got this snow.... keep on skiing in the free world! Kevin Jones * Roll out the white carpet for him... I'll bet you are enjoying all the crystal water. Jim Snyder * The allure of the high allegheny mountains still is strong for me. Best from an old admirer -- there simply is no place like White Grass, even here in New England. I have great memories of hikes in Colorado, but some of my most clear and vivid memories are of skiing Dolly Sods and of White Grass and the fantastic group of people you gathered there. Trent Batson * Fern Gully is now a super highway for the soul Robbie the groomer * Hard to ski with an umbrella Asher * I can't wait to see the other 95% of the WG trails * The best in Scottish conditions Jeff * I matched a personal record....only a four fall run down Fern Gully Harley * better go ski may melt tomorrow Randy French * So utterly, entirely, completely, intensity, anticipating Whitegrass to glide on! Alan Grubb * why can't skis just be part of your body? Chris Brown * I got him a new pair of xc skis for his 70th birthday! Sue Dovell * I never met an alpine skier that used to tele * My 9 yr old daughter LOVED Whitegrass and xc skiing and said, “Mommy, it feels like I’ve known all the Whitegrass people all my life!” She can’t WAIT to come back! Lynn Grasso * where the warm and welcoming atmosphere inside was the perfect end to a great day Beth * What could we bring to contribute to the shot ski? Jim Stewart * Nowhere else does the groomer bring fire and moonshine Rick Van Noy * Here’s a few of our favorite internet radio links: www.wwoz.org * www.mvyradio.com & www.wunc.org Connie* Brew Pub Live Music * xc snowboarding parody...martin * chaga mushroom ...great info about it * First Frost Pool 10/ 6 winners Kurt & Jim Baczuk / First Snow 10/17 Pete Kepner / Total Snowfall Guesstimations from 135" to 300" *Laurie is baking cakes, cookies, and other yummies for Trail Mix * Off Piste * The ChipperCHase Article.pdf

IN WOODS: 1"- 17" (APRIL FOOLS DAY 2014)

4000' stake: 14" 4300' stake:17"

SNOWFARM: drifted


OPEN WITH 50 Km: 71


CAFE: Closed for the season

Open For catering and will open again in December 2014


NEW SNOW: 0" Last Snowfall: 2" on 3/31

SEASON SNOW SO FAR: 176" * Oct 8 Nov 12 Dec 26 Jan 42 Feb 51 Mar 36

Km OPEN: 30 of 50

KM GROOMED: 0, zero carbon footprint and backcountry skiers don't even like it

TRAIL REPORT * Jump To Letters



Can use the area and ski on your own until its gone and if we can help, call us.

We were open Monday, the last ski area in WV!



9 am TEMP: 37 cloudy





SURFACE: take your pick, mostly granular types



SEASON PASSERS: Rick & Karen Watson, Dry Fork, WV and Barry Tuttle, Blair, SC and Paul Flood, Canaan Valley, WV * 270 passers...thank you!


Ski Patrollers: thanks to Stro, Jeff, Penny, Gisela, Paul, Jason, Gary, Brad, Chip, Joel, Stinky, Mike, locals Dr. Ed Rader, Dr. John Logar (won the foot race AK ididarod!), Dr. Tom Johnson, Dr. Matt Strummin' Lambert as well as other visiting NSPS volunteers.

Wild Ginger Spice Shop * WV Mushroom Club * WV Mushroom Foray * Brookside Inn Menu * Bird Jam * SMokE Hole Canyon * Recreational Development Corr. H * Mtn Stage at 30 * Ski THe East Year In Review * WV Scout Reserve Update * National monument status for Cranberry * ArtSpring * Canaan MTN Bike Fest was great! * 11th Annual Highlands Sky Trail Run * Buddy Miller & Jim Lauderdale Tiny Desk Concert * Adele Tiny Desk Concert * Redbull Nordix...maybe Morgan...Morgan Chase can SKi! * The Mtn Dance Trail * WV River Levels * WG maps Mobile * Skiing Old Trails New Deal Doug Milam * Tucker Co Utube * skiing this time of the year like getting free frequent flyer miles * turn skis in for snowshoes * snowtastic, snowlicious Diane Rader * SUI - skiing under influence * this time last year it was 60 Laurie* snowverwhelmed & snowquestered * If you don't think commerce, recreation, and conservation can co-exist peacefully, you've never been to White Grass. Mike Messenger * what does a wgrasser do when there is no snow...clear more tele glades, what to do when there is snow...maintain them * tired of skiing off to other things....send us recruits * know all the trails at WG you are the owner/manager * March XC by Todd * Life is good but even better on skis Christi Dant * how many face plants does it take 'til you get it? * Joel * captures WG * We've skied WG as late as April Fool's Day Margaret Ramsey * Luke calls it corn powder * BackBone Farm Max * I fall in the liftlines * WG is like a finely choreographed ballet Cat Evans * I'm so short face shots are easier to get Vic Moore * no gluten crust free skiing * Pele woulda made a hellevah telemarker Henry * Daring to hope for another fresh coating. Gary McMichael * Maple Production Begins * makes an old Norwegian feel right at home. Jo * WG Race Results * Refuge March Events * Dave F. Local Ski Bum * Checkin' In WG Utube * snow plowed more today than in the last five years Peg * Like this new March, more snow and more light Sarah Anderson * call in sick, got the ski flue * One of those runs where you said thank you on every turn Max * I'm a child of the 60's and I am so glad there are places like this still * Thank God it's spring Ken Cremer * Please carve up a glade for me Spencer * WG is my favorite place to ski; heck, it's one of my favorite places period! Strat Douglas * We had a blast at White Grass! The snow, the vibe, the food ... all fabulous! Kirstin Walcott Corris * good things to say about John and Peg Sims & our all guests! * Teton Gravity Research/WG * Skied my brains off, nothing left * Gettin' Winter In * Valley High * WG/SkiThe East * NWS has been spectacularly wrong lately Casey * Doggieski Todd * Save Green Bank Telescope * keepin' track of these kids is more exercise than xc skiing Alan * Every time we visit it just gets better and better! Gabrielle * Thanks for supporting skiing without snowmaking and lifts...cheapo, inc.* skied all the wg trails by now? How about the escalator, elevator, baldy crest, don't get me started, tip of iceberg...* chickadees on payroll * eskimos have 72 names for snow * Sandy Ski Interview Utube * CV remain wild & wonderful * locals, long time friends, and repeat customers make good business great * Gargantuan-Emporium * Chip, the website is your Mona Lisa Tony Denucci * local School Funder SoLd OuT * Want to introduce you to some rookie bark eaters and they just passed the test Stevie W * Sam Lamont Trio rocks wg cafe * Those are the worst kinda falls when you're standin' still Tom Roat * Thomas is like one block of Asheville * Heart of the Highlands Story * Winter Living In Canaan * We've learned a lot and come a long way since then. Balsam Fir Restoration in WV Dave Saville * Canaan Balsam Fir * Denis Bogan dcski.com * HomeMade Terrain PArk * Sinks of Gandy * don't have to ski the glaze, just follow somebody...Karl * Life is available only in the present moment Thich Nhat Hanh * to every season turn turn turn * Chip's Jan 2013 Utube * Satellite Map of WV * Geo Map of WV * Canaan Valley home of Canada Gone Astray thanks Ron Fortney * XC Snow Making nyt sent by Sue Haywood * Timberline Association Page * Chaga local medicine * Trevar tele WG Utube *Scary Snow nyt Richard Garstka * never knew you could neti pot with snow. Ben Able * I plowed the face with my face * Weiss Knob Skiing * WV Special Olympians * Beautiful XC skiing from Norway from Eric Thompson * unlike places like vermont or colorado we like fresh base in wv * got all 4 seasons in one day * XC Halfpipe CHase Boys * WG SANDY Pow Vim * Boom Town Java * Tip Top Coffee * Allegheny Holistic Health Care * Skicenter.com * It takes a tree 250 years to live and 500 years to die Amy Cimarolli * ask izzy, she can smell snow! bella * you've got all the dog trails marked in yellow ink. Luke Fleischman * Davisson Bros. Band * Swix Kick Tape * Tucker County, WV * Living In Canaan Valley * Sandy Snow Cams * WV Plant Nursery sent by Dave Saville * a waste of good water Jamie after a nite of 33 drizzle * WG Mon. Snowboards * Jack Frost Vimeo * Sandy Superstorm Skiing * WG Earliest Opening * Nature Valley Granola Bars / CCSAA sponsor WG * Cheat Mtn Salamander local endangered * Brookside Inn nearby is AMaZing * Attracting Ullr Crede * More local Forest Land * Powder Mag SaNDy * Raven Map of WV * I need one set of skis for goin' up and one for goin' down * Vermont Mtn Bike I bet our numbers are similar Jenny * Tucker Co growing renaissance * Wolf Creek Printing * Huffington Post & WG * PA snow webcams * Off Piste/Sandy * Stray Birds played the Fiddle last sat. . featured on npr * our Yurt is up * worried you're gonna nick your old rock skis * West By Ullr Virginia * Famous Skiers Facebook * Red Spruce Restoration * New tube park Canaan Valley * WV Ski History * Pharis Knob,WV * More Pharis Knob Sandy * Snowshoe opening Wednesday * Halloween Skiing in Appalachia * Sandy gives resorts a head start * Sandy Sign Of Winter Ahead/ ACCU * TWC Cold WV Winter * Ski Improvements Canaan * BackCountry's White Lining Sandy Superstorm* Friends Of Blackwater * Ski History of WV * Cabin Mtn Ski Area * More Early Skiing * East West Printing in Davis * Blister Pine Conservation Success Story * Blister Pine Plantings * Good tree ID siteVaTech *13 Incredibly Lucky Earth Facts * Get out the sleds snow falling on Mars * WV Highlands Conservancy * * WV Highlands Artisans * WV leads hardwood * Logging WV Virgin Forests * Big Trees of WV * Laurel Fork Cheat by Scotty * Local Longboarders by Evan Supak * Mtn Biking with Shenandoah,VA Crew * Made me smile. Skiin' Town sent by David Crossley * Aurora Celtic...new album * WV Mushroom Club * Porte Crayon history alive * WV 6TH WARMEST WINTER * Somebody That I Used to Know sent by Tony B. Fungi Perfecti* Slow Burn Of Coal's Demise * Mushroom Foray Successful* Rising Shale Water Complicates Fracking Debate * Free Solo 5.6 at Seneca * 10th Highlands Sky Run YEAH! * Canaan Ski Area improvements..snowfall only. canaanmtnsnow.com Dave Great climbing * Gendarme * I am still holding you responsible for spreading a joy and good humor pandemic. * Ski History of WV * Cabin Mtn Ski Area * Early WV Ski Pics * More Early WV Skiing all sent by Josh Barrett, long time whitegrasser * WV Ski History / Canaan.org * Farmer's Almanac * Seneca Rocks Climbing WV Living Mag * Remember, go outside and play today! Wild & Wonderful, LLC wildwonderfulwalks.com* Janie Tele Girl...one of Chip's soon-to-be 4 grand children * Thomas, WV * wv stronghold against climate change * Frank Salzano * The Appalachian Center of Agroforestry * Camp Barefoot Aug 23-26 * Tucker County, WV * WV Raptor Center * CV PSD unveils 2 wastewater plants * El Nino More Snow for Upcoming Winter * Hiking the Allegheny Trail Sara Bird * Adele Live At Albert Hall Trailer * WV Farm 2U blog * W.Va. stronghold against climate change * Choose to be optimistic, it feels better. The Dalai Lama XIV * 127 bird species one day here * 10 Great Places to ski in a national wildlife refuge * Whippoorwill Fest * Anna has died @ Crystal Lakes XC Center, PA * WV Steepest Creek * Wintergreen Resort purchased By Greenbrier * Brief History of Rock N Roll 100 Songs *5.11b Seneca climbing Drop Zone by John Wright * Upper Seneca, falling off wv tallest mtn. in kayaks * Edible Blue Ridge * Mark-Clare Anderson Smug Mug * Close Encounters Gas Well Drilling * WV School Gardens * Olympians sign letter opposing development of B.C.'s Jumbo ski resort * The First Lady Cultivates 'American Grown' Gardening * Smokehole Geo sent by Abby * Banff Films this year * Oldest table mountain pine in Pendleton * Canaan Valley tract to become DNR Wildlife Area * Hike up scooter down * WV Senator Pulls Support For Nat'l Park * backstage at Floyd Fest again * NY Lakes showing signs of warming * Smithsonian Channel begins aerial shoot of W.Va. * Aerial America comes to West Virginia * Michael Doig, artist and D&E Dept.Art Chair * Burning Man 2012 a memory * OTR Cavers * Caving in the era of white nose syndrome

Martin * Herringbone* Jacob!./ MoBackFlip.* DoublePoler* chipmakingdeal.audio* SuperCalaFrag.MPG * ColetteSpeaks* MorganJibT'day * WG JAM SESSIONmpg* Gandalfs skater * SweetUphillmpgBoundary Downhill Posse11/18/08 * SnowedOutaSchool Chris Barnes * Hey Brad whatchya like about WG? * Morgan Anita's 10/28/08 * Robb Baldy10/28 *Morgan jibskate 4/14/08 857 KB (604 KB version) * Crazy skiing wmv 4/14 2651 KB * Skate up flip out down 4/14 2655 KB MorganFlippin' round * GeoBelloWG * SlipSlidin'Away * Chase Boys Flipping Out * Morgan One With Snow Baldy Chutes in mush on nnnbc 3/3 HDmpeg * Nite360 3/3 HDmpeg * March 2 08 Robert PowderCory Chase XC 12/18/07 * sunday jan6th flips * low snow dreggs * afternoon in a mild winter * Jan Three Lets Go Ski * Nite Groom with the Cream * Maintain Control? * Creative Wasting Of Times * Nat and Matt * WG Trails Jan 08 April 17 * Someone has to ski it.* First Day O Spring Jumps * Chip Baldy Chutes in touring gear * BigBackFlip * SpringSkiing Trails* PSIARandy * MorganJibSKateTrails * March First xc. * MorganHop. * Mr. Chip Gets A Day Off * HotTub Huckin' * Curtis Like Snake * WindyDaysof EarlyJanuary * Winners WVSO * SomeSkiersOf WG * Life of a groomer mpeg * * MorganJumpsPow1/17/07.mpeg SnowfarmCruisin’.mpeg * MorganJibskate Home * Happy SKier.mpeg* Chip On the SNowfarm1/11.mpeg * SPringer Skiing* Goes up Comes Down * Brad Moore Deep Snows * Snowcat Groom * SueSkate* Two Horse Open Sleigh * Early Season WG 06 *CoryNo-PoleSpinner * MorganMovesAprilsnows * ChipTeleSlopeXC* Flipping Out* DriftbusterTourCanaan * WhoNeedsDeepSNow * Jibskate Wreckers * Oh The Wind And Rain * Rainy Day Ski Spinners * MadRiverTeleBumps * JibskateFlippers * MorganTow3mile2/21 * FastWayToBaldy * WindblownBaldyXC * JakeBirchesGarden2/19 * LiftlineGroupies* MorgandriftKing * XC MarathonStart ** XCRaceStriders * MorganTearsSawmill ** MorganSueAntics ** MorganSpringerCrash * MAXslicesSpRINGER2/7/06 *ChipTeleLuge2/1/06 * BenMeetsPipeline * DrewSkireport.mpeg * *Dancin' DickHall NATO * LowSNow DickieHall * ArboMarks * Sue on getting Up** DickieMeetsNat'lNordic * KidsSnowfarmAnticsjan28 * GroomingSuperBowl.** Trail Skiin' with Chip 1/19/06 * chip ski * Chip On The Farm * Michael Loves Mtn State* ChipskisNAt'lNord * Almost-a-360 *CharlieTeleMarksNATOBreakfastBowl* BelowBaldyTele(1/7) * CHIP Nat'l Nordic * Chipskijan10 * Morgan Climbs Drop Zone(8/21/06) * Tony Climbs Unknown * MellyDog Picks Berries mpeg * Bear Crossing in Pendelton County * MorganTraverse.* BadJump * TreeSlide * Ride The Fence * Sue Haywood XC Downhilling New Years ** Follow Sue Tele Sauna Hollow ** Jump tele jack frost * Kids interview *Morgan and I shot a xc ski video * MorganNoBinding.mpeg

37,000 new acres of protected W.V land * Davis River Front * Davis River Front's blog * wvhighlandsartists * What to Bring XC Ski * Curtis LugeZip (3/5).mpg * ChipNattyTurns * CurtisQuickies.mpg *ChipRedOak(3/4)* GeohopsCanMon.mpg * Opensezame*ChipCanMon3/2* LugeRunGisela. (3/2) * FlowBYxc. (3/2) * Skihiking and Foolery * PackPowWill* Chip and JoJo Dance WG/Facebook * Trailblazer 'CV has its own mystique'* Upper SpringerGeo.mpg * SeeAMouse.* Morgan360canoe*TwistySkiing* Goodstuffjumpin * WG testimonial.mpg * Local boy always fast bike - http://nick-waite.blogspot.com/ * Vermont’s Mad River Rocket Sleds* WG Web Cam History mode * Snowfarming * Ski Jouring in WV * Granny Gear schedules 3 big 24 Hour bike races next year * Freeland Road Bubbling springs Video * Denali Nato.wma *MaryAnn the mapmaker has a site * WG skiers meet VA fiddlers by Todd * Snurfer Poaches Mad River SKi Area * skibuilders.com * 10 great places to peacefully glide cross-country USA TODAY * Lost Ski Areas *Hyno Coffee * Tucker County Trails* The ultimate ski Showdown Utube by xcskizone * if you like check this one * xc ski zone.com *

Jonathan Wilson: Making Like Thoreau, In Song * "It'll take some practice but I'll get it" * A mild winter projected by forecasters * Getting ready to start an Occupy Whitegrass movement Rick Van Noy * Fall Schedule Mountain Yoga * WV Boy Scout camp/npr * Latest WV Music Hall Of Fame Inductees* Bridge Day on the New * Local ground explosives.avi * 8.9 percent increase above the previous year and one of the best years on record for xc * Paw Paw our American Mango * ...almost raised $90,000 from the Run For It/Tucker Endowment in Sept. * Orion Mag *Anne Jones new Development Director Tucker County * Nelson Rocks * Old growth trees in WV * Local Spruce Restoration * WV State Parks * Blue Ridge Outdoors* npr music/jeremy-messersmith * Tucker Cravings Food blog * Create Tucker blog * Month On A Farm npr * Experimental Drug Reverses Effects Of Toxic Wild Mushrooms * Gauley River Carnifex Ferry 150th Anniv * After Dark Trailer * We're Rich! (In Nature,nyTimes) * White Grass staffer Stacy McKean local librarian * Be like water, it's the softest thing in the world and the most powerful...Jeff Colaianni * We have given up on seeing stars so I brought a cloud collector's handbook and am learning about clouds. Clay and Barbara * Bear Town * Pearl Buck * Hellbenders Smoked Fish Taco Wed night * Charles Jupiter Hamilton, WV artist * Telluride Shroom Fest * Mother Earth News Fair @ Seven Springs, Pa mid Sept. * Forest Birds songs * WV Naturalist Program * WV Mushroom Club * Obama Administration Joins Outdoor Industry Association * Sustainable Living @ Turtle Island Preserve, NC * Dudeism sent by Bill Roody * Brookside Inn romantic outing * Scotty bikes local half track trails * Dolly Sods Trail Reviews * Winter In The Sods * Dolly Sods photos * Hemlock Blight in WV * Nearby Nelson Rocks Via Ferrata * Warm Water Causing Cold Winters * Washington Irving proposed renaming the United States either "Appalachia" or "Alleghania" * Wild Ginger and Spice shop in Davis * New School Super That Has Been Around * CVI trains local youth scientists * Solar forecast hints at a big chill * Canaan Valley Institute * refreshing Ben Sollee Tiny Desk Concert...used to play the Fiddle * Mtn Bikers are sometimes treated like snowboarders of the mountain * Optimistic about the local social scene starting to match the scenery...300 live shows last year @ Fiddle, weekly yoga, soccer, mtnbiking, galleries, Hypno coffee, Hellbenders, Trail Mix, Friends of the 500th, Tucker Endowment...Paddles Of The Past, WV whitewater history/ facebook * Highlands Sky Trail Run/check results * Mad River Glen Rebuilds Single * The Last Mountain Movie * White Grass is a kinda self served downhill version of skiing Dan Sullivan * Timberline Stables * Mountain Horseback Trail Rides * Local Thomas Mountain Yoga * Local Beech Bark Disease * PACIFIC YURTS * No April Skiing Here YouTUBe * old Cross Country Skier Article on WG * Cross Country Snowboarding Parody * Remember the Next June Canaan Birding Fest * The WVDOH anticipates that the Bismarck to Forman section of Corridor H may be completed in late 2013. Davis to Bismarck section is anticipated to begin later in 2011, and the WVDOH intends to complete construction of the 16-mile section in late 2013. * Corridor H Tucker County * 70-Year Corridor H * Corridor H * There is no clear difference between heath and moorland but moorland is generally related to high-ground heaths a cooler and damper climate.* Wyoming (1938) Remarkable hailstorm left hail a foot deep over an area about 10 by 30 miles. Drifts up to 5 feet formed as well. Reports of hail still on the ground in protected areas a month later. * WG is one of the worst kept secrets in WV Matthew Goff * 875 man hours labor on trails this season * Winter Refuge Events Fr/ Last Year * Crazy ski/snowshoe Marquette...we have a pair! * Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Notes Of The State Of VA ..."this scene is worth a voyage across the atlantic" as he gazed into what is now WV * 2010 one of the best for us ever! 117 days of skiing 91 near perfect conditions on 251" natural snow...good things come in pairs * Thought after last year we wouldn't get a repeat again, but this is ridiculous Diane Rader * Canaan Valley has the same climate as Central Maine, it has snowed every month of the year, average mean annual temp 44 degrees, 55 inches of precip/year, 150" snowfall in winter with over 200" last two years * Left the skiing at WG and by the time I reached Keyser they were playing basketball in shorts Paul * The eastern mountains were getting too small until I discovered what WG was about and now I am a beginner again. Paul Golder * AncientWindsXCApril * Skiing After Skiing Is Over * Norwegian XC Trick Skiing and MoRe! * Facebook Friends of WG * 50 km of trails does not include any of the slopes, telemark glades, cleared uphill routes, single track trails up top, or any of the small secret ones, maybe we should say we have 75 km or more...KosherWV II Vimeo by Jacob * HopSkiChipVimeo by Todd * XC Ski Stunts Andy Newell * XC Backcountry /VPR * Mr Magoo (our next trail name) and Snow!* Bed Rock, Top Of the World, Bridger all new trails this spring * They'll rush up in December yet never ski March (April?) Denis Bogan * Was bummed to miss the latest snowstorm. Gotta remember to avoid commitments between November and April, not just December to March. Mark * remember... the weather always looks worse through a window. L.E. * 2010 one of the best for us ever! 117 days of skiing 91 near perfect conditions on 251" natural snow...good things come in pairs * Got a new muscle in my leg never had before....a stabilizer! Robbie the xc skiing trail blazer * Musicians or entertainers ski/eat free barter for small performance * Banff Film Fest * Chase Boys Antics/YouTube * More sweet VIMEO byTodd * White Grass wiki and some history * Just double-checking if we need to purchase a new season pass? It just will not end !!!!! Diane & Ed and boys *Congratulations on the FWS compatibility determination. Dan Sakura * * Canaan Refuge 15 Year Plan * Daily Snowfall Map * At 40, 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' Still Belongs * As they say at Tahoe Donner, the skiing is out there! * Going to have to take credit for being the one who sacrificed himself for your late season snow, being in patagonia Note- people don't WEAR Patagonia IN Patagonia. Matt Lambert * Late March Fly Away Skiing @WG YouTube * Jumping Mount Porte.Crayon/YouTube * Davis Driftland/YouTube * WG 2011 Race results * The White Grass Movie 2000 by ColleenYouTube * The Powder Of Love * Sunshine XC * Dec XC w/ Cracker / Fern Gully Antics byTodd * .lite weight xc skiing WG style YouTube* Chase Boys Cross Country WG Half Pipe Trick Park/YouTube * Kosher WV by Jacob Lutz, local ski wonder * Black Diamond CEO Testifies in Support of Wild Lands * I don't ever put my skis away. Still trying to get out to Utah n' Tucks. Mike Buchness * If it's white and we are skiing it can't be all that bad, it's just different Randy French * snows along the entire length of the Appalachians later month. Herb Stevens * Local Power Line PATH Suspended * Not sure if this is xc or downhill Swedish visitor that loved the sauna * Every hour is the powder hour at WG * There was so much to do at home I had to take the day off Ben McKean * Start your day with Adele live and watch out your windows and wine glasses may shatter * no gardening catalogs or boats allowed on premise until April * we get more weather in a week than you do in an entire winter Chip to the Kirkwood,CA xc center * My goal in life is to convert people to nordic skiing one person at a time Randy French * the world is a better place knowing that whitegrass is alive and well. Your website is my link to those magical green hills and I can’t wait to move back! Tim * when she needs her fix of mountains, Vermont's soulmate to the south is Whitegrass. David Goodman * XC Racing the Birkie/WashPost Bill Donahue * Several WGers raced the Birkie last Sat. * Need some burnt offerings to Ullr Jeff * Enough of this spring stuff. I ain't ready to give up on the skiin' yet. John Regan * Joe Bastardi resigns from AccuWeather * We had to endure all that powder skiing to get to this corn...chip * My bike still has a flat from last fall Geo Bell, corn tele skiing the 2 foot bases sunday * I like treble but really prefer deep base * Been missing you on the dance floor, but happy you got so much snow this winter! Kate/ Mtn State Brewing * Over the river and through the wood, To grandfather's house we go; The horse knows the way To carry the sleigh, Through the white and drifted snow. Quote of The Week, Jackson, NH XC report * thanks again for hosting the most coolest, chillest, friendliest, spot on earth: White Grass peace, Keith * Lederhosen clad 91year old Klaus Obermeyer said Snow is 75% of a successful year. The other 25% is the economy * Everyone should own 5 pair of skis Chip Chase * you gotta remember I've been collecting them for over 30 years Stro * Waxless skis need wax especially in sticky snows * I thought I left the hurricanes down south Zach DePollo * Like skiing 2" frosting over Angel Food Cake Dick Geisler * Blackbird's Wing is pretty much a half mile snow dune * Chase away the warmup and bring back the snows. Chris Hong * Tucker County Trails Benefit a huge success! Because of your outpouring of support, the trail club raised close to $2500!! Plan For 3rd Annual Canaan Mtn Bike Festival June 24-27 * Crime goes down in winter cause people come to their senses Garrison Keillor * It's like a big snow funnel here Stacy McKean * my doctor told me not to cross country on my bad ankle but she doesn't ski...Richard * A Frozen Lake Doesn't Mean the End of Lake-Effect Snow Season * Under the guise of cross-country skiing and cafe arts we will provide an affordable experience of attuning to our higher selves and fairness and love. Sean * "The only way you can hurt the body is not use it," LaLanne said. "Inactivity is the killer and, remember, it's never too late." * Tucker Arts Blog * Tucker Cravings about food * springlike corn snow is second best to powder Todd * you could charge an extra $2 for ice skating on the way in. UPS Driver * Safety thought always remember: Don’t ski faster than you can swallow.Lee Greathouse * winter to finish as the coldest for the nation since the 80s * It's like Bob was the pisten and I was the bulley Andy Smith Riversports * Basia Bulat NPR desktop concert * Snowshoe Race Results * Absolutely nobody on the east coast knows more about the art & science & pure joy of free heel skiing than Chip Chase and the gang at whitegrass. Marty Cooperman * Rossi Evo Trail by Onion River Sports * Thinkin' of y'all everytime they shake up this dang ol' snow-globe! Corey Bonasso * Hatcher Pass Alaska Nordic Trails Approved * Low Pressure will spin counter-culture clockwise.  In other words, we're hoping for a big mid-week dump for staff and customer alike! cheers, tom & anita * Do your snow dance and keep your fingers crossed!!! Bob Ruppel * Thanks for another snowlicious White Grass experience. Dave Lowther/Park School * Long tuesday skiing all alone on a mountain by a glade with no end Robert J * wasted a lot of spray snow on the window and wish you wouldn't of dumped a case on my driveway Ed Rader * Guess it's time for Alex to chase the mice from the snow blower Maryann * Don't ski faster than you can see Matt Lambert * XC Skier Digital Magazine * you gotta have stiff feet to ski those old sns boots Tony (stiff socks help, too) * it's like reverse downhill skiing Todd * trees live for a hundred years and die for two hundred Amy C. * Had a fantastic weekend - Finally hit the purple powder alert. Worth every flake! Bud * Developing a series of semi challenging snowshoe trails near the lodge * White Grass is like a huge gift and I told my husband I was a much nicer person after skiing there * I love it when I gotta take my pants down to get the snow out....a good snow day Robert J * We used to have snowman making snow around here Adrienne * Gabby, If I could catch up with you I'd show you how to climb better Dickie Hall * Chip's How To Get Your Gear On/U Tube *It's always good at Whitegrass - never had a bad ski day there in nearly 20 years! See you soon Gary * * TakeMe HomeXC/UTube * LillyDogNiteSKi 9mg* Grooming Latest Snows.7.5 mg.wmv * the key to happiness is learning to live without perfection Dave Markgraf * Thanks for bringing snacks for the shelters its why I go....all about snacking * Young American Skiers/Utube * New updated maps (any one caught with the old ones will be told to take off their skis, boots, and socks and under immediate arrest on the spot) * you won't get hurt, you'll just crash overheard on baldy * we have a ski place so we can sell hats Mike Sayre in reference to Hat Grass Touring Center * my kids ride their skis down the inside steps * Kate chomping the bit... new skis 5.9mg.mov Meredith & Pete Athens Bike * Meeting folks outside of WG that have been here is like a Phish fan....your first concert, the song list....the first weekend, Barton's Bend to Roundtop...* Chip and Geo's Fowler Hilliard Colo Hut Slides * Cafe's Local Organic Frankferd Farms * Sysco Kids Food Co * enjoy! xc in Canaan chris wolz * double area use fee must be paid for over 100 cm wide skis at the waist or make contribution to the low snow wg tax fund * You should make a sticker that says 'Live To Ski' Toy * Karhu/Madshus Epoch Skis * Playing With The Moon * Corridor H Hiway Sped Up * Canaan Refuge 2011Calendar * After last week all my skis are rock skis Matt * you'd be coming up to get us if it wasn't for these snowshoes...Stephanie * Earth Eco Tours Snowshoeing Deep Creek, Md * WYEP is picked up naturally at WG * Corridor H nearing Davis * xc skiing is like winter swimming * Backbone Ski Farm / CLOSED *Abigal Wahsburn promotes the local WV Augusta Heritage Workshops NPR Tiny Desk Concert * This place reminds me of Oregon in the 70's Chris * One of our neighbor's in Thomas predicts another great snow year this coming winter. Citing the dark color of buck fur, she told me it was going to be "an early and bad winter." Mark * Bridger calls bluegrass music whitegrass music * theartofseth.com/ * Webcam Laurel Highlands, PA * 24/7 Song of the Day NPR * Weekend Volunteer/Staff Trail Hours @ 635, we are continuing on * we look happy cause we haven't started yet...*Arctic sea ice loss/ U.S. winters * Timberline snowmaking system for threatened salamander * Live Music/ Events Mtn State Pub * Gentle Adventures Wild/Wonderful Walks * The present is a gift and that's why they call it a present...Jimmy Cliff NPR desk concert * Marcellus Shale drilling THREATENS our Watershed! Mark

stro dave saville Todd

Smiles all thru the lodge and apres' celebrations and vibes of daily bounty are as much a reason as the playing in snow. Passing it on down & all around, ya know? What a special place,thanks for everything. peace, Tomi

Thanks for running such an awsome place, I never enjoy skiing more than when i'm at white grass! Jacob Lutz

Hansi's blog WG visit * ...and watch this video. Short and beautifully done. Elizabeth Gilespie

reasons to buy xc gear from us....we fit the boots and skis to your needs provide free advice buy new or used trade ups anytime and we have done the research on what works for this area and we are the long time small town local experts. We carry about every boot type to help custom fit your foot and have womens as well as mens specific fits. Plus we need your business! Rossi Evo Trail w/Alpina nnn bc and Leki Aluminum pole outfit slightly used for $385

Late 70's in Canaan Us sent by Mark Blumenstein

Nils Larsen mastering his Altai ski techniques Powder Creek BC Rare Merlin catch at Dolly Sods

Bob Jordan a great spirit * I edited a trailer  of "Sweet Joy" for You Tube---(Adam Chase skiing backwards for starters)...Cheers, Wendy

This is a wonderfully off the grid place where skiing (no matter how well or poorly), food, and friends are the whole thing. The terrain is amazing offering easy greens to well above my talent level blacks. There are some extraordinary telemarkers weaving patterns down the face and a whole lot more skinny skis and red cheeks just going with flow. The rustic lodge is really a shed with the most tantalizing smells in the world coming out from a modern, if crowded kitchen. It's hard to find a place to sit and the energy and buzz are just amazing. If you want to leave the mall and find the back country...or enjoy some set tracks through gorgeous countryside, come on out. Being how it is WV and conditions are subject to change check out the site. White Grass is an unparalled full on EXPERIENCE for all the senses.

After hearing people rave about the place for years, I finally enjoyed a meal at Canaan's White Grass Cafe earlier this month - and, wow, was it worth the wait. On the grounds of White Grass, a cross-country skiing center with a decidedly international vibe, the cafe offers one of the most unique dining experiences I've enjoyed in some time. Ted/WV Food Guy

Chip Chase founded White Grass in 1979. No one in the ski world before or since has had a better time on skis or doing anything related to snow (Ive been buzzin since I was born!). That zest is totally communicable. White Grass is a blast, in a lot of ways a throwback to the 1960s, with much more wool than lycra. You'll find easy trails and gnarly trails amidst a lot of snow, gentle streamsides, hardwoods, conifers, and a big meadow by the lodge. You'll see everyone from kids being pulled in pulks to folks in their 70s, all wearing huge smiles. Jonathan

"Chip, you are my hero!! You don't take life too seriously, you throw an excellent party, and we are facing youtube fame together!  I really love that video, Becky and I agreed that was a most organic jam in a beautiful place on a perfect day.  See you soon...yay! Rachel Eddy

Here's the link to the White Grass article in Get Out! michelle * Best food ever. Thanks for the recipes Laurie and Chip! Margaret and Hansi, Minnesota / Hansi's Blog

Take a walk down memory lane with ski writer Randy Johnson’s look at the history of cross country skiing in the Boone, NC area. Also check out his Web site for a video cross country ski lesson in Blowing Rock and a video look at Roan Mountain Nordic in the 1980s.

4300 stake: 9" APRIL 3 2015






Way to go Sarah and the night cafe staff for another delicious set of meals



Last Snowfall: 2" on 3/29

SEASON SNOW SO FAR: 150" Oct T Nov 29 Dec 8 Jan 40 Feb 46 Mar 27

TERRAIN SKIABLE: hidden locations

Fearless Weatherman Forecast


Spring Season: Will-Ski-Daily, inc.

7:30 pm: 51 light rain

Wednesday was clear and cool following low 20's in the morning. The frozen iceberg snowpack melted enough to become ego building do-no-wrong corn snow that books are written about

SURFACE: granular mixes of the real old stuff and the new wet snows from Sunday night

justenough.com...crud puppies rule!

SEASON PASSERS: Alice Henriques & Kevin Volz, Washington, D.C. and Wolf & Marcella, Davis WV and Andrew Katona & Cladia Carpio, Washington, D.C.* 284 passers

SKIERS YESTERDAY: 9 * Almost Winter WG Ski Report

Ski Patrollers: Thanks to Stro, Jeff, Penny, Paul, Jason, Gary, Brad, Chip, Joel, Stinky, Mike, John, locals Dr. Ed Rader, Dr. John Logar, Dr. Tom Johnson, Dr. Matt Strummin' Lambert as well as other visiting volunteers


not enufff...BIG JUNK

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